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  1. This amateurish drama about street-dance contests and busted friendship is about as real as Lil' Kim's chest.
  2. An excellent idea that never quite pans out.
  3. In equal parts earnest and awkward, this romance between a Mormon missionary and an L.A. party boy falls significantly short of its lofty goals.
  4. Belvaux says his tryptich...are stand-alone movies that can be enjoyed in any order. I disagree. None is a complete experience and "An Amazing Couple" can be easily skipped. But the first and third add up to something very poignant and satisfying.
  5. A sexy crime story. The double-crossing complications don't make much sense, but it's fun to watch Wilson turn the hard-boiled dialogue into a series of ironic one-liners under the hot Oahu sun.
  6. Starts out as fresh as your popcorn, but turns stale before you finish it.
  7. Simpson and Yates give a good idea why individuals are drawn to extreme sports.
  8. If you approach this movie in the right frame of mind -- that is, with total contempt -- you can still enjoy it as a comedy.
  9. Like picking out a family at random and walking into their house during dinnertime. Sure, their conversations are fascinating to them. But to you, it's just boring, meaningless chatter.
  10. I don't mean to demean it; it's smart, inventive and well-crafted. But as a feature film, it's a novelty item at best.
  11. Stiller and Aniston have zero sexual chemistry. But they have impeccable comic chemistry in a movie that features some stellar bits of business.
  12. By deftly blending silliness and sophistication, this little movie does its part to stem the technological tide.
  13. Despite all the bike chases and bullet-dodging, the real sport here is Xtreme posing.
  14. The movie is dismally organized, his (Keys) interviews are shallow and uninformative, and the project has a whole lacks a strong point of view.
  15. Though he's working with an unavoidably sentimental story, Kon embraces the dark underside of his characters' lives, giving this animated film a satisfyingly three-dimensional feel.
  16. An underwritten drama.
  17. The screenwriters claim they got the idea for this dreary thing by glimpsing a besieged Chelsea Clinton in the stands at a basketball game.
  18. There's no story to speak of - three cohabiting bachelors are dragged into adulthood by the simultaneous pregnancies of their girlfriends - but Anderson, Imperioli and Eddie Griffin are amiable company and there's an earned laugh here and there.
  19. The filmmaker's ego and ethics aside, there's no denying the power of Wuornos' behavior here.
  20. So unfocused we never get to know the man behind the gowns.
  21. Japanese Story could have been a two-character play staged in front of a desert mural. It wouldn't have been as pretty, but it's that tight.
  22. There is not a frame of "Cheaper" that doesn't feel contrived. It fails the most fundamental test of movie logic.
  23. Minghella has certainly mounted a gorgeous movie and the battle scenes are brutally spectacular. But overall, "Cold Mountain" is like a fine piece of hand-crafted leather, where the stitching shows its quality. That looks good on a handbag, not so good on the big screen.
  24. The story, adapted by Dean Georgaris, doesn't come within a light year of science-fiction plausibility, and after a while Woo gives up trying to sell it and reverts to the action choreography that made him a master of Hong Kong martial-arts movies.
  25. Both enchantingly old-fashioned and daringly modern.
  26. Knowing that the director is Robert Altman gives you a good idea of what to expect: a demimonde of locker-room chatter, catty sniping, backstage politics, high art and low self-esteem. Altman constructs the movie with the same cross-currents of his other ensemble movies.
  27. Stallion" has gorgeous cinematography with spectacular landscapes - plus a lazy script, forgettable performances and regrettably uninspired direction.
  28. A powerful drama that turns a common event -- the rending of a family -- into an intimate, personal affair.
  29. Any which way you describe this uncompromising movie, it will never sound palatable. Still, it features one of the most spectacular physical transformations by an actress hungry for a meaty role. I haven't used the term "tour de force" in all of 2003, but now it is time.
  30. A movie about a maverick ought to be a little daring as well, and Mona Lisa Smile is as safe and predictable as chintz.

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