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  1. Any story's a good story if it's told well, and this one is, with chuckles to spare.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  2. It's basically your above-average nice drug movie.
  3. Despite some savvy camera movement, the production values obviously can't match American action films made for a hundred times the budget. Still, Hatamikia has put together a gripping drama that balances visceral suspense and interesting ideas.
  4. Pustules, puberty and stories tall! Mostly grand but occasionally grody
  5. Varda, still pixieish in her early 70s, is having fun here.
  6. Brando wanders through the movie as if he's tolerating an annoying guest, sweetly charming one minute, detached and obnoxious the next.
  7. If this all sounds masochistic, it most certainly is. But the filmmakers have rendered it with such grace and subtlety that the spectacle of three very intelligent people ruining each other's lives becomes irresistibly romantic.
  8. As Rikki, Seda is a model of foul duplicity, and the movie itself is a relative rarity: an intelligent showcase of senseless machismo.
  9. While the specifics of the plot are often as fragile as an actual glass house, those looking for a good night of disposable entertainment will find it here.
  10. As it stands, there's some fine sex onscreen, and some tense arguing, but not a whole lot more.
  11. The performance itself (which aired on PBS and is available on DVD) apparently went perfectly; given the potential pitfalls that Miller documents, it's some kind of miracle.
  12. Yes, the movie is obvious at time, banging you over the head with its message, and the use of shadows on a wall can seem overly broad. But these are small complaints when compared to the film's many strengths.
  13. The repetitious structure begins to grow wearing about two-thirds through, but the conclusion has an emotional wallop that justifies the wait.
  14. Just be advised guys, Blade II is as estrogen-free as movies get, so you might want to leave your date behind for this one, or she's gonna make you feel like you owe her big-time.
  15. If the performances are the prime reason the film is as engaging as it is, it must also be said that Majidi's visual style seems far more sophisticated than in "Children of Heaven."
    • New Times (L.A.)
  16. This isn't entertainment for the faint of heart.
  17. Worth the price of admission if only to see the slinky Thurman decked out in a form-fitting, sequined pre-flapper era outfit. The word stunning hardly does her justice.
  18. Demy's films are often described in terms of music; this one is more like a tango in which one person leads and refuses to forfeit the position.
  19. It's a heartfelt and powerful examination of faith that no serious student or enthusiast of theology or philosophy should miss.
  20. Despite a couple of low-budget, rookie-director rough spots, this fascinating look at Israel in ferment feels as immediate as the latest news footage from Gaza and, because of its heightened, well-shaped dramas, twice as powerful.
  21. A spare film, with little dialogue but a lot to say.
  22. It's odd for a film to be both dramatically conventional yet emotionally bizarre at the same time, as this one is.
    • New Times (L.A.)
  23. Shot in stylish black and white, with a memorably low-key performance from Duchesne, Bob le Flambeur is definitely worth checking out on the big screen in a fresh print.
  24. This is a sensitive, thinking person's movie with a lot on its mind.
  25. Stylish, but definitely not for the squeamish
  26. The movie is not always satisfying as a standard thriller, nor is it always clear; but it's never dull, either, and it displays a sensibility so weird as to be its own recommendation.
  27. The two lead performances are so good it contains more emotional depth than it probably has a right to.
  28. It feels like a pilot episode for the most expensive made-for-cable cartoon ever produced, and if you expect quantity (or closure) for your $8 ticket, you may feel shorted. The quality, however, is unlikely to be disputed.
  29. For those partial to sublimely happy endings there won't be a peep of complaint. Only us recalcitrant souls will be left wishing Punks had just a tad more spunk.
  30. Were it not for the gravity of the setting, the movie could just as easily be a comedy -- with everybody play-acting and doors opening and shutting and the repercussions of lies multiplying geometrically -- as a drama.

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