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720 movie reviews
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    The switch of medium hasn't reinvigorated the soil or resulted in a film with any compelling reason for being.
  1. Shelton attempts to fashion a kind of road movie-love triangle-sports flick. He fails on all three counts.
  2. One of our very few consummate movie star actors, Washington can't quite elevate this dismal material as he's been able to do in the past, but he retains his dignity.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  3. It's a chilling piece of legal hysteria, and ripe for nasty farce. But Pooh plays it all for buffoonish pratfalls and fart jokes.
  4. An earnest but fatally amateurish and stereotypical melodrama about fraternity hazing.
  5. Oak-stiff and witless, but a few scenes muster up embarrassed chuckles.
  6. Flows like day-old cement.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  7. The movie is so slovenly in its animation and graceless in its writing that few viewers over the age of 9 are likely to notice.
  8. Through a messy series of news reports, interviews, talk shows, and behind-the-scenes footage, Arcand creates a cinema vérité spoof that's not nearly as penetrating or enjoyable as he thinks.
  9. The movie is more or less competent for being what it is. Of course, I could say the same of most brick walls -- but I'd hardly recommend that you pay eight bucks to sit in front of one for two hours.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  10. Limp satire isn't worthy of its good intentions.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  11. The biggest piece of supernatural hooey since estranged wife Demi Moore's "The Seventh Sign."
  12. The selling out of Chris Rock -- or Down to Earth, as he's chosen to call it -- is a sad, sad thing.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  13. This is one of those movies in which there are only two types of people: officious yuppie pricks, and the beautiful folks who stop and smell the daisies. What keeps it (barely) from being completely intolerable is Keanu Reeves' hilariously awful lead performance.
  14. A laughable disaster: an agonizingly long, perversely dull, childishly conceived fantasia on marital sexual angst that could only have been made by someone (like Kubrick).
    • Mr. Showbiz
  15. Gamer geeks, I speak your language! And I warn you: Flee! Or, at the very least, crank down any expectations you harbor -- a few notches below "zero" should do it -- before buying a ticket.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  16. Has its share of small pleasures.
  17. Populated with whiny, unappealing characters that are impossible to care about and flatly staged sitcomish set-pieces...this lame Canadian import's a real woofer.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  18. Even if the antic futility of attempting to get an entire shtetl to pull together in the face of genocide is your idea of a day at the races, don't laugh too hard -- the out-of-nowhere ending will make you choke on every chuckle.
  19. A drearily over-cynical farce.
  20. Two hours' worth of painful stupidity, overt racism, and mind-battering noise and movement.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  21. Duller-than-a-Vitalife-convention compilation of talking heads.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  22. Skeet Ulrich continues to disappoint in one high-profile project after another.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  23. If Lee's intention was to cement our loathing of blackface comedy, he's succeeded all too well.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  24. You'd think creating confusion during something as woodenly simpleminded as Dudley Do-Right is no easy task, but you'd be wrong.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  25. A vanity vehicle for the dubious acting talents of Pras.
  26. The film's title accurately captures the sensation of sitting through it -- stay home.
  27. Hamilton's quasi-Luddite tale doesn't make a coherent movie under the best of circumstances, and these were, apparently, something substantially less than that.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  28. An aimless, pointless dawdle.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  29. A shovelful of silly manure from the get-go.

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