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  1. Fans of Grey's Anatomy femme fatale Addison Montgomery may find her a little dull now that she doesn't have a husband or boyfriend or intern to cheat on or with in ABC's spin-off Private Practice.
  2. Think of TV's Stir Crazy as only a slightly more sophisticated Dukes of Hazzard. ... If you really need this kind of "comedy" fix, my recommendation is to rent the movie once a week and watch it until the series is canceled. [17 Sep 1985]
    • Miami Herald
  3. With the pace of a music video, the characterizations of a comic book and the political-correctness quotient of a Berkeley vegetarian commune this production makes Cecil B. DeMille look like a sober theologian.
  4. A soapy delight of hard bodies and dirty doings.
  5. Where The Sopranos slices and dices American culture from a thousand different angles and The Brotherhood explores the shadowy nexus between crime and politics, The Black Donnellys sticks mainly to the vices, virtues and vicissitudes of family.
  6. It is a dank and ugly affair, with Underwood playing a dour, Nietzschean superhero who is encumbered neither by his paralyzed legs (rendered useless by a criminal’s bullet) nor petit bourgeois considerations of law and morality.
  7. Crumbs' approach to the foibles of the family, though not for the tender-hearted, is raucously funny.
  8. It's an ancient TV dilemma: Bring an edgy comedian aboard, then make him tone down what he does best in order to avoid offending anybody. The problem is only compounded for ethnic performers who know they'll get little time to develop an audience...Lopez's amiability, however, gives it a chance to work. [27 Mar 2002, p.E6]
    • Miami Herald
  9. It just substitutes South Africa for "Everwood's" Colorado, trite idiocy for "Everwood's" sharp dialogue, and a game of blind-man's-bluff for "Everwood's" casting director--actress Leah Pipes, who looks 25 and sounds 30, is the least convincing teenager since Stockard Channing staved off menopause in "Grease."
  10. Smutty at its best, downright creepy at its worst, this dreadful attempt to mock the coming-of-age genre could well be the first TV show to get an entire day of the week canceled.
  11. Anger Management is kind of a mirror image of Sheen: scabrously, outrageously funny at times and monotonously one-note at others.
  12. The Loop's constant jokes about hot bodies and alcoholic excess would doubtless wear thin very quickly if not for a lunatic cast of young unknowns and gifted veteran character actors.
  13. The Cho Show is the television equivalent of anti-matter: no scripts, no punch lines, just Cho hanging out with her self-consciously weird entourage. What a waste of one of the most scandalously funny comedians in America!
  14. Well, call me a party pooper, but I was bored to tears by the thing. It's just the type of silly gimmick that I'm quite susceptible to. Yet I found ALF shrill, predictable and not in the least bit funny. I'm pretty sure that's because it is shrill, predictable and not in the least bit funny. [22 Sept 1986, p.C1]
    • Miami Herald
  15. There's nothing really wrong with the show, at least nothing you can easily put your finger on. It just lacks that elusive but absolutely necessary spark of life that turns a stack of script pages and publicity stills into something that will stop you from clicking the remote.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    Easily the worst of the bunch--in fact, there's a good argument to be made that it's one of the most atrocious TV shows of all time--is NBC's Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.
  16. A gaspingly funny show that you ought to watch early and often.
  17. The relatively no-name cast (which includes Craig Bierko as a recently dumped financial planner, Rashida Jones as a divorce lawyer better at managing breakups than relationships, and Johnny Sneed as a three-time-loser party boy) is excellent, and the goofball writing hilarious.... But this is buyer-beware territory, with something to offend practically everybody whose age or IQ exceeds 16.
  18. Funny and talented, she [Rachel Bilson] tries painfully hard to make the show work and occasionally comes close to overcoming some of the worst writing since Gutenberg invented movable type.
  19. Americans in their 20s have few good-time memories in their young-adult lives. If they can be coaxed away from their computers to the television screen, they may find themselves bonding with the characters of the well-acted and intelligently written My Generation.
  20. There are some scary moments in the first episode, which is appropriately dark and foreboding. But you can't escape the feeling this is just another X-Files clone. [6 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • Miami Herald
  21. Sean Saves the World is like a comedy cruise to self-discovery, with both Sean and his daughter learning of strengths and weaknesses they didn’t know they had, the process punctuated with keenly funny dialogue and precision timing.
  22. Chemistry is just one of the ingredients lacking in the Canadian-made The Listener, NBC's new drama about a psychic paramedic. Others include but are not limited to plot, dialogue and acting skill.
  23. Made in Jersey is only sporadically engaging.
  24. It is uniquely stupid, profoundly stupid, an ecstatic nirvana of stupidity, a stupidity that defies all previous boundaries of time and space.
  25. CBS' crummiest imitation of CSI yet.
  26. Devlin's complex relationship with the gangsters is what elevates The Mob Doctor into something a cut or two above a Grey's Anatomy rip-off.
  27. Yet another doomed and dreadful attempt to bring improv comedy to television.
  28. In short, The Neighbors closely resembles the old Conehead sketches from the early days of Saturday Night Live.
  29. Mostly lost in the Technicolor goo of the fabulously exotic mutilations and lacerations is Miami Medical's purported dramatic theme, the psychological toll taken on doctors whose professional diet consists solely of grotesquely lethal cases.

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