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  1. As earnest as it is awkward, the film has so much spirit, it's hard to dismiss entirely, even at its considerable worst.
  2. The overall effect of Lucas' digital mania has been detrimental to the saga. Where the first trilogy was mythological fantasy, the second is pure cartoon. The sad truth is, the more three-dimensional they look, the more two-dimensional they are.
    • New York Daily News
  3. Charlize Theron's Gilda in Head in the Clouds invites comparison to Rita Hayworth in 1946's "Gilda," which adds a touch of the ludicrous to this already strained material set in wartime France.
  4. The results are often exciting and, except for occa­sional overacting by Calil, feels authentic. But the whole notion of exploiting a war and its victims to shoot a commercial feature is reprehensible.
  5. Very much a freshman effort, lacking focus, edge.
  6. All the flash and sizzle of modern movie effects can't make up for a once spectacular tale that feels not just scaled-down, but shrunk.
  7. There are plot holes you can fly Air Force One through.
  8. A sad, almost morbid -- and cinematically inert -- eulogy to a complex man whose own genius was dampened by arrogance and politics.
  9. Stanze is to be congratulated on raising the bar for horror avant-garde filmmaking on a shoestring.
  10. It all comes together at the end, logically and with a twist. But it's not a game that allows the audience to play along. When the story is controlled by whatever memories the writer and director choose to put in the characters' heads, you're always on the outside looking in.
  11. The film itself is a bit on the talking-head side, evoking none of the passion and anguish that are the music's trademarks.
  12. It's a slight story to begin with, and the movie teeters on camp with its jokey filler material -- the typical King stuff including colorful locals, small puns and asides and a faint whiff of the supernatural.
  13. Can't cope with its own weirdness.
  14. At its best when it embraces its true identity, as frivolous fun.
  15. Gives cinema vérité texture to a fictional story of trailer-trash dysfunction (minus the trailer).
  16. Pleasantly cheesy but undistinguished martial-arts and horror fare.
  17. An improvement over "Jackpot," but not much. The best thing about it is Nolte, playing the grizzled priest as an angel in his own right. Everyone else- - save the young boy playing the orphan -- seems to be in on a joke we just don't get.
  18. It's the banal romantic triangle that inspired Sverak ("Kolya"), who obviously didn't see "Pearl Harbor" in time to stop himself.
  19. If August has turned the children in your life into Bored Girl and Fidget Boy, you could find worse ways to keep them entertained.
  20. Characters seem phony.
  21. Redmon has captured some compelling footage, but his lack of resolution feels like both a copout and a luxury.
  22. Though the director takes a thoughtful approach to the material, mixing humor and poignancy, he undercuts our sympathy considerably by dragging things out to an inexplicably indulgent degree.
  23. As dull and inert as the ink used to print the Gospels of Matthew and Luke that informed Mike Rich's script.
  24. My 3-year-old date had a fine time, pronouncing the movie "very good" and backing up her assessment by going 90 minutes with barely a fidget. Which may actually be the highest compliment any movie can ask for.
  25. Filmmaker Steve Anderson stuffs an astonishing 800-plus mentions of the F-word into this 90-minute documentary. When the spectacle ends, the same question lingers: Why?
  26. The story's unnecessary and unconvincing Russian spies are out of "Rocky & Bullwinkle," but Blair is quite enjoyable as a sassy, capable idealist.
  27. Slight Canadian coming-of-age drama.
  28. Wenham and Porter are appealing actors, and Teplitzky's depiction of their coupling has an unflinching realism.
  29. Watch out for space junk.
  30. The movie clearly portrays how the glory and salvation of being a team hero is ephemeral.
    • New York Daily News

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