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6,203 movie reviews
  1. A painfully flat spoof of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.
  2. A plodding, contrived Christmas tale that wastes the talents of his well-known cast.
  3. In a town as status-conscious as Hollywood, the embarrassment of two "Garfield" movies on your résumé must sting like the Dickens.
  4. For a much better film about a similar story, rent "The World's Fastest Indian," with Anthony Hopkins on a motorcycle.
    • New York Daily News
  5. Larry offers enough scatological humor to fertilize the wheat fields in the star's home state of Nebraska.
  6. The movie is full of puzzling celebrity cameos, as if Brazilian director Bruno Barreto called in all his chits.
  7. It's not unusual for a Henry Jaglom film to fall into a black hole of narcissism, but he has outdone himself with his latest, a satire on Hollywood's unshakable self-absorption.
  8. Every ounce of comedy is so forced and full-on ridiculous that when characters express even a smidgen of sentiment, it feels like a parody. That's because nothing in "Fatboy" feels real.
  9. With so little action or even insight, Marathon is far too long at only 74 minutes. Perhaps for the sequel, we can come along as Gretchen watches paint dry.
  10. A record number of movie cliches are strung together for the otherwise forgettable boot-camp drama Annapolis.
  11. Possibly the worst idea for a movie this century.
  12. The film does deserve credit for juggling difficult racial and class issues - but with a wacky score, cute puppies and silly side stories also jockeying for space, Bamford's best intentions tumble to a heap long before the movie ends.
  13. While it's visually stunning, the pretentiousness makes it hard to take seriously.
  14. Juices up the visuals with fancy camerawork and split screens, but it can't distract enough from the vulgarity of the material.
  15. An unimaginative schoolyard-bully comedy.
    • New York Daily News
  16. September Dawn, written by an evangelical Christian, may be the worst historical drama ever made.
  17. More than a bad movie, it's an anti-movie.
  18. This is a "What were they thinking?"-size disaster, with the wrong actors in the wrong roles in a project that had no reason to be remade in the USA.
  19. A ponderously slow experience.
  20. Typical of road comedies, it's a pastiche of sketches.
  21. If you want to direct a movie that's already been done, it's a good idea to pick one you can improve on.
  22. The result, at best, is a sweet failure.
  23. Eric Steel's documentary has more than a whiff of exploitation about it.
  24. The production is as gaily colored as the margaritas, but the overall result is wan.
    • New York Daily News
  25. Fonda's performance is a perfect storm of histrionics, and she leaves nothing and no one standing.
  26. Frankly, after watching writer-director Timur Bekmambetov's grim fantasy - the first leg of a trilogy adapted from the sci-fi novels of Sergei Lukyanenko - I'm still a little confused.
  27. Though technically a werewolf movie, the silly Blood and Chocolate is really just a toothless love story about the bad stuff that can happen when two very different people fall in love.
  28. The worst performance in a film that diminishes even the talented Stockard Channing is given by Allen. He's never written a more unpleasant, vapid or irredeemable character for himself, and he makes it worse by overplaying.
  29. Wells' vision of the distant future is cartoonishly simplistic without the subtext of British class consciousness that informed the novel.
  30. A few scenes are stylish enough to amuse, but they all add up to nothing - leaving you ten bucks short and feeling like a sucker.

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