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Highest review score: 100 Down from the Mountain
Lowest review score: 0 New Best Friend
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639 movie reviews
  1. As it stands, it's cute, occasionally poignant and outrageously implausible.
  2. Here it is -- another double cross for which you will, and should, hand over your few grubby bucks.
  3. Very charming and funny movie.
    • New Times (L.A.)
    • 66 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Ritchie's showmanship--half macho braggadocio, half emotion-tinged bravura--slaps and tickles the viewer into submission. He takes a group of not-so-goodfellas, whose idea of fun is setting farts afire, and, against all odds, makes them lively and engaging.
  4. Despite the presence of several sublimely cracked actors and some of the most abrasive white-trash caricatures since "Raising Arizona," Birch totally owns this movie.
  5. The acting is superb across the board, especially from Adebimpe.
  6. If you like being scared, you should have fun. Bring a date to hold hands with.
  7. Quick-witted, spicy Irish comedy.
  8. Surprisingly manages never to grow boring -- which proves that Rohmer still has a sense of his audience.
  9. The film proves unrelentingly grim -- and equally engrossing.
  10. Smart, wry and awesome, all at once.
  11. A thoroughly likable, if familiar, Woody Allen comedy -- not the most original or revealing tintype in the director's gallery, perhaps, but blessedly free of the self-conscious hand-wringing and tortured navel-gazing that impede the former Mr. Konigsberg's more sluggish efforts.
  12. This nicely acted study of a love that survived all manner of trauma is a must-see for Joyce fans, feminist historians great and small and admirers of the Emerald Isle.
  13. The political, social, and linguistic adjustments Parker makes to this hugely entertaining Husband give it fresh relevance without betraying the original.
  14. It's a pleasure to watch these two superb actresses circle and attack, conspire and conflict in the corporate shark tank, and it's just as profound a pleasure to behold a talented new filmmaker who's managed to succeed his first time out.
  15. Here's a knowing look at female friendship, spiked with raw urban humor.
  16. Analyze This won't win any Oscars, and its comedy is pretty tortured in places, but the pleasures of watching DeNiro onscreen never diminish--not even when he's putting the glories of his criminal past at risk.
  17. This may not seem to be the stuff of comedy, but a comedy it is, and a compelling one too, laden with hot sex and standout performances.
  18. Constantly touching, surprisingly funny, semi-surrealist exploration of the creative act.
  19. What's most impressive about this is that, if one didn't know better, the naturalism of the performances could be taken for that of a documentary.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  20. Paul Cox's admirers are sure to embrace this latest eruption of sincerity and sensitivity.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  21. You'll laugh a lot, but not without a sense of animal desperation.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  22. Shot on High Definition video, this exceptionally well-made but exceedingly bleak peek at tinseltown would be unbearable were it not for the sympathetic performance of Danny Huston.
  23. Perfectly acceptable, deliriously charming...a goofy Bmovie dolled up like a square-jawed A-list blockbuster.
  24. This thing's all in fun. It's just a perfect movie for people who like to shout at the screen, so have at it.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  25. These wonderfully adept actresses take so much pleasure in playing long-faded Southern belles, in mixing the genteel and the bawdy as they conduct their extended therapy session, that it will be difficult for even the most hardened Yankee curmudgeon to resist them.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  26. Forster is the reason that even non-Mamet-heads might consider giving Lakeboat a shot. It's worth it just to see him in his long one-take exchange with Johnston about booze, but he's remarkable throughout.
  27. A modest, uneventful film, buoyed by fine, albeit low-key, performances and the ring of truth.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  28. The extra-short length is puzzling -- about half an hour has been lopped off the length of the original Canadian release -- but what remains feels whole and wholly satisfying, a rare, successful merging of the obvious and the haunting.
  29. It's beautiful and obvious, a dubious combination that may nonetheless ensure its success.

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