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  1. Notorious excels at showcasing Wallace's music and his magnetism as a performer: It fares less well at giving that music a proper context.
  2. Oh, what a hollow experience Dark of the Moon is! Bay is so afraid of boring his audience, he pitches every scene at the same high volume right from the first shot, and the effect is exhausting.
  3. Casanova doesn't seduce so much as lull the audience into a stupor with tedious blather about the battle of the sexes, intermittent but pointless swordplay and clumsy slapstick.
  4. The good news is, The Vow is not excruciating.
  5. A relentless descent into a psychedelic hell, a rambunctious feel-bad epic.
    • Miami Herald
  6. This might have been OK for cable, but as a night out at the movies, it feels like a bit of a cheat.
  7. The film moves jerkily, in fits and starts, squandering its promising setup and bogging down in explanation.
  8. The Runaways ultimately feels too lethargic and conventional for the wild story it tells.
  9. The misery is there, all right, in every woozy, spaced-out shot of Hoffman clutching his gas-soaked rag. But in the end, do we really care?
  10. Better than you might expect despite its awkward, slow beginning, drawing you in gradually and paying off in surprisingly effective and bittersweet ways.
  11. Basically the first movie all over again, with plenty more of the bridge-jumping, rocket-launching action that audiences loved about the original.
  12. Jarmusch has never seemed quite this baffling -- or quite this dull.
    • Miami Herald
  13. Too much of this well-acted but dangerously slow thriller feels like a preamble to a bigger, more complicated story, one that never materializes.
  14. xXx
    XXX may be a celebration of jock culture stupidity, but it's also guaranteed not to produce any ZZZ's.
    • Miami Herald
  15. Unfortunately Miracle is long on cliché and short on originality.
  16. Someone apparently forgot to tell Harrison Ford he was starring in a comedy when he was cast in Morning Glory.
  17. The Golden Compass comes close, and its originality cannot be denied, but it never quite crosses over into your heart. It stops at your eyes.
  18. It's possible to achieve hilarity and pathos, but it's not easy, and Litvak isn't quite skilled enough to make the sex jokes rest easily beside the final grandiose and pat confessions. As a result, When Do We Eat? merely whets your appetite for a fresh take on family matters.
  19. Has a made-for-TV smallness (it will probably be a big hit on cable), and it never quite vanquishes the nagging suspicion that you could be spending your time better elsewhere.
    • Miami Herald
  20. In the end, for all its auto-erotic flair, Gone in 60 Seconds is missing a money shot.
    • Miami Herald
  21. May be the grandest looking film ever made on the subject, but it lacks the most essential element of all: passion.
  22. It would seem Towne is too much in love with the book to recognize its fundamental limitations as a film.
  23. The few jokes it does land can't make this more than a look-what's-on-late-night-cable event.
  24. Not even Sherlock Holmes could make much sense out of the overplotted, murky mess that is "Sherlock Holmes," although Arthur Conan Doyle's legendarily brainy detective would probably never buy a ticket to a movie as elephant-footed as this one.
  25. Unlike Uncle Nino's garden, the film never blooms into anything special.
  26. As time goes on, and more King comes to the screen, The Shining, once widely disparaged, looks better and better. At least that film translated some of King's terror; subsequent adaptations, Pet Sematary included, do little more than animate the gore. [24 Apr 1989, p.C6]
    • Miami Herald
    • 49 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    As handsome and playful as the movie often is, it's another example of the let's-further-exploit-a-hit genre.
  27. The idea that there is evil under the sun and amongst the verities out there in the clean-living heartland is not exactly new to fiction. Neither is the one about the bad seeds, the homicidal children. In combination, however -- the combination in Children of the Corn-- the elements have a perverse novelty. [19 Mar 1984, p.C6]
    • Miami Herald
  28. Never feels like anything more than a Saturday morning cartoon pumped up to big-screen dimensions.
  29. Planet of the Apes is never quite boring -- the movie is constantly giving you something new to look at -- but it's still a disappointingly dull and underplotted ride.

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