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  1. Melancholy, often muddled documentary.
  2. He tells his story honestly, but with no great sense of self-awareness or insight.
  3. The eyewitness testimony of dozens of punk-era survivors and hotel denizens has a disorienting effect, and everyone gets sidetracked, though the colorful anecdotes are priceless.
  4. With his (Cage) over-the-top delivery and operatically intense facial expressions, there's no way anyone could accuse him of phoning this one in.
  5. None of the seven shorts here is worth a single, well-made feature. But there are a few amusing moments to be found.
  6. Stories about mythic figures at the end of their days are compelling — but they still need some zing. That’s what Mr. Holmes is missing.
  7. Despite the human drama here, we’re kept at a remove by stolid direction and by-the-numbers storytelling.
  8. If any life story should make for a compelling biography, it's certainly Hugh Hefner's. Unfortunately, this love letter is so lacking in any edge, the end result is not just unsexy but unforgivably staid.
  9. The same boring routine gets played out again.
  10. An appealing Deschanel does her best, but the pair is mismatched in every way, from age to attitude. The entire movie is hung on Carrey's shtick, so if you're a fan, you'll have a decent time.
  11. But oy, such terrible jokes and choppy direction. Would it have killed her to share the credits with someone else?
  12. A few really weird things happen during Paranormal Activity 3, though unfortunately, they have nothing to do with being frightened.
  13. While the whole cast -- including Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson -- is game, too much time was spent coordinating chase scenes and explosions, and too little fixing a slack script that relies on bathroom humor and snickering sex jokes.
  14. Denying us any catharsis, Haneke becomes a stern, finger-wagging lecturer; he seems to mean his movie as punishment, conveniently forgetting his own role in the crime. [11 March 1998, p.38]
    • New York Daily News
  15. The results are awkward and atonal.
  16. The sole treasure of Cowboys & Aliens is that director Jon Favreau ("Iron Man") has fashioned an actual rawhide ride from a graphic novel (that took six writers to wrangle to the screen).
  17. For all its strengths, the film is cursed by an ADD-style structure and a flashy but inevitably ineffective casting stunt.
  18. Wang tracks his guys like the documentarian he is, and if the movie feels a bit canned thanks to Adam Forgash's unoriginal script, classic NYC spots and a big heart make it feel like home.
  19. His (Surnow) unfocused script swerves all over the road, but Christopher Meloni and Dean Norris repeatedly get things back on track.
  20. Azaria channels his inner Charles Nelson Reilly, which helps, as does an evil emoting cat. Kids under 7 will likely giggle at some too-harsh pratfalls, not care about a grown man's fear of procreation, not get all the tiny innuendos and possibly miss how the movie is a fairly successful tourism ad for New York.
  21. Ultimately it’s the cast, more than the crime, that gives this story life.
  22. It feels like a high-end perfume ad.
  23. A romantic triangle featuring Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman and “Game of Thrones” costar Richard Madden has no business being this dull.
  24. Early on, it seems that The Witch is tapping a higher metaphor for coming of age...or religious intolerance...or man's uneasy balance with nature...or something. It doesn't take long into the film's hour and a half running time, however, to break that spell.
  25. There’s never a moment when we forget that Mike and Wallace are just vacant personalities that two talented actors decided to try on for fun.
  26. High art swings sort of low in this watchable but thematically repetitive drama.
  27. The ensuing road trip should be hilariously chaotic, a classic misadventure between two ill-matched travelers. Instead of “Midnight Run,” though, we get another gloss on the recent “Guilt Trip,” in which the concept is all that counts.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Still, with a story this weak, arguing that the illustrations look cool feels like a cheat.
  28. Berger’s got some clever ideas, but he does not push far in exploring them. And aside from Cross, there is virtually no one to like among these self-involved suburbanites. After an hour alone with them, we can’t help wishing The End would just arrive.
  29. Aiming for lightness but landing with a thud, Frances Ha is a well-meaning blunder. Director Noah Baumbach’s ode to Brooklyn twentysomething life is a flibbertigibbet fable that, like a self-absorbed flirt you meet at a party, grates on the nerves despite being easy on the eyes.

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