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  1. As Rikki, Seda is a model of foul duplicity, and the movie itself is a relative rarity: an intelligent showcase of senseless machismo.
  2. Solidly entertaining little film.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  3. A small story, with fewer lofty ambitions than its lead character, the film runs out of steam at a certain point. Overall, its leisurely pace and lack of overt action will bore some filmgoers, while the movie's final section, during which Ganesh pursues his political aspirations, feels strangely hurried and less satisfying than the rest of the story.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  4. While Imamura films generally have their droll moments, this is the most blatantly comic work he's done since the '80s -- richly entertaining and suggestive of any number of metaphorical readings.
  5. What's particularly scary about Hollywood Ending, however, is that its flaws are exactly the sort of problems that often afflict aging directors, flaws that we've never seen in Allen before -- bad comic timing, slack pacing, an unsteady control of tone, a reliance on jokes that have long since become clichés.
  6. The effects are smashing, yet there's a heart behind them.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  7. Mandel Holland's direction is uninspired, and his scripting unsurprising, but the performances by Phifer and Black are ultimately winning.
  8. Heavy with mood and Finn's fine music, Jeffs' debut feature merely moistens us when we should be soaked. Maybe next time she'll let it all come down.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  9. When Circuit is on its game it's very telling and where it's at its best is detailing just how difficult it is for men so hedonistically self-involved to love one another.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  10. As it stands, there's some fine sex onscreen, and some tense arguing, but not a whole lot more.
  11. Say what you want about Hollywood losing its way in recent years, there's something beautiful about moviemakers who paint themselves into corners this tight.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  12. We expect some depth and perspective from filmmakers, but even in talking about the movie Peralta sounds like an ex-high school quarterback who never got over the Big Game, or an old campus revolutionary who's never glimpsed the folly that went along with the fervor.
  13. It's Tommy's job to clean the peep booths surrounding her, and after viewing this one, you'll feel like mopping up, too.
  14. A happily self-aware body-count flick that's as brutally funny as it is plain-old brutal. A broad slash of scary, sci-fi fun, the project leapfrogs all the Scream and Last Summer junk to carve itself a new, high-tech niche.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  15. As a gallery of the grotesque, however, the cinematic equivalent of a Joe Coleman painting or Adam Parfrey publication, The Salton Sea is a blast.
  16. The acting tends toward the cartoonish (not in a good way), and the story is built on a series of illogical motivations.
  17. There is nothing particularly interesting about either the people or the situations. Barrial might as well have filmed ANY body.
  18. The week's most pleasant surprise.
  19. Certainly a terrific sense of urgency underlies the story and Tom's desperation over Claire is palpable, but that may not be enough for viewers who actually like to understand how the riddle is unraveling.
  20. With virtually no interesting elements for an audience to focus on, Chelsea Walls is a triple-espresso endurance challenge.
  21. It's light fantasy, but lovely and astute.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  22. Chuck Russell doesn't make masterpieces -- he makes good B movies ("The Mask," "The Blob"), and The Scorpion King more than ably meets those standards.
  23. The movie climaxes with an entire audience farting -- a more concise review than this one.
  24. Most obvious crime is first-degree dullness, giving us a thriller without thrills and a mystery devoid of urgent questions.
  25. Here it is -- another double cross for which you will, and should, hand over your few grubby bucks.
  26. Loses significant points for its lazy story and complacent delivery.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  27. The film proves unrelentingly grim -- and equally engrossing.
  28. While the humor is recognizably Plympton, he has actually bothered to construct a real story this time, and the joke sequences are shorter and better integrated. The visual style is also richer and "better drawn" than before.
  29. What's in it for you? Mostly a bunch of astronauts and cosmonauts onboard the International Space Station, floating around filming each other.
  30. The film is worth seeing for Sorvino alone. The actress hasn't been this good since Woody Allen's "Mighty Aphrodite," a role that couldn't be more dissimilar.
    • New Times (L.A.)

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