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  1. If the structure is a tad out of whack, "No Country" does not lack for action or suspense. Some of the scenes of Chigurh's stalking of Moss are nearly unbearably tense. Bring your worry beads.
  2. A small miracle of comic social portraiture, a sometimes affectionate, sometimes ironic study of a specific group at a specific moment. His work is deeply evocative and enjoyable.
  3. A delightful and endearing romantic comedy with the shape and resonance of a Jane Austen novel.
  4. In Wide Blue Road, his (Montand) character and the wages of desperation are much more complex. Here is the real lost Atlantis.
  5. This stirring children's movie about separation anxiety is swimming with comic references only adults will catch, thus greatly expanding the potential audience.
  6. Seeing the splendid new version of Pride & Prejudice can be hazardous to your health: There's a very real danger of swooning.
  7. Passes like an evening spent with friends.
  8. School of Rock may be to Black what "The Nutty Professor" was to Jerry Lewis, or "Groundhog Day" was to Bill Murray - that rare, perfectly tailored opportunity to play against one's broadest impulses. Not to neutralize them, necessarily, but to tame them and turn them into something very human and charming.
  9. A rare blend of comedy and tenderness whose point is not the horrors of war but the lengths a parent will go to protect his child's innocence.
  10. One of the most honest and harrowing depictions of female adolescence ever put to film.
  11. Tony Gilroy, co-author of the superb Jason Bourne film trilogy, makes a stunning directorial debut with Michael Clayton, an out-of-courtroom drama that helps solidify George Clooney's acting bona fides.
  12. Kempner demonstrates how the star's success and dignified bearing inspired a generation of Jews to fight through the ethnic barriers in all fields.
  13. Though made 31 years after D-Day, the dramatic scenes have the period look of a '40s movie, which links them perfectly with the stunning archival footage.
  14. Rarely do adaptations of stage plays work on screen, and almost never do they work as well as this one does. Most remarkably, the dryly comic "Moon" is virtually a one-man show.
  15. Bar-Lev has created a film remarkable in its ability to capture both the worst and best of human nature.
    • New York Daily News
  16. There is a little of all of us in their awkwardness, fears and neuroses, and we root for their success in the mundane as if they were ascending Everest. Elling is still in the running for 2002's most uplifting movie.
    • New York Daily News
  17. A love story told from the point of impact, at the heart, and no conventional resolution could be more profound.
  18. Less bloody than its predecessors, Lady Vengeance wraps up with a killer (literally) finale that calls into question the killer instinct. It's one of the reasons Park's brutal films are so emotionally rewarding.
  19. The stories are eye-opening and heartwarming at the same time, but you'll be moved less by empathy for the characters than by the summoning of your own emotional memories. This movie is personal.
  20. A movie-movie about the movies.
  21. Parents, who are more apt to be bored by the simple story line, are going to be amazed nevertheless by the smooth, convincing animation that lends Stuart his lifelike physicality and expressive facial gestures.
  22. What we need to remember, what Black Hawk Down reminds us, is that there are no safe missions when you're chasing bad guys. Especially when you have to chase them down a hole.
  23. Amy Berg's riveting documentary, tracks O'Grady's predatory trail from San Andreas, Calif., to Ireland, where he is now living on a church pension that was apparently meant to buy his silence.
  24. Bujalski celebrates the awkwardness of twentysomething life, allowing Dollenmayer to create a beautifully authentic portrait.
  25. Moore's most assured, least antagonistic and potentially most important film.
  26. Caché seems at first glance like a straightforward thriller - about a talk-show host being stalked by a technologically savvy blackmailer. But it's really a sly, subversive commentary on conscience, race, class and inequity.
  27. A brilliant and astounding black comedy.
  28. A haunting, melancholy work.
  29. This is a wickedly funny skewering of a prewar London society gone mad with frivolity.
  30. A smartly written, confidently directed film that delivers big laughs while developing two of the year's most earnest characters and some of its most rewarding sentiments.

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