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659 movie reviews
  1. What it does have going for it are its lead actors -- Brand and Hill both know exactly how to deliver a punch line -- and a lead character who represents one of the best bits of rock 'n' roll satire since "This Is Spinal Tap."
  2. As fun as it is at times -- particularly early on -- the longer The Sorcerer's Apprentice goes on, the more the magic wears off.
  3. What Noyce and company don't seem to realize is that there's a huge difference between a superspy and a superhuman.
  4. It's probably best not to think very hard about any of it -- just dummy up and laugh along.
  5. As with most Ferrell projects, there's nothing profound going on in The Other Guys. It's just a bit of good, stupid fun, had at the expense of an uber-formulaic genre that has long been ripe for the spoofing. But it also works.
  6. I've got a fourth verb to add to the comma-challenged title of Julia Roberts' how-to-be-happy travelogue, Eat Pray Love. How about "edit"?
  7. Getting two biographies on the same person in such a short window is unusual. What's even more unusual is that both suffer from the same flaw.
  8. The Lottery Ticket doesn't hit the comedy jackpot, but it doesn't roll snake eyes, either. In my book, that's a winner.
  9. A reasonably well-made biopic, with crowd-pleasing moments, but one that -- despite that title -- isn't really about the animal.
  10. It represents the rare lead role for Mackie, and he seizes the opportunity, convincingly playing the part of a soft-spoken former Black Panther.
  11. How do you know when a romantic comedy just isn't working? Key indicators are that your audience doesn't get goose bumps in the inevitable third-act reunion. They don't get misty-eyed. In short, they don't really care.
  12. Once the real story hits its stride, it's easy to get lost in Sanctum.
  13. A beautifully uncomplicated story, really -- about the love between daddies and their little girls.
  14. It's a decent comedy, mind you, one with its fair share of chuckles. But it's really more amusing than it is fall-out-of-your-seat funny.
  15. This is a film custom-made for dog lovers.
  16. Burger's film would have been better had he ended it about three minutes earlier than he does -- a move that would have given his movie at least a dash of profundity.
  17. Hop
    A slick and sweet film all on its own, a harmless bit of fun that fills the Easter-movie void.
  18. Potiche never becomes funny enough or interesting enough.
  19. Despite the derivative nature and low production values of Super, there are laughs in the at-times ragged script.
  20. A predictable but painless pastiche of high school drama clich├ęs that will give its intended tween audience a lot to squeal about -- and leave their parents reminiscing quietly about how good films from '80s icon John Hughes were.
  21. These characters are so likeable, and so well-portrayed, that it's easy to go along with it all.
  22. So what is Bridesmaids? A boozy wedding comedy? A touching character story? A paean to friendship? At turns, it's each -- making it a wedding movie with a commitment problem and giving Feig's scattered film a rudderless quality between the laugh lines.
  23. It's a fun one to talk about -- if only for the opportunity to shake your head in amused disbelief at what you just saw.
  24. Best of all, here there be fun.
  25. These women deserve to have their voices heard, and this film finally lets them have their say.
  26. Breezy but forgettable.
  27. A film that is neither great nor horrible. Favreau does enough things right in Cowboys & Aliens to churn out a mostly enjoyable bit of mindless summertime action, just not enough to come close to rivaling his 2008 crowd-pleaser "Iron Man."
  28. The actors never stray too far from their comfort zones, resulting in a sporadically funny but mostly bland crime comedy that only occasionally feels fresher or more memorable than that cold pizza you scarfed for breakfast Monday morning.
  29. It continuously feels less like straight-up reportage and more like a fan film, one built on equal parts idol worship and wishful thinking.
  30. A movie that wants to be a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy at times and a weighty drama at others. It ends up being an imperfect blend of both.

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