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Average Movie review score: 62
Highest review score: 100 Capitalism: A Love Story
Lowest review score: 20 The Fate of the Furious
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  1. Negative: 59 out of 919
919 movie reviews
  1. It is fluffy, yes, but it also is ugly and annoying and something you neither want nor need.
  2. Almodovar lets his movie become boring, and insufferably so.
  3. You can't just cast an appealing actress in the lead role -- in this case Queen Latifah ("Valentine's Day, " "The Secret Life of Bees") -- and expect her to do all the heavy lifting.
  4. Right off the bat, things start falling apart for Wiesen's film. While Highmore is more than capable of playing smart and tender, he has yet to figure out how to believably portray so much as a shred of the danger or rebelliousness required for this role.
  5. A message movie that struggles mightily to make an impact but never comes close to capturing the gritty realism on which any blues singer builds his career.
  6. Clever story? Pass. Originality? Nah. A smidgen of real humor to keep parents entertained along with the kiddies? Smurf you.
  7. Anthony Hopkins still does elegant menace better than anyone.
  8. For movie-goers who like a little cleverness with their comedy, however, one word: N-opa.
  9. In the end, Carpenter offers a reasonably nice payoff to this whole misfire.
  10. While it has its moments of passable action -- ends up feeling every bit as toothless as its dinosaurs are toothy.
  11. I guess I can't call the movie sexist as it was largely produced, directed and written by women. So I'll settle for calling it dull, corny and amateurish instead.
  12. Most of the time, however, Post Grad just coasts along, flat as a mortar board, and as forgettable as a ... oh, I forgot already.
  13. Early on in The Slammin' Salmon, a customer sends back a plate of undercooked fish. I can't imagine a better metaphor for a movie that is named after a fish and that is as half-baked as this one is.
  14. A movie that wears its heart on its sleeve.
  15. Red Riding Hood needs a better agent.
  16. A textbook example of ye olde two-joke movie.
  17. The characters aren't fully formed enough to care about, the humor is baseball-bat dull, and the story - such as it is - is never treated as anything more than a half-hearted means to get the audiences from one spectacular snuffing to the next.
  18. While infants and imbeciles might get caught up in whirlwind action, most viewers should brace themselves for a less-than-wondrous return to Wonderland.
  19. The problem is that there's nothing of substance to hold together those occasionally fun moments of often-grotesque absurdity.
  20. This is the kind of film that feels like a dream - but not in the good way. Rather, it resembles a dream in that it is made up of disjointed, loosely connected bits of surrealist craziness - ideas that might have seemed interesting in the twilight hours but that don't come close to standing up to the light of day.
  21. What we end up with is a meandering mishmash of tasteless jokes and a tendency for extended non sequitur riffs.
  22. Nobody has an excuse for being surprised by how low Sandler and company stoop in That's My Boy.
  23. This is an alternate-history rock 'n' roll saga. It is not Elvis, but Elvis-ish.
  24. While it shows fleeting moments of promise, there's precious little great about The Great Wall. Instead, it should be called "The Ridiculous Wall."
  25. The fight sequences are briskly choreographed at least, gruesome though they are -- and, to be honest, that goes a long way in a film such as this. In fact they may be the only reason to see it, other than the chance to see Van Damme in full Col. Kurtz mode, all face-painted and droopy-eyed and bat-poop crazy.
  26. Unimaginative and painfully generic.
  27. Sometimes it's stupid-funny, but mostly it's just plain stupid. And sloppy.
  28. In the half-baked American Reunion, though, they might have accomplished what no previous chapter has: They might have just killed it.
  29. There's really nothing definitive about Emperor. Or memorable, for that matter.
  30. It so shamelessly borrows from so many other movies, and then does absolutely nothing to add to them -- nothing to raise the bar, nothing to make it more interesting, and really nothing to make it the least bit appealing.

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