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  1. An authentic and thrilling glimpse into Inuit culture and tradition.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  2. De Sica's 1952 neorealist masterpiece; it's a stark snapshot in which all is revealed about the "daily life of mankind," as the director once offered by way of description.
  3. Spectacular entertainment.
  4. It's moving; but it's also endlessly engaging, uproariously funny at moments, informative, and eventually touching in ways one might not have expected.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  5. Robin Williams just may have found the greatest role of his career. Playing beautifully both to fans and haters, Williams' Sy is a character you don't know whether to hug or go vigilante on his ass, a balance Bob Hoskins couldn't quite capture in "Felicia's Journey."
    • New Times (L.A.)
  6. While this road may contain too many potholes -- and plotholes -- to sustain an even ride, there are moments of greatness scattered throughout to remind us why Lynch is vital and why the French think he's so nifty.
  7. Easily one of the finest and most sophisticated films of the year.
  8. A film of tremendous complexity and depth, a galvanic force that sends the mind reeling.
  9. But in a calculated move that pays off handsomely, the picture's remarkable power is reserved for the end, when the intertwining themes coalesce in an extraordinarily satisfying and stirring way.
  10. Charged by Rideau's amazingly sexy performance as the most forthright gay character put on screen to date, this is a fine piece of filmmaking.
  11. The miracle here is not so much that Pray captures the DJs in peak form, but that he comprehensively captures SO MANY of them.
  12. Beautiful to watch and universal in theme by any name.
  13. The cast is uniformly excellent; all involved seem keyed into the subtextual subtleties of a story that, while simple on the surface, is exceedingly rich underneath.
  14. Lawrence constructs a vivid pastiche of human foibles, nicely flavored with a touch of suspense and some well-timed jolts of humor. In the end it's a terrifically entertaining film, if not quite so profound as the makers might wish.
  15. The pacing is slow, but the film is entrancing and earns a permanent place in the viewer's mind.
  16. These pandas, they're truly wondrous on the big screen, as no digital effect could ever recreate. Director Robert M. Young delivers a spry, richly detailed adventure for general audiences, truly a feat deserving acclaim.
  17. Once the action kicks in -- starting with an extraordinary balletic fight in the rain featuring the two masters and a flying wooden beam -- you can't take your eyes off the screen.
  18. This terrific movie manages to invest kitchen-sink realism with the soul of a fairy tale.
  19. The result is a lovely piece of writing brought to life by a terrific cast, a vivid sense of place and, not incidentally, some perfectly chosen pop tunes by such as Bree Sharp, Leona Naess, Smog and Tin Star. As for Lauren Ambrose, her big-screen debut is a revelation.
  20. Happily, then, the first movie of the Harry Potter series casts a splendid spell, as screenwriter Steve Kloves has transcribed J.K. Rowling's novel nearly to a T, with precious little tweaked or trimmed.
  21. One of the most genuinely shocking films you'll ever see.
  22. Think "Basic Instinct" with brains, and you've got it.
  23. Money Can't Buy You Happiness. It hasn't been this vividly re-examined in decades, and we're the richer for it.
  24. It's a wise and powerful tale of race and culture forcefully told, with superb performances throughout.
  25. It's an amazing story, but, in addition to its intrinsic interest, the Shackleton expedition has another remarkable draw: Crewman Frank Hurley had brought along not only still cameras, but a movie camera as well, providing us with an extraordinary record of the ship's voyage.
  26. Offers an enormous amount of pure silly fun for the entire non-nuclear family, no matter what gender they may be.
  27. Deeply moving and exceptionally gracious piece of documentary filmmaking.
  28. The film could be subtitled "Six Characters in Search of an Ending:" When they find that ending, it is gently, delightfully uplifting.
  29. Where The Iron Ladies makes its mark, and holds our interest, is in the way it integrates old-fashioned "low" comedy with social observation.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  30. CQ
    It's a feel-good movie for people tired of paying to feel bad. Bring it on.

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