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744 movie reviews
  1. As beautiful as the animation is, Zemeckis' real masterstroke is combining it with a loyalty to Dickens' story.
  2. One of the chief reasons that director Tom Hooper's richly produced film works so well is because it operates on so many different levels. The King's Speech is all about layers, and Hooper keeps it humming on several at once.
  3. An exceedingly well-assembled genre picture, a spell-binding, edge-of-your-seat thriller.
  4. A movie that charms its way to being a kind of well-crafted teen touchstone that very well could become to today's generation what "Ferris Bueller" was to teens of the '80s.
  5. You know how people say that they don't make romantic comedies like they used to? Turns out they do. At least, director Marc Webb does -- and has -- with his clever and sweet debut, 500 Days of Summer.
  6. Both taut and satisfyingly relevant, it presents a portrait of a compromised elections system -- one that should give the left wing, the right wing and the fringe-dwelling nutjobs something they can all agree on. Namely: We're in deep doo-doo.
  7. Local viewers will be tickled by the wealth of New Orleans details in the production. One of the best just might be in the film's music.
  8. It's a career-making performance that relies as much on charm as on acting ability -- and Mulligan has both.
  9. Built as it is around horrifying moments of intimate violence, the stark British drama Tyrannosaur can be a hard movie to watch. At the same time, though, it's hard to stop watching once it gets going.
  10. At times humorous, at times poignant, but always absorbing.
  11. A simple story about a difficult man, and it's an impressive debut from writer-director Scott Cooper.
  12. What Nolan has created with Inception is the rare movie that is bound to improve with repeated viewings, both as a means to drink in its brilliance one more time, and to see what sly clues might have flown under your radar the first time around.
  13. A lovely jaunt that ends up becoming one of Allen's most enjoyable films, start-to-finish, in years.
  14. Almost feels as if it is two different films. One is the opening 20 minutes or so, in which most of the screwball comedy takes place. The other comes when Yimou gets on with the real story. That's where the payoff comes in.
  15. It's a lovely bit of blood-pressure-lowering cinema that never betrays its simple conceit.
  16. Seeing Brannaman work in the warm, sun-dappled documentary Buck makes it clear why he was such a perfect fit for Redford's film: Few people can handle horses the way Brannaman does.
  17. A documentary that is equal parts sweet science, brutal art and masterful filmmaking.
  18. A surprisingly uplifting examination of life and loss.
  19. Songs such as "We Shall Overcome," "Wade in the Water" and "This Little Light of Mine" are powerful to begin with. Listening to them, music-video-style, over footage shot during the era, however, elevates them.
  20. A crowd-pleaser, through and through.
  21. Perhaps the best thing about The Five-Year Engagement is that it signals a touch of maturity creeping into the House of Apatow.
  22. In the end, Mr. Turner ends up being the best kind of period drama. That is, it is a transportive one, whisking audiences away to a distinct time and place, while also providing no small amount of insight about its subject.
  23. Filmmaking is a product of the heart and the head, at least when it's at its best.
  24. One heck of a fun film -- and the most enjoyable and rewarding superhero movie I've seen in a while.
  25. The magic is back at Pixar.
  26. Makes for riveting viewing. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is among the more brisk 2 hours and 10 minutes I've spent in a theater in some time -- and it's easily the most rewarding of this year's summer tentpole films.
  27. Sharp, brisk and highly entertaining.
  28. Perhaps the best thing about Seeking a Friend is that it never ceases to surprise, as Scafaria's script consistently defies Hollywood convention in the most congenial ways.
  29. Even if something feels crazy -- whether it's falling in with a self-taught time-traveler, or buying into a charming but faintly flawed movie premise -- if you listen to your gut, wonderful things can happen.
  30. The most impressive thing about Simien's film is his script, which he wrote. With multiple protagonists and multiple storylines to serve, he deftly manages to keep a number of balls in the air -- without losing sight of his film's purpose.

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