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  1. The "Star Trek" gibes feel especially lazy, since the movie ought to be "Men in Black" kicky, not sketch-comedy dusty.
  2. This movie's attempt to reinvent Mizer as a First Amendment hero isn't as effective as its triumphant display of beefcake, which is, after all, the movie's raison d'etre.
  3. If an hour and a half of so-called "torture porn" sounds like fun, you'll find Saw IV situated somewhere between the first in the cycle (a solid original with plenty of energy in it) and the last (a gasping copycat willing to do anything to stay alive).
  4. Unlike animated family favorites spiked with jokes for adults that go over youngsters’ heads — like “Finding Nemo” or “Up” — Rock Dog is strictly for kids.
  5. Miller takes Chekhov's themes and checks them off, but he never gets under his egocentric characters' thin skins.
  6. The far too whimsical God Is Great, I'm Not leans heavily on the charms of Audrey Tautou -- As adorable as Tautou is, miracles are beyond her.
  7. Though some of the action cinematography is stunning, and practicing snowboarders will love the sense of camaraderie established, it's not riveting entertainment for the rest of us.
  8. Many of the cast members originated their roles onstage, and the ensemble scenes capture the spirited sense of fun that is Perry's trademark.
  9. The only thing to be said for it is The Rock. I've never seen the guy wrestle, but as a movie action hero, he's the real deal.
  10. There are some good ideas buried beneath the grotesque whimsy, and several animated sequences are modestly clever. But Pitt's mannered performance will inspire nothing but a run to the video store, in search of a real Burton.
  11. Manages to look very good for its limitations, and features solid actors doing their best with a very sketchy script.
  12. When 3 Needles premiered at Toronto last year, the stories were overlapping, in the style of "Babel" but without a unifying theme. It's less cumbersome as three separate stories, but they do not add up to much.
  13. Overwrought and overlong, Returner might been a rousing B-movie -- had it not been hamstrung by Yamazaki's bigger pretensions.
  14. Queen Latifah, as the proprietor of the ­lady's salon next door to Calvin's, brightens things up in the brief appearances that serve as symbiotic promotion for the producers' coming spin-off movie, "Beauty­ Shop."
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    This version has action, yes, but the love triangle among Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot is diluted, and there's nothing exuberant about a dutiful slog through the muck.
  15. A strange creature, a narcissistic mock documentary.
  16. Offers a dazzling showcase for Samuel L. Jackson.
  17. Plays like a throwback to gritty-but-softhearted English dramas of the 1980s like "Mona Lisa" and "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid."
  18. What sets Bootmen apart from the vast competition is its exuberant, sexy tap-dancing, but that's mostly relegated to the grand finale.
  19. As earnest as its artless young characters, Tom Rice's intermittently affecting debut walks a well-trod path without finding anything very new.
  20. George Bush supporters may think this dissection of the President's narrow and decisive 2004 election victory in Ohio is better than sex. But Democrats and Bush voters who have come to rue the day are more likely to compare it to losing the World Series on a seventh-game walkoff home run.
  21. Despite the audience pandering -- not just in its violence, but in its wall-to-wall sexual vulgarity -- there are terrific elements in Baby Boy.
  22. If you have seen the play, especially if you've seen it with the original cast, treasure the memory and protect it. The movie will attack it like a virus.
  23. Eyre offers a merciless, affecting portrait of reservation life, but his relevant themes eventually wash away in a sea of unnecessary sentimentality.
  24. The film itself is a tedious melodrama whose sole saving grace is the performance of Samuel L. Jackson as Tommy Kincaid.
  25. The joke is that the salesmen believe they're actually trying to discover talent and - like the people they're encouraging - are victims.
  26. Sappy and improbable.
  27. The strength of Windtalkers is in its occasional, all-too-short respites from battle, when Enders is struggling with his demons and Yahzee is trying to understand his aloofness.
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  28. Overall, though, you get the exhausting feeling that Stolberg is desperately trying to prove how cool he is. And didn't you see enough of that in high school?
  29. This may be the best-looking film in the series; certainly, the Paris setting, with a climactic battle among the girders of the Eiffel Tower, keeps the visuals interesting. Better you buy a postcard.

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