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6,197 movie reviews
  1. Super starts off feeling like a cult comedy you might catch during a midnight film festival. But since Gunn never nails his tone, the concept makes more sense than the execution.
  2. This is just one nutso, painfully unfunny family flick.
  3. This old-fashioned sword-and-sandal drama has all the bread and circuses we've come to know from the movies. It flirts with interesting story choices, but ultimately, all roads lead to boredom.
  4. It's simply a blandly shot recording of Michael Flatley's musical revue, as performed overseas.
  5. The Canyons has more in common with Schrader’s opulent immoral tableaux “The Comfort of Strangers,” “Auto Focus” and “The Walker” than with his other work (including the script for “Taxi Driver”). It’s weaker than those, though, and less biting.
  6. An uncharacteristically stiff Mortensen can't break free from the clichés that constrain his character, who feels more like a symbol than a real person.
  7. Marshall shows off the breathtaking landscape, but with interiors, he populates the ale houses and encampments with cliches - like dueling female warriors, one a mute and the other a white-haired vixen.
  8. Though they lack chemistry as a team, it's gratifying to see both Perry and Burns stretching in ways they haven't before.
  9. For all the talent involved, the overall effect is surprisingly flat. Foxx appears disconnected, Byrne is wasted and a painfully hammy Diaz seems to be in another movie altogether.
  10. Though much of the film's power is tamped down by the passive storytelling style, Dillane's performance as the adult Jakob is compelling, and Ayelet Zurer is beguiling as Jakob's late-in-life soul mate.
  11. Hopped up like a Bugs Bunny cartoon on mescaline and as chatty and uppity as a 5-year-old, Burn After Reading could be seen as the Coen brothers' need to let loose after the tightly wound "No Country for Old Men."
  12. Smith ("American Movie") sees the poetry in everyday people, and lets his rambling story find its own rhythm.
  13. Watch closely and you might even spy a better film inside, straining to break free.
  14. In the end, Albert’s biggest problem isn’t the threat of coyotes or cholera. It’s that he’s being played by the wrong guy.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    More cold fish than cold-blooded, director Alain Correau keeps his movie buttoned up and predictable.
  15. What makes the calculated sentimentality palatable is Curtis’ intelligent assurance as he guides us through each step. It’s a gooey indulgence, to be sure, but one that will please anybody with a cinematic sweet tooth.
  16. Descends with dismaying speed into clichéd Southern melodrama.
  17. The real problem is that this eager-to-please debut never quite achieves its own, more modest ambitions.
  18. There's barely half a film here, stretched and pulled so thin you can nearly see through it.
  19. While I fully support the appearance of a new Madea movie every six months, even Tyler Perry can't be bothered to take this setup seriously.
  20. Writer-director Will Slocombe presents a familiar buffet, but there’s good stuff to pick over.
  21. not a good comedy. But there's no airbrushing out the funny surrounding its star.
  22. Some parents are mellow, and others have instilled emotional problems in their children. This less-than-illuminating work resembles the spelling-bee doc “Spellbound,” only with a promise of high-end endorsements and far more pampering.
  23. The dissection and discussion, though well-intentioned, winds up lifeless.
  24. What it is, really, is a trainer film, meant to prep the world's youngest ticketholders for the day when they're old enough to help turn Bruckheimer's bigger movies into blockbusters.
  25. Hop
    As fake and forgettable as a marshmallow Peep, Hop goes down easy enough.
  26. Gugino is having a ball, but every scene feels like an oh-so-arch one-act.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Jordan's screenplay aims for a romanticism that the beautiful but stiff Bachleda is unable to fulfill. And the ending, which injects the film's dreamy sensibility with an ugly note of realism, crashes over everything like a frigid wave.
  27. It's a mess from start to finish, but there's still fun to be had in Rob Minkoff's caper comedy.
  28. This stately chiller owes a lot to 1960s British flicks like "The Innocents" and "The Haunting," but unfortunately heads towards cliches with every step.

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