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  • 28% lower than the average critic
On average, this publication grades 0.6 points higher than other critics. (0-100 point scale)
Average Game review score: 74
Highest review score: 100 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Lowest review score: 20 Dream Chronicles
Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 50 out of 878
878 game reviews
    • tbd Metascore
    • 35 Critic Score
    Even though I love SNK, especially Metal Slug, this just doesn't cut it. At 800 Microsoft points, KOF Sky Stage is about 400 points overpriced for a game that belongs on a cell phone, but only on the cell phone of the most die-hard King of Fighters fan who doesn't have a better option for a quality shooter like R-Type Dimensions.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Had this game been released at a super low budget price then perhaps credit would be given, but to expect gamers to part with their hard earned money for an afternoon's playtime is really uncalled for.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    My experiences with Two Worlds has been mixed considering there have been times where I’ve gotten into the role and gained some enjoyment from my adventures; however the serious gameplay flaws as well as technical aspects that really should have been ironed out prior to release have somewhat cast a huge dark cloud over the game.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    With the hefty $10.00 price tag for Double D Dodgeball all gamers alike should “dodge” this title (no pun intended).
    • 41 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    There has been an internal struggle here to find any pinnacle highlights and potential attractions that other players may find interest in; in the end I have managed to narrow the list down to having a decent capacity of players for multiplayer and an intriguing idea for using satellite imagery. It’s just a shame that they were both wasted on such a inadequately produced and simply frustrating experience of a game.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Entertaining perhaps for Mum's and younger girls, as you often get rewarded and confidence boosting comments even for not correctly mirroring the dancer/trainer. The rest though will ultimately find Zumba Fitness a rather uninspiring and contradicting experience.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Crash: Mind Over Mutant attempts to use platformer cliches that have been done far better by several titles since platformers made the transition to 3D.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    The gameplay is rudimentary and doesn't provide any sort of challenge to an audience who wants more bang for their buck. With last generation inspired graphics and music that drives you crazy with any type of extended play, 800 Microsoft Points feels awfully steep.