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Average Movie review score: 58
Highest review score: 100 Dead Poets Society
Lowest review score: 0 Dude, Where's My Car?
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721 movie reviews
  1. Not all of the jokes hit, but enough of them do that anyone who's ever filed, collated, or played Mixmaster DJ with the transcribing machine will find cathartic giggles in this breakout debut.
  2. Though unflinching in its savagery, Amores Perros is always compulsive viewing.
  3. There's nothing more incendiary than the reopening of a forgotten chapter of history --nothing more incendiary than telling the truth.
  4. Like being jacked directly into Linklater's alpha waves, and the experience is bracingly new to movies.
  5. In spirit, 101 Reykjavík is so Almodóvar that it could melt the polar icecap.
  6. Brilliant, mind-boggling.
  7. Never less than riveting.
  8. The results are far more real than MTV's The Real World.
  9. The Spy Who Shagged Me is impossible-to-resist summer fun that left me feeling, dare I say, randy for more? Oh, behave.
  10. An outrageously silly movie that makes me laugh.
  11. May not quite be more than the sum of its creepy parts, but as a reality-is-fear launch into workaday darkness, it clearly points toward the horror genre's best destiny.
  12. The flutes soar a little too often, but Yimou's film is genuinely moving.
  13. Mesmerizing entertainment, but it's also a cop-out.
  14. Basically one elaborate joke about male modeling and all the vanity, emasculation, and fatuousness that attend it. Fortunately, it's a good joke.
  15. A teenage movie that trusts its audience -- it sounds crazy, but it's actually quite beautiful.
  16. Confident, mature, deeply conceived, and convincingly inhabited, it's a surprisingly humane film -- despite the close-range shotgun spray.
  17. High drama this ain't. And yet, anyone looking for a hearty banquet of gymnastic, kung-fu tomfoolery won't walk away hungry.
  18. Liam is mostly an emotionally devastating chronicle of the disintegration of a family. The entire cast is superb, but Frears has cast two screen naturals in the lead roles.
  19. American History X is a crash course on how to make a message movie that resonates with crackling power.
  20. Dares to substitute wit and warmth for the standard gay indie tropes in tackling its tale of an unconventional couple.
  21. Pie has some nice surprises and is enjoyable in a smutty, sitcom way. It offers up the outrageousness of "There's Something About Mary" without wallowing in cruelty.
  22. Actually, it's a childhood "A Clockwork Orange," a reverent realization of the late Stanley Kubrick's final obsession.
  23. Oy, it's such a pleasure that you'll be begging for Rush Hour 3.
  24. So packed with knowingly dreadful puns, wily sight gags, and self-referential cheek that it's impossible not to be charmed.
  25. A wide-eyed, action-adventure throwback to the era of Disney's magnificent adaptation of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
  26. Never takes off, and much of the time Pool seems lost herself, resorting to clichés, redundancy, and dead-end allegory.
  27. What matters is that the movie's a blast, right up until its protracted climax.
  28. The casting is sublime.
  29. "Trek"-heads will laugh hardest, but there are plenty of yuks for the uninitiated as well.
  30. Whenever Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon resorts to flying fists or soaring sword battles, the Force is definitely with it.

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