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  1. There’s exactly one good scene in all of The Hangover Part III, a hilarious bit of business halfway during the end credits that reminds you what made the original film so good.
  2. Unsurprisingly, relentlessly awful.
  3. Man on a Ledge just made me think of an old Van Halen song: Jump.
  4. A Middle Ages "Rocky" that spares no cliche in its unduly long, 2 1/4 hours.
    • Miami Herald
  5. Aggressively, defiantly stupid.
  6. This odious, hypocritical movie marks director David Gordon Green's graduation into full-on hack.
  7. The whole incoherent mess is sort of like a downbeat Gap ad, only longer and a lot more boring.
  8. The idea, I suppose, is that love connects us all, even when it goes wrong. Fortunately, even love doesn't usually go quite so badly as this movie does.
  9. The sole mystery is the apparent collapse of Carpenter's skills as a storyteller. Prince of Darkness is shapeless and almost utterly lacking in rhythm, as if it had been slashed and then badly reassembled, like a Carpenter victim. [28 Oct 1987, p.D8]
    • Miami Herald
  10. An irritatingly contrived drama.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    It's never a good sign when a movie's credits include: ''Tony Orlando as himself.'' But the crooner is the highlight of the dreadful Waking Up in Reno.
  11. Only genuinely talented people can make pictures this bad and misguided. “This whole thing is unacceptable,” Lil remarks at one point. That goes for the movie, too.
  12. Downright awful.
  13. Silly, overplotted conspiracy thriller.
    • Miami Herald
  14. The movie even fails on a psychological level, never illustrating how, in a pressure-cooker environment and swept up by mob-think mentality, we are capable of committing acts that innately repel us.
  15. Not only does the fragmented delivery become trying, but also the behind-the-camera dialogue and city shots with heavy Parisian traffic numb the senses. And as beautiful as it looks, there's really nothing new coming out of the lens of the revered Godard.
  16. Director Stuart Blumberg’s movie, which features a surprisingly starry cast, comes off as superficial and trite.
  17. For all its noble intentions, the movie is really a work of crass exploitation -- an obvious and manipulative grab to cash in on the post-9/11 hero worship of the firefighting profession.
  18. Every character is quirky, and each has a schtick.
  19. The movie's only value is in unwittingly defining more clearly how played out the whole transgressing-boundaries-as-art thing has become.
  20. Part of the problem is that Garner, so irresistible on television and in last year's "13 Going on 30," just can't pull off the cold-hearted killer routine.
  21. Like its predecessors, Tokyo Drift suffers from a terminal lack of levity.
  22. It’s bad enough to make you look askance at Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph, all of whom deserve a chance to do something funny other than pose as wives exuding various degrees of sexiness.
  23. He's (Sandler) trying to clone himself by supporting his buddies in making low-budget, high-grossing -- in all senses of the word -- formula films just like his own.
    • Miami Herald
  24. Feels like it's been pasted together from 51 other movies -- none of them good.
  25. The movie is pure product, and proud of it: There isn't a single surprising moment in all of its 88 minutes, because Domestic Disturbance is designed to stick to tried-and-true formulas, instead of shaking them up a little.
  26. Tomb is the kind of movie you sit through dreading the expository scenes, because the acting is so bad and the dialogue so pointedly written to make sure the little ones in the audience can keep up with the plot.
  27. This is pure Disaster 101 formula, although distilled to the minimum amount of dialogue and characters possible.
  28. A feather-light musical rushed into production to capitalize on American Idol-frenzy, is nothing more than an excuse to give the two leads several musical numbers, a la those Frankie Avalon-Annette Funicello "Beach Blanket Bingo" movies, and with just about the same amount of substance, too.
  29. It's not quite true to say that death is preferable to sitting through Over HerDead Body, but it's a safe bet that if you struggle through this witless romantic comedy the lure of being six feet under will cross your mind.

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