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3113 movie reviews
  1. [A] visually stunning, technically impressive and crushingly dumb and overlong picture.
  2. Even within the context of the superhero universe, the Silver Surfer initially makes for -- let's face it -- a somewhat silly-looking creation.
  3. None of the actors is able to do much with their characters, because they are all playing game pieces on a schematic board. Rendition has passion to spare, but it is saddled with a story designed exclusively to drive home the filmmakers' message.
  4. You end up feeling sorry for all the actors forced to humiliate themselves, except for McConaughey, whose portrayal of sadistic, manipulative evil is mesmerizing, in part because it was so unexpected. He continues to surprise. Friedkin, sadly, continues to coast.
  5. An earnest and well-meaning but disappointing failure.
  6. Casino Jack fails at its most critical mission: Laying out in clear detail exactly how and when Abramoff broke the law.
  7. A drama about dysfunction, spelling bees, mental illness, Hare Krishnas and kaballah. The movie is just as unwieldy as it sounds, except that it also stars Richard Gere.
  8. After an hour of being stranded among these restless soldiers and their increasingly aggressive locker-room antics, you, too, will be longing for combat -- for anything -- to happen.
  9. There are so many romantic-comedy cliches crammed into Valentine's Day that watching it feels like surfing through the channels of an all-chick-flick cable service.
  10. The movie still feels strangely inert; it's an adventure in which nothing ever really seems to happen.
  11. Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is a failure that should have at least been a magnificent mistake, a risky endeavor that showed a daring intent even if its brash vision didn’t quite succeed. Instead, the movie leaves you cold and weary and vaguely disgusted.
  12. In actuality, it's silly fun custom-tailored for reluctant young fathers and that entire clan of 20-something man-children who still read comic books and play video games, guys who do everything possible to resist the notion of adult responsibility.
  13. Dismayingly predictable and rote, a simple premise played out in the most obvious way possible.
    • Miami Herald
  14. By suggesting that the man's life was as riotously funny as his plays, writer-director Laurent Tirard leaves us wishing he'd opted to do a straightforward adaptation instead.
  15. Right now, this goofy film is the best candidate for mindless, enjoyable laughs.
  16. By the time the film's climactic 15 minutes rolled around, viewers at a preview were laughing as if they were watching "Knocked Up." For a horror picture, such a reaction is the equivalent of a stake through the heart.
  17. Watching an army of apes riding horses heading into battle is undeniably cool, but that’s the only thing the movie gives you: Neat eye candy. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is written at a level so low, even 8- year-olds will find it lacking.
  18. Killer Elite is too formulaic to overcome a been-there, done-that feel.
  19. Feels so slight and trivial, like a cute but small idea blown up to proportions it does not merit. A surprisingly unfunny, belabored and unimaginative comedy, Bee Movie is a huge disappointment considering the extent of Seinfeld's participation.
  20. In Happy Tears, Posey lands a juicy starring role designed to showcase her eccentric energy, and she's so delighted by the opportunity that her happiness infuses the movie: She keeps the first half of Happy Tears aloft on a cloud of endearing tics and mannerisms.
  21. The bigger problem with the film, which is genuinely unnerving at times, is what happens when the cavers are not in immediate peril, because they talk.
  22. Something of an overlong, overblown, disorganized mess, despite being slightly better than its predecessor.
  23. The main problem with Iron Man 2 lies in the script.
  24. In the end Secret Window asks too much, demands allegiance when only incredulity can be mustered.
  25. Anything but light on its feet. It lumbers instead of dazzles, drags where it should feint and jab.
  26. Allegedly it's based on a true story, which is believable only because the outcome is so unsatisfying it carries the dull metallic tang of real-life ambiguity. And that's neither scary nor stimulating.
  27. It's a clammy, depressing movie, but not a very illuminating one.
  28. The first film was tedious in the extreme; Monsters Unleashed, though it feels way too long and padded, it shows at least brief flashes of imagination.
  29. The movie fails utterly at coming up with a story that merits all the eye candy.
  30. Essentially a rip-off of "Apocalypto" for audience members too young or squeamish to endure graphic human sacrifice and jaguar face-eating.

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