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5,763 movie reviews
  1. A Christmas headache looking for an audience.
  2. Turns out to be as heavy and earthbound as an injured dragon.
  3. Where the first film was a seminal forerunner of early stalker classics like "Halloween," this version feels as stale as old gingerbread.
  4. Though there are giggles here and there, the film is inexcusably unfunny.
  5. How do films this stale and generic continue to get made, let alone with topflight talent? Cedric has been stealing scenes from bigger names for nearly a decade; he deserves better than a few amusingly-improvised minutes at the end of his own movie. And so do we.
  6. For a much better film about a similar story, rent "The World's Fastest Indian," with Anthony Hopkins on a motorcycle.
  7. Though technically a werewolf movie, the silly Blood and Chocolate is really just a toothless love story about the bad stuff that can happen when two very different people fall in love.
  8. Really, women drag their husbands and boyfriends to films like writer-director Susannah Grant's emotionally bogus Catch and Release and I feel their pain. They should get a free Boys Night Out pass every time they make the sacrifice.
  9. There are a few funny jokes scattered throughout, but the halfhearted direction and clunky script are underscored by performances that feel like they belong in community theater.
  10. Subtlety has never been Perry's strength, but his previous films balanced the sermonizing with good humor and sincerity. Perhaps next time, he'll ease up on the lectures, and bring back the love.
  11. We never get a sensible explanation for Linda's bizarre double life, or uncover any reason - any reason at all - why Bullock would pick this lazy, patchwork script out of all the ones she surely receives every year.
  12. What's here is a glimpse not into how far people will go to win a reality TV show, but how far greedy writers and producers will go to degrade, debouch and enrich themselves.
  13. Goldberger's stubbornly insular script - adapted from a novel by Harry Crews - might have fared better on stage, where the story would feel more contained than suffocating. But by the time you crawl across this finish line, you'll know just how those sluggish the birdsfeel.
  14. If there's a lesson to be found in this shameless vanity project, it's that money can buy anything. Even a movie.
  15. Perhaps this is just a bad performance by Bana; he's not shown me anything yet. But there's a more basic problem. If money is just a way of keeping score, and Huck doesn't care whether he's flush or busted, why should we?
  16. A convoluted mess of a horror movie.
  17. The film is lovely to look at, but makes not a lick of sense.
  18. Dreadfully unfunny.
  19. Nothing in the movie rings true, least of all its depiction of gambling, both in casinos and in the bookie world that ultimately drives the story.
  20. It's not unusual for a Henry Jaglom film to fall into a black hole of narcissism, but he has outdone himself with his latest, a satire on Hollywood's unshakable self-absorption.
  21. The confusing time line of Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr's bizarre tale of sibling romance, murder and obsession is just one of its problems. The others are the romance, the murder and the obsession.
    • 18 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    His C-Note is essentially a one-note character. And that note is flat.
  22. The best that can be said about the big-screen Bratz is that they are not nearly as appalling as their toy-shelf twins.
  23. In fairness, the new movie from the Lorne Michaels machine does have its amusing moments. It's just most of them can also be found in "Napoleon," "Talladega Nights," "Eagle vs. Shark," and any installment of "Jackass."
  24. It's an interesting profile in self-destruction until the script becomes unhinged itself and has Laura doing things that are not so much outrageous as hilariously stupid.
  25. It's a romantic comedy, though neither funny nor romantic. It's a ghost story, though not scary. It's a satire about publishing, but without teeth.
  26. September Dawn, written by an evangelical Christian, may be the worst historical drama ever made.
  27. Obliterating the original structure and intent of "Body Snatchers" is cinema-lit blasphemy.
  28. There is just no tension built prior to the murders.
  29. The upbeat brothers are full of sweetness and love, but the script is made of taffy, and if you can chew and laugh at the same time, you're welcome to it.

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