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Highest review score: 100 Inception
Lowest review score: 0 The Legend of Hercules
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5,763 movie reviews
  1. A tepid comedy whose only saving grace is the face of Jennifer Tilly in a crystal ball.
  2. An instant contender for cult status on the midnight-movie circuit, where lines like "Do we look like quantum wormhole specialists?" will be given the respect they deserve.
  3. The screenwriters claim they got the idea for this dreary thing by glimpsing a besieged Chelsea Clinton in the stands at a basketball game.
  4. If you approach this movie in the right frame of mind -- that is, with total contempt -- you can still enjoy it as a comedy.
  5. This amateurish drama about street-dance contests and busted friendship is about as real as Lil' Kim's chest.
  6. A really lame attempt to expand the marketing reach of the PBS-TV series.
  7. Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ is the most virulently anti-Semitic movie made since the German propaganda films of World War II. It is sickening.
  8. Has some good music and hot dancing -- filmed choppily -- but it completely lacks the magic of its predecessor.
  9. Filmmaker Josell Ramos has his heart in the right place, but his camera is usually in the wrong place, complete with bad lighting and all-around lousy tech credits.
    • 21 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Ain't exactly the Bahama Mama of all horror pics. [13 November 1998, p. 56]
  10. The funny thing about this unfunny movie is that the cast is brimming with actors who are usually quite engaging. The Whole Ten Yards must be very potent chloroform, indeed, to make Willis, Perry, Peet and Pollak such zombies.
  11. Adapted - badly and unfaithfully - Close Your Eyes is a convoluted jumble of paranormal psychology, occultism and pagan symbolism, topped off with a quest for immortality.
  12. At the half-hour mark, Godsend falls off the edge of reason, veering wildly away from what seems the promising beginning of a drama about the ethics of human cloning and instead becomes the cheesiest of hallucinatory horror movies.
  13. Attempts a coolness quotient it can't pull off.
  14. Gross, nearly unwatchable comedy.
  15. In 1939, when "Ten Little Indians" was published, Agatha Christie mysteries were the crème de la pop literature. Her fans depended on logic in her stories, and they got it. Mindhunters would have insulted their intelligence, and it should insult yours.
  16. Given a plot and dialogue that ring entirely false, we're left with a bunch of unpleasant characters who do unpleasant things for no apparent reason. Enjoy.
  17. Two hours of the worst sort of sentimental sap.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Patch Adams is either a brilliantly sly, straight-faced parody of the standard Robin Williams tearjerker or the soggiest movie of the season. [24 December 1998, p. 29]
  18. Thanks to that dog-torture element, Garfield may be too upsetting for younger kids. Meanwhile, older kids (let alone parents) will want to put this movie behind them like yesterday's hairball.
  19. It's just as well that John Carpenter makes horror movies, because here's a horrifying thought picture James Woods as an action hero. [30 October 1998, p. 44]
    • 41 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Working a lisping Southern accent that sounds like Truman Capote on Seconal, Sandler plays Bobby Boucher, a swamp-dwelling Cajun. [6 November 1998, p. 56]
  20. Don't see The Inheritance if you're already depressed. This airless downer from Danish director Per Fly is about an heir who makes one wrong decision from which even lousier decisions effortlessly flow.
  21. The story is tired, the comedy forced and the mother's larger-than-life quirks are an acquired taste.
  22. Its shapelessness and the cultural differences in acting style will keep this version filed under "cult oddity."
  23. It's hard to say what's most disappointing about She Hate Me, Spike Lee's absurdly - and arrogantly overlong comedic drama. But there are plenty of options to choose from.
  24. Not only achingly dull, it has no respect for its origins.
  25. The actual fights between the predators and the serpents are too silly to contemplate. Both shiny and metallic, they look like kitchen appliances fighting it out. That's when you can see them. Writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson ("Resident Evil") has created the darkest, if not worst, sci-fi movie since "Battlefield Earth."
  26. It is not the worst movie ever made, as some critics claim, but it does a passing imitation.
  27. Features even more toddlers acting in a way only collectors of velvet paintings will consider irresistible.

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