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  1. “Movies are a machine that helps us generate a little empathy,” Ebert said about films. Life Itself is a lovely, eloquent tribute to a man who devoted his existence to showing us just that.
  2. Gunn makes this huge entertainment accessible to the converted and the neophyte alike, and he has only has one goal: To send you out of the theater with a fat smile on your face. Mission accomplished.
  3. Birdman takes advantage of every facet of Keaton’s talent, from his knack for absurdist comedy to his seemingly effortless ability to tap into graceful profundity without making a big show of it.
  4. The film’s true subject, though, is innate talent — for music, writing, painting, sculpture, plumbing — and the superhuman lengths we sometimes have to go to in order to wring it out of ourselves.
  5. With a film this funny, exciting and visually stimulating, who cares if you know exactly what's going to happen next, and when.
  6. Foxcatcher is too cold of a movie to love, but that chilliness is intentional and transfixing, a parable about the darkest corners of the minds of men that dares to whisper instead of shout.
  7. Wild may sound like a film about redemption, but it’s more about learning to live with what you can’t control — and accepting what you can control, which is sometimes just as difficult.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Marshall, who established himself as a great movie musical director with 2002’s Oscar-winning Chicago, has done a masterful job of collaborating with Sondheim and Lapine to transform their 1987 Tony Award-winning, two-act musical into a film that flows seamlessly as it juggles its intertwining storylines.
  8. You can't beat a Bond film for adventure on a grand scale.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    A strange art-house film, a must-see for punks and nightclubbers, a puzzle for the merely curious.
  9. Anyone who understands the subtle shadings of friendship will appreciate Our Song's realistic slice of teen life.
    • Miami Herald
  10. A funny and constantly surprising exercise in comic tension.
  11. The impact of Promises comes from the openness of the children.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    A rare movie, one that manages to be both quiet and electrifying, touching and unnerving. But it is not a great movie, even though its stars deserve for it to be.
    • Miami Herald
  12. Gere has never been better cast.
    • Miami Herald
  13. You may be drawn to Intimacy's graphic scenes, but you'll emerge convinced there's more to life -- and the film -- than sex.
  14. Roberts inhabits the character with a gravity and poignancy that she had never even hinted at before.
    • Miami Herald
  15. Not about sex; it's about leaps of faith, at work, in love, in life.
  16. Often grim, but never nihilistic: Even at its darkest, Dizdar gives the movie an optimistic bounce. The movie is often shockingly funny, too.
    • Miami Herald
  17. Gets everything right.
    • Miami Herald
  18. What Sunshine State lacks in momentum, it makes up for with a Dickensian sprawl of characters -- 50 in all -- who possess the depth and humanity that has become a Sayles trademark.
  19. Sitch keeps the tone consistently light, scoring big laughs all the way to the film's climax.
  20. If this rousing, technically dazzling movie doesn't get you going, then you probably didn't like football to being with.
    • Miami Herald
    • 77 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
  21. Its lingering hangover, however, is decidedly pleasant.
    • Miami Herald
  22. There's some genuine suspense in Lantana, including one unbearably tense moment that is worthy of Hitchcock. But the movie's most unnerving aspect is the way in which it suggests true happiness may be impossible to regain once you've lost it.
    • Miami Herald
  23. The latest and loosest -- in the saucy sense of the word as well -- adaptation of (Austen's) sly comedies of uppercrust manners.
  24. Swinton single-handedly carries The Deep End past its nagging ambiguities.
  25. Nothing overly dramatic happens during the course of The Taste of Others but the characters prove to be engaging and their quite real human emotions are enough to carry it.
    • Miami Herald
  26. A breezy pleasure.
  27. All of Egoyan's movies have revolved around characters with damaged, fragile psyches, but rarely have they been illustrated as deftly -- and as gracefully -- as in Felicia's Journey.
    • Miami Herald
  28. Light on plot but heavy on observation: Wang concentrates on exploring the unseen ways in which mother and daughter rely on each other.
    • Miami Herald
  29. Milks Carter's story for maximum "inspirational" value, and at times the movie skirts dangerously close to afterschool-special territory.
  30. Suggests that professional wrestling is more than a multibillion-dollar industry: It's also a way of life.
    • Miami Herald
  31. Although the movie never so much as flirts with melodrama, there is still a bittersweet undercurrent.
  32. A very complicated movie. It is also pretty wonderful.
    • Miami Herald
  33. Lives up to its advance buzz as a showcase for some wonderful performances and a sharp storytelling eye by director Gavin O'Connor.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    For those in the 3 to 5 bracket, Elmo doesn't often aim wrong.
    • Miami Herald
  34. If The Score isn't quite in the same league as the classic "Rififi" or even "Thief," its single-mindedness still makes for a refreshing change from the preposterous bloat of most contemporary action movies.
  35. It's almost startling to see a film that believes in itself and its characters so deeply.
  36. Romantic comedies don't have to be profound when they are as appealing as this one.
  37. This bleak, oh-so-dark comedy is one of the best movies you almost didn't get to see.
    • Miami Herald
  38. Sad confusions and emotional disconnections are what the story is all about.
  39. Grim, tight and well acted.
  40. There's nothing in Bounce you haven't seen before, but the movie is surprisingly unsentimental, the Paltrow factor cannot be denied.
    • Miami Herald
    • 43 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    The protagonists of Light It Up seem strangely tender and vulnerable, and the movie, if heavy-handed at times, does a remarkable job of making their plight moving.
  41. Compared to manipulative tearjerkers like "Pay It Forward" or "Men of Honor," Billy Elliot is a model of restraint, one that earns its warmth the hard way -- by making us care about the people who are going through familiar steps.
    • Miami Herald
  42. The strength of the performances, along with the good will generated by these flawed but likable characters, carry the movie through.
  43. A charming confection spun from pure whimsy.
  44. Not the kind of documentary that will appeal to a large number of moviegoers. Yet it makes perfect sense that it will be shown on the campus of University of Miami, famous for its strong medical school.
    • Miami Herald
  45. The star is the coming together of East and West, and how art provides the medium.
    • Miami Herald
  46. Past the foreign mysticism and eccentricity of Tibetan Buddhism to portray its characters as unmistakably, identifiably human.
    • Miami Herald
  47. Glover and especially Bassett give strong performances, shaking off their Hollywood patina and losing themselves in these gritty roles.
    • Miami Herald
  48. The movie is small and familiar, but this time, those turn out to be strengths.
  49. Frenetic, maddening, exhilarating, ridiculous, fascinating farce of an action-comedy-thriller-mystery-whatever.
    • Miami Herald
    • 61 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Both a dazzling technological achievement and a really sweet movie.
  50. For filmgoers not interested in history, Sunshine might be a three-hour investment they may not want to undertake.
  51. If nothing else, is a pointed reminder that mixing business and friendship never, ever works.
    • Miami Herald
  52. Thanks to a superb cast headed by the popular Brazilian actress Regina Casé, this unorthodox tale is ultimately believable.
    • Miami Herald
  53. The characters are easy to overplay, but the ensemble keeps its feet on the ground.
  54. So impressive you welcome each and every one for the film's 48 minute duration.
    • Miami Herald
  55. A mix of slapstick, melodrama and jaw-dropping stunts.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Saura's storytelling style draws us deep into Goya's world, a disturbing but bittersweet place that can look hauntingly modern.
  56. A wrenching film.
  57. Deliciously confusing.
  58. Shot mostly with a hand-held camera and in the gray hues you expect from the gruesome landscape, Kippur is highly sophisticated in its action scenes.
    • Miami Herald
  59. May prove too dark to make the list of Schwarzenegger's biggest hits. But the movie suggests the actor still has a lot to offer -- and he's willing to take some chances, too. Welcome back, Arnold.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    A refined, tasteful film about pure, hard lust.
  60. There's enough here to make anyone who enjoyed -- if that's the right word -- "Happiness" or "Magnolia" splendidly unhappy.
  61. It's all speed, movement and blood -- lots and lots of blood.
  62. Streep is simply amazing to behold, an actress who invests every fiber of her being -- every gesture, every inflection, every strand of hair -- into her performance.
  63. Documentary of riveting personal stories.
    • Miami Herald
  64. If there's a flaw, it's that Kempner has fashioned more a hagiography than true biography.
    • Miami Herald
  65. This is a small, intimate movie bound to get lost in the holiday shuffle, but its pleasures are worth seeking out.
  66. While House of Mirth is well done as a period piece, it has such an eerie contemporary resonance that you nearly forget about the horses and corsets and lamplight.
    • Miami Herald
  67. Despite its stylistic flaws, the acting and the magic of the story make Maelstrom a different kind of film.
  68. A long overdue look at the man's art and an unself-pitying and unsparing exploration of her (his daughter's) relationship with him.
    • Miami Herald
  69. After a leisurely first half, The Devil's Backbone becomes utterly spellbinding, its tension mounting in steady increments, its story taking one dark turn after another, and its bittersweet resolution destined to haunt you long after you've left the theater.
    • Miami Herald
  70. While the film is undeniably melancholy, Moretti's trademark light touch keeps it from becoming overbearing.
  71. It's just as voyeuristically enjoyable as those VH-1 has-been bios but without the soft-focus star shots and with far more edge, energy and originality.
    • Miami Herald
  72. An engaging and powerful portrayal of puberty gone awry.
    • Miami Herald
  73. Much of the charm in Tortilla Soup comes from Elizondo as Martín. He plays the devoted patriarch so alluringly.
  74. Style is the main attraction in The Limey -- it's as close to experimental filmmaking as mainstream movies get -- but the film works well when taken simply as a pure revenge drama, too.
  75. Eclectic, grandly engaging documentary.
  76. Kitano's most enjoyable, flat-out fun movie, provided you can stomach the violence.
  77. This genial, lyrical little movie seems guaranteed to broaden Kitano's fan base in the United States.
  78. Shower is also a comedy -- but it's the movie's melancholy streak that is its strongest asset.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Zhang, who tried to make his actors as unaware of the camera as possible, lets the story evolve slowly and deliberately.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    An unapologetically stupid and implausible movie, but in the best possible way -- it's so sure of itself, it wins you over.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Somewhat lumbering but ultimately rewarding plot.
    • Miami Herald
  79. Joy Ride is also surprisingly funny, thanks mostly to Zahn.
  80. A wonderfully rumpled, loose comedy about the paralyzing fear of failure.
  81. An exploration of how fear and mob rule can poison even the purest of souls.
    • Miami Herald
  82. It's a simple message, and it's delivered with a grace and subtlety that's rare in would-be blockbusters.
    • Miami Herald
  83. A sweet reminder of their lost and lively world.
  84. What strikes you the most about this well put-together film is how little you're drawn to either character or really understand where either is coming from.
  85. The Hollywood action genre, sliding into a lazy dependence on computer-generated fakery, needs this authentic kick to the head delivered by Jet Li.
  86. Exuberant, often hilarious.
  87. It's the slum, the favela, that emerges as Orfeu's most compelling character -- criminally poor yet rich in life.
    • Miami Herald
  88. It's a warm, skillful excavation of what look like ordinary lives, ones that aren't so simple once you dig a little deeper.

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