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  1. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan moves slowly, languidly; its art direction is often lovely, and despite their truncated screen time Lily and Snow Flower do make you care about their fates. But you would have cared more without all the distraction.
  2. The result is almost suffocating: a movie that has been tinkered and fussed with until there is no spontaneity left -- no warmth or life or messiness.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Director Ernest Dickerson uses elegant visuals, suspenseful editing and lighting to give Bones its edge.
  3. Most of Wells' details are there, and so is the basic premise, but the soul of the thing -- the point -- is missing.
  4. Sidesteps from the premise of "It's a Wonderful Life" far enough to avoid copyright charges, but not far enough to avoid unfavorable comparisons
    • Miami Herald
    • 42 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    That it manages a certain air of likability is due solely to the considerable charms of Grenier.
    • Miami Herald
  5. Mostly, though, The Big Bounce isn't offensive, or even terrible. It's just lazy, relying on numb moviegoers to fork over cash thinking they'll see the next "Get Shorty" or "Out of Sight."
  6. The best scenes in the movie belong to James Belushi.
    • Miami Herald
  7. Unfortunately, Insurgent can’t quite live up to its intriguing set up. Even if you’re curious about it, the movie is often plodding and frequently nonsensical, with action that never feels novel or exciting.
  8. The bigger problem with the film, which is genuinely unnerving at times, is what happens when the cavers are not in immediate peril, because they talk.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    In the end, Phantasm II is a bland mixture of the horror movies its predecessor spawned. [8 July 1988, p.C5]
    • Miami Herald
  9. Nothing wrong with a movie having a point of view, but watching people spout jargon or exposition doesn't really make for riveting entertainment.
  10. For all its ambition, Daredevil can't overcome the fact that at its colorful center lies a perfect blank in a bad suit.
  11. Transcendence is "Her" for dummies.
  12. Trade's wake-up call needs to be heeded, but its missteps detract from its devastating message.
  13. A grand, eye-popping film, a beautifully photographed epic with the depth of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon.
    • Miami Herald
  14. While there is archival value in permanently recording this work on celluloid, the best way to really enjoy it remains live on stage.
  15. A romantic comedy need not be original to work. It just needs, you know, romance. Something to swoon over. What Two Weeks Notice provides, however, is a lot more messy.
  16. As much as I laughed throughout the movie, I cannot mount a cogent defense of the film as entertainment, or even performance art, although the movie does leave you marveling at these guys' superhuman capacity to withstand pain. Compared to these jackasses, Vin Diesel is a big, overpaid wuss.
  17. The whole enterprise sags and wheezes like the tired, we're-in-this-strictly-for-the-money sequel it really is.
  18. The lack of imagination in Stargate is distressing. Who would agree to fund such an expensive project based on such a perfunctory and dull script? All the creativity here has been spent on nice costumes and some cool morphing Anubis headgear. The story is so cliched it's laughable. [28 Oct 1994, p.G6]
    • Miami Herald
  19. Even the people who griped about Tom Cruise being cast as the towering Jack Reacher will have to admit Statham fits nicely in Parker's shoes.
  20. The picture is perfectly watchable but rarely compelling, because the filmmakers are too timid to take any chances.
  21. Entertains but never quite engages.
    • Miami Herald
  22. So thunderously unfunny...There is no reason for an 82-minute movie to feel so very, very long.
  23. Isn't so much bad as it is puny: a sporadically amusing, occasionally funny, but ultimately bland and pointless time killer.
  24. There are a few flashes of wit in the romantic comedy Austenland, but for the most part, the humor lands not with Dear Jane’s grace and style but with all the subtlety of a cholera outbreak.
  25. Feels every bit as cheap and flimsy as Edward's hospital.
  26. The Family is the rare breed of pitch-black comedy that effectively uses violence for laughs or gasps, depending on the situation.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    A lackluster holiday-theme comedy featuring production design half a notch above a snow globe and a star who doesn't so much act as revive a well-worn persona.

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