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  1. An engaging and powerful portrayal of puberty gone awry.
    • Miami Herald
  2. It's a warm, skillful excavation of what look like ordinary lives, ones that aren't so simple once you dig a little deeper.
  3. A searing, heartbreaking metaphor for the futility of war.
  4. This time, the actors don't seem to be making up the movie as they go along, and they're guided by a gifted director who has earned the right to have some guileless fun.
  5. Who would have thought a German comedy could be light, charming and devoid of intellectual snobbery?
  6. Even though The Business of Strangers loses its nerve in the third act -- you'll wish Stettner had dared to push things further.
    • Miami Herald
  7. The conflict (in Afghanistan) makes this updated Rambo-esque thriller seem at once dated and yet relevant in ways its creators could not have envisioned.
  8. Excruciatingly unamusing.
  9. Romantic comedies don't have to be profound when they are as appealing as this one.
  10. After a leisurely first half, The Devil's Backbone becomes utterly spellbinding, its tension mounting in steady increments, its story taking one dark turn after another, and its bittersweet resolution destined to haunt you long after you've left the theater.
    • Miami Herald
  11. If you like guessing games, don't miss it.
  12. The movie asks tough, unflinching questions about America's responsibility to maintain world peace -- and the price we are willing to pay in order to accomplish that. Timely stuff, indeed.
  13. The result is less an examination of the porn industry than it is a portrait of Jeremy's own humanity, with all its quirks and eccentricities.
  14. A funny and constantly surprising exercise in comic tension.
  15. It's a very busy movie, designed to appeal to short attention spans, and it leaves you feeling full, but not satisfied, because it's missing the most important ingredient of all: genuine magic.
  16. Not the kind of documentary that will appeal to a large number of moviegoers. Yet it makes perfect sense that it will be shown on the campus of University of Miami, famous for its strong medical school.
    • Miami Herald
    • 48 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Who would have thought one of the best things about the new Farrelly brothers' movie is a cameo by Tony Robbins?
  17. Carries a whiff of disappointment: There's little here Mamet hasn't done before, and done better.
  18. When one actor plays both hero and villain, the viewer knows that what is being shown is not an authentic dance.
  19. Ultimately feels like tiny films glued together by events that often test plausibility. The idea wears thin soon, and some of the characters and their tales get lost in the unstoppable domino chain.
    • Miami Herald
  20. Movies like Monsters, Inc. literally make you feel like a kid again, marveling at the joyously inventive sights before you, and that's a feat that should not be taken lightly.
  21. At two hours, the movie is probably 15 minutes too long -- the final half-hour in particular could have used some trimming -- but complaining about having too much of a good thing makes one sound like a grouch.
  22. The movie is pure product, and proud of it: There isn't a single surprising moment in all of its 88 minutes, because Domestic Disturbance is designed to stick to tried-and-true formulas, instead of shaking them up a little.
  23. As a whole, it's a bit of a mess, the work of bratty geniuses with talent to spare, but unsure of what -- if anything -- they're trying to say.
  24. It's all very "Cuckoo's Nest," but in a glib, facile way, and it leaves K-PAX adrift in its fuzzy, New-Agey orbit.
  25. On the Line's cutesy premise is no more ridiculous than that of most romantic comedies.
  26. Makes for a compelling comedy-drama about family ties. It's only when the cancer takes center stage that the movie feels like a wash.
  27. The set design of Thirteen Ghosts may have been expensive, but its thrills are cheap.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Director Ernest Dickerson uses elegant visuals, suspenseful editing and lighting to give Bones its edge.
  28. You may be drawn to Intimacy's graphic scenes, but you'll emerge convinced there's more to life -- and the film -- than sex.

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