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3106 movie reviews
  1. Formidably stupid.
    • Miami Herald
  2. That's My Boy more than lives up to its R-rating - including one gross-out gag repulsive enough to make you put down your popcorn.
  3. If only someone had recognized the inherent vileness of the premise, we might not have been subjected to this hideous Rumor at all.
  4. The cleverness begins and ends at the basic fact that it is being done. Really, it would be much more fun just to rent one of the originals.
  5. Terrifyingly dull movie.
  6. Once the premise has been established, the film goes absolutely nowhere.
  7. The trouble starts with the script, and it doesn't end there.
    • Miami Herald
  8. This noisy, formulaic film turns out to be immediately forgettable, except for the parts that are so ridiculous they leave you shaking your head in wonder hours later.
  9. The best thing you can say about Just a Kiss is that it isn't every romantic comedy that throws in suicide, bondage and a plane crash in between all the bed hopping.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    A confused mess of music video montages drowns out the rest of the action, depicting the foursome in a variety of sexy romps that clash with the plot.
    • Miami Herald
  10. Enormous in its scope and colossal in its stupidity.
  11. Even a supporting turn by Vincent Cassell as Otto Gross, a fellow psychiatrist, cocaine addict and unapologetic adulterer, fails to enliven the movie: A Dangerous Method makes even a cokehead hedonist boring.
  12. The tone is all over the place, which makes the movie difficult to take neither seriously nor as popcorn fluff.
  13. Could there be a more inappropriate time to release a cheesy horror movie about evildoing in Louisiana.
  14. Momoa, a familiar face from "Game of Thrones" to "Baywatch," has the muscles but not the imposing persona and barbaric presence that Conan requires.
  15. Anyone who wants to enjoy himself at a good movie about a high school geek who undergoes a transformation should go see "'Spider-Man" again instead.
  16. Saw
    Where "Seven" seemed to radiate diabolical evil, Saw just radiates idiocy.
  17. Another joyless, brain-numbing adventure through lackluster Indiana Jones territory.
  18. May be among the most excruciating mainstream movies to spew forth from Hollywood in years.
    • Miami Herald
  19. An annoying, tedious little film.
  20. Paced at the speed at which Arctic ice melts, The Dust Factory is a sluggish, heavy-handed fable overloaded with talk of paradise and the man in the moon.
  21. The visuals are really the only compelling reason to see Appleseed.
  22. In its early moments, the movie evokes everything from "The Social Network" to "Casino." By the end, the film has become as exciting as a game of Old Maid. R-rated thrillers are hardly ever this dull and listless, but this movie manages to eradicate all of Timberlake’s charisma and makes you flash back to Affleck’s "Paycheck"/"Gigli" era. How does this even happen?
  23. Emits a fishy odor, like a recruitment film for an obscure cult you'd rather stay away from.
  24. Everything about this excruciatingly dull, talky film screams made-for-network-TV: The I'm-only-here-for-a-paycheck performances by famous actors; the Crate and Barrel catalog mise-en-scene; the syrupy, heartwarming score that lays the pathos on so thickly you gag on it.
  25. Sarandon blends into the background, having practically nothing to do except stand around and wring her hands as the two men in her life battle it out in a passive-aggressive war. It's enough to make her want to run off with Thelma.
  26. Embarrassingly shoddy film.
  27. If you really love "Bull Durham," don't go near Play It to the Bone. It will break your heart.
  28. The dumbest, most risible retelling ever made of the exploits of legendary bank robber Jesse James.
  29. Gas -- the hot air variety -- is exactly what Driven is made of.
    • Miami Herald

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