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277 tv reviews
  1. Try as Midler might - and she does try, doing a few physical comedy bits that would make Lucille Ball proud - even she can't overcome the reality that Bette is an idea that never developed beyond the star's reputation. [11 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • Miami Herald
  2. This is essentially CSI without the microscopes, petri dishes or Marg Helgenberger. Yawn. [26 Sep 2002]
    • Miami Herald
  3. By the end, Sleepy Hollow seems less like a show than a garage sale of used story pitches.
  4. Tepid stuff.
  5. The problem with Matlock is that Griffith isn't nearly as cute as either he, or NBC, think he is. Or maybe it's that he's playing it too cute. When Peter Falk played cat and mouse with his prey in that eccentric, unassuming manner, it was charming. When Griffith does it, he just seems phony, manipulative and obnoxious. He's more creepy than he is endearing. [23 Sept 1986, p.C6]
    • Miami Herald
  6. The CW’s newest wallow in adolescent angst.
  7. Schlatter is smug and superficial, nothing more. He has no chemistry with his love interest, the pretty but vacant Sloan (Ami Dolenz). The other actors are reduced to slogging through caricatures. It's going to get pretty boring, week after week. [23 Aug 1990, p.1]
    • Miami Herald
    • 52 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The producers of The Big Easy could take a lesson from Homicide, a show that capitalizes on its regional setting by letting Baltimore's charm come through unself-consciously -- not dressed up, as New Orleans is here, in a bad Mardi Gras costume. [10 Aug 1996, p.3G]
    • Miami Herald
  8. The show reduces some of its actors, notably Cole, to stereotypical shtick. There are too many characters and too many emotional shifts, but not enough depth. Viewers who visit the neighborhood of Brewster Place won't get close to its people. [1 May 1990]
    • Miami Herald
  9. Despite a decent cast that includes Jon Cryer and Paget Brewster, all the demented characters are too much to take. The trouble with The Trouble With Normal is that it needs some normalcy. [6 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • Miami Herald
    • 51 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Slightly dumb, big-hearted guy just wants to be left alone with his wife and big-screen TV. Flat writing and formula acting do little to advance such a hackneyed plot. [21 Sept 1998, p.1C]
    • Miami Herald
  10. Extremely irritating. [26 Sep 1992]
    • Miami Herald
  11. What made a quirky, fun six-hour miniseries in May has turned to monotonous stupidity in the conversion to weekly series. [28 Nov 2002]
    • Miami Herald
  12. Humdrum.
  13. A mess.
  14. An absurd fairy tale.
  15. Maybe the best way to explain UPN's new drama South Beach is to tell you that when Vanessa Williams warns a young model that ''South Beach will eat you alive,'' I fully expected the next scene to be a horde of zombie parking attendants chewing the entrails of half-naked girls in the lobby of the Delano. Cannibalism is about the only thing missing from this delirious new trashfest of hard bodies and soft brains.
  16. Stuffed with incomprehensible medical jargon and grisly shots of exposed brains, 3 Lbs. would be a major annoyance even if it had an original thought in its seriously underweight head.
  17. Somebody on The Wedding Bells is always saying ''We need to talk about it,'' to which the reply is invariably something like "I'm not big on dating men I've slept with.''
  18. The show's dialogue feels scripted, its frequent hookups and breakups abrupt and phony, and its scenes from the music business out and out fraudulent.
  19. It just substitutes South Africa for "Everwood's" Colorado, trite idiocy for "Everwood's" sharp dialogue, and a game of blind-man's-bluff for "Everwood's" casting director--actress Leah Pipes, who looks 25 and sounds 30, is the least convincing teenager since Stockard Channing staved off menopause in "Grease."
  20. Welcome to The Captain is less a TV show than a grim ransom note from the striking Hollywood writers.
  21. No matter how horrible the clichés or gorgeous the gowns, they can't distract from the androphobic virulence at the heart of Lipstick Jungle.
  22. The Cho Show is the television equivalent of anti-matter: no scripts, no punch lines, just Cho hanging out with her self-consciously weird entourage. What a waste of one of the most scandalously funny comedians in America!
  23. Testees probably shouldn't be considered part of the fall season, but let's be fair--it's as lousy as anything the broadcast nets have come up with.
  24. Chemistry is just one of the ingredients lacking in the Canadian-made The Listener, NBC's new drama about a psychic paramedic. Others include but are not limited to plot, dialogue and acting skill.
  25. After a few minutes in front of ABC's bewildering sorcery drama Eastwick, you may wish that Bewitched's Samantha would twitch her nose and make the whole thing disappear.
  26. In the case of ABC's turgid legal melodrama The Deep End, you might not want to show up at all.
  27. Basically, Suburgatory is a random collection of clichés drawn from such suburb-bashing works as Valley Girls, Stepford Wives, Clueless and Cougar Town, assembled without a scintilla of wit or human empathy.
  28. With the pace of a music video, the characterizations of a comic book and the political-correctness quotient of a Berkeley vegetarian commune this production makes Cecil B. DeMille look like a sober theologian.

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