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6,024 movie reviews
  1. This is a wickedly funny skewering of a prewar London society gone mad with frivolity.
  2. If you're in the mood for a horror movie, this ought to do you.
  3. Bernie Mac gives surprising wisdom and heart - along with the laughs - to what could have been just another generic baseball comedy.
  4. The love and attention Oshii poured into animating Batou's pet basset hound proves that the human instinct dominates even in a movie dependent on technology.
  5. A droll gem that celebrates movie love with feeling and deadpan humor.
  6. The plot is intricate and tight. The preamble is a bit challenging to sort out. But the movie's engine is the relationships and the characters' inner lives, all of it boiling with emotional intensity.
  7. A riveting rock documentary.
  8. Tarnation represents a breakthrough in the possibilities of the personal film as a mix of poetry and journalism. It's also harrowing as hell.
  9. It's not as clever, or as consistently funny, or as well-cast as "Shakespeare in Love," but Richard Eyre's Stage Beauty is the most fun I've had with the Bard since that 1998 Oscar winner.
  10. It turns out that puppets can tell us more about who we are as a nation than the most meticulous documentary. In Team America: World Police, the potty-mouthed, crazily brilliant musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the result is hilarious, shocking and bound to offend nearly everyone.
  11. It's a deceptively simple tale that tackles, serenely and with surprising humor, issues of gender, power, custom and change.
  12. Ray
    Every once in a while, a performance pops out of a Hollywood movie that is so brilliant and unique to the matching of actor to role that it's impossible to imagine anyone else achieving it.
  13. Does a meticulous job of summarizing these notorious events, but it is the stories of Liuzzo's five children that gives it fresh emotional power.
  14. It's a sensation - both a milestone in computer-animation and a likely Christmas classic.
  15. The combination of old-time Hollywood valor and ahead-of-its-time surprises makes this restoration a big event.
  16. The face-to-face interviews laced throughout the movie are fascinating and often laugh-out-loud funny. Ask people to talk dirty and you don't know what they'll say.
  17. In this cross between film noir and melodrama, there's lust, need, camp and betrayal.
  18. Clever, buoyant and surprisingly human.
  19. Million Dollar Baby is a knockout. It is Clint Eastwood's baby in every respect — a movie that approaches the level of great boxing films, like "Raging Bull," by using sport as a metaphor for human nature.
  20. No picnic to watch -- Leigh's camera is unsentimental and unsparing.
  21. Yet another film from Iran that has the leisurely pace, sly humor and incontrovertible wisdom of a Sufi parable.
  22. But there were few, if any, better performances in 2000 than the one Blanchett gives here, and Raimi's crafty blend of dramatic realism and supernatural knowledge is one of the year's best directing con jobs.
  23. A movie-movie about the movies.
  24. When boy meets girl in Steven Soderbergh's jaunty, sexy Out of Sight, it happens with a bang.
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  25. An astonishingly intimate and painful coming-of-age story.
  26. A masterful collection of cinematic essays.
  27. After all the observations on heartache, politics, art, commerce, passion, identity, mortality, even mental health, six hours begin to seem downright compact.
  28. In making such an appealing movie about characters who are usually swept under the Hollywood rug, Binder does us all a service.
  29. This hunt for revenge is really a quest for self-discovery. The story, acting and brilliant directing elevate Oldboy into a human struggle to know yourself and your place in the universe, and to live with that sometimes terrible knowledge.
  30. Gives moviegoers a funny, observant, evanescent approach to the mysteries of human desire.

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