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3113 movie reviews
  1. It's a mean little movie, but it's also thin and repetitive, a premise in search of a story.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Simple, endearing entertainment for the little ones.
  2. The movie earns its R-rating with some graphic (and hilarious) sex scenes and a torrent of four-letter words, but this is a much more sophisticated enterprise than a mere gross-out comedy.
  3. As a story, Mamma Mia! is a sham, a narrative so rickety it makes "Grease" seem like Shakespeare. It fails as a musical, too, since only about half of the songs have any bearing on the scene that preceded them.
  4. This wacky, campy lampoon of 1950s Hollywood musicals is not for everyone.
  5. Buoyed by strong performances from Perez and Miami-resident Milian, Washington Heights overcomes the familiarity of its premise through its passion and conviction.
  6. The actors, aside from Sevani, were clearly not cast for their mad acting skills.
  7. Baier's style is almost uncomfortably voyeuristic, amplified by the casting of a young, inexperienced actor (Pierre Chatagny) in a part that calls for hardcore sex.
  8. If it's not quite as funny as you want it to be, it's still more than enough to keep you entertained.
  9. This is minor Disney at best, forgettable at worst.
  10. Himalaya doesn't need a traditional story line to transport the viewer into another, fascinating world.
    • Miami Herald
  11. Carries a whiff of disappointment: There's little here Mamet hasn't done before, and done better.
  12. Isn't exactly original: This is basically "Heathers" for a new generation, its satirical edges dulled, if still sharp enough to sting.
  13. But even if the film is short on analysis and skepticism, Tammy makes for a fascinating subject anyway.
    • Miami Herald
  14. Hysteria never gets too preachy or ponderous, and there's something in the film to educate even the most learned viewer.
  15. Grim stuff, filled with great sorrow and tragedy, but it's never maudlin or weepy.
  16. She (Blanchett) single-handedly forms the human heart of this engrossing, if ultimately preposterous, supernatural thriller.
    • Miami Herald
  17. Where the film goes wrong is in its attempts to cling too firmly to "Pride and Prejudice."
  18. It's the sort of film that's entertaining while you're in the theater.
  19. Never reaches this level of devastating loss despite its tragedies, but it's not the dismal bomb that much of the British press claims.
  20. Although never boring and almost continually amusing, Extract doesn't work as a movie because you don't buy a minute of it, even as silly satire.
  21. The genius of a feature film based on the 1980s TV series is that it can't help but exceed expectations that are so low to begin with.
  22. As filler for the long, dry winter movie season, the movie is more than passable, and its sense of humor has a wicked, unforgiving spin that is decidedly pro-rodent.
  23. Traitor is "Syriana" for dummies, a globe-hopping, multi-character look at the war between America and Islamic terrorists that keeps things as relatively simple as an episode of 24. Not that there's anything wrong with that: 24 is a really good show. But it doesn't pretend to be something it's not, either.
  24. Its candid conversations about sexuality are what places Lawrence's protagonist in a class by herself.
  25. The film has good actors and enough quirky moments to keep it interesting.
  26. As far as its plot mechanics go, The Brave One belongs to the hallowed (if less-than-respectable) genre of exploitative revenge pictures.
  27. It's pleasant, mildly uplifting entertainment, one of the few recent movies to use plants as its muse.
  28. They're all too old to be considered a black brat pack, but you get a feeling The Best Man will lead to even better.
    • Miami Herald
  29. More than once during A Scanner Darkly, you find yourself wishing these characters would just shut up.

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