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839 movie reviews
  1. Potiche never becomes funny enough or interesting enough.
  2. Being a fan of the character is not a prerequisite for enjoying the film.
  3. While Bopha's belatedly tragic story is an affecting one - and is made all the more poignant by strong performances by Woodard and Eziashi - it will not seem entirely fresh to movie-goers weaned on such superior cinematic treatments of the subject as Chris Menges' "A World Apart" and Euzhan Palcy's "A Dry White Season." [29 Oct 1993, p.L25]
    • New Orleans Times-Picayune
  4. Flaws aside, the journey will be largely worth it for audiences, particularly for fans of the genre.
  5. Even if it doesn't provide all the answers, "The East" asks some pretty darn good questions.
  6. A highly enjoyable -- and, for better or for worse, a very Tarantino -- movie.
  7. That's not to say the sobering Take This Waltz is nearly as emotionally agonizing as "Blue Valentine." Still, it's every bit as truthful in its examination of the evolution, and subsequent devolution, of love.
  8. The result is a hoot, as Nelson breathes comic life into the proceedings with an effortless, unselfconscious joie de vivre.
  9. John Wick makes a few feeble attempts at witty repartee, but, in the end, Leitch and Stahelski's film feels like an unintentional parody of itself.
  10. The Way, Way Back is way, way good -- and a welcome breath of fresh air at the summertime box office.
  11. Here's a film that feeds the heart and the soul.
  12. One only wishes that Ewing and Grady had chosen to dig deeper as they explored it.
  13. Unfortunately, on the way to delivering that message, it becomes weighted down by its own dreary self-importance.
  14. It's not a perfect film. There's still room for Cianfrance to grow as a storyteller. But it is entirely rewarding -- and I, for one, can't wait to see where he takes us next.
  15. A surprisingly uplifting examination of life and loss.
  16. 12 O'Clock Boys is reminiscent of the Ross brothers' far more lyrically shot 2012 film "Tchoupitoulas," which tagged along with three New Orleans boys for a night of exploration and boundary-testing in the French Quarter. The setting is different in Nathan's film, and Nathan doesn't commit as fully as the Rosses did to visual artistry. But there are thematic similarities, to be sure.
  17. Can it be considered a comic masterpiece on the same level as "Animal House," that mother of frat-house comedies? Not by a long shot.
  18. The result is a film that is equal parts fluff and tough.
  19. The whole thing is kind of comforting in a damn-the-torpedoes, laugh-at-what-scares-you-most kind of way.
  20. More than anything this is an intelligent film, a satisfying bit of old-school sci-fi suspense.
  21. An enjoyable diversion, a lightweight bit of philosophizing that blends humor with the bittersweet. It won't likely stick in your memory for too terribly long.
  22. The real point of This is The End, however, is to make people laugh -- and it accomplishes that. Often, in fact -- and satisfyingly.
  23. Open-ended and decidedly un-Hollywood, it is faintly dissatisfying, especially coming on the heels of such as engaging and crisply presented story. But it offers movie-goers a wonderful opportunity to roll it all around in their heads and discuss it, even debate it, as they drive back to that cozy little cult compound they call home.
  24. The result is a documentary that is as interesting as it is irresistible.
  25. It wasn't until Gibney's film was already largely shot that the truth caught up to Armstrong.
  26. The sort of movie you should go see with someone you love. You should also hold their hand during the movie. And be thankful that that hand is there.
  27. Both taut and satisfyingly relevant, it presents a portrait of a compromised elections system -- one that should give the left wing, the right wing and the fringe-dwelling nutjobs something they can all agree on. Namely: We're in deep doo-doo.
  28. There isn't a whole lot of nuance in writer-director Rachid Bouchareb's unapologetically political movie. As such, it doesn't take much brainpower for a viewer to stay a step or two ahead of his plot the entire way.
  29. Rarely is an actress asked to do so much with so little -- and even rarer does that actress succeed as well as Clarkson does.
  30. That character flaw makes for some great shock-fueled laughs in Lewis' film -- Giamatti does full-on comic rage as well as anyone.

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