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  1. Real films breathe, alive with imperfections, accidents, with everything that Lee's worked so carefully to guard against. Billy Lynn's Long Half Time Walk is long, all right, but only half-alive — as careful as a diagram, as chilly as a statue.
  2. Has moments of honesty, but more often the barren landscape - both outside and inside - drains the emotions out of the film.
  3. As for that unpolished screenplay, the less said the better.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The darkened rooms and spooky fog are undeniably gorgeous. Teen horror buffs will be bored but design majors and sketchpad artists may find themselves inspired.
  4. This uneven directorial debut from Jen McGowan is notable mostly for a nicely understated turn from Juliette Lewis.
  5. It’s almost painful to watch the immense promise of The Congress, Ari Folman’s spectacularly ambitious experiment, dissipate into nothing.
  6. Luna and Bernal have amiability, but not enough to earn a recommendation for this clichéd movie.
  7. In mistaking obvious observations for cutting insight, writer-director Jonathan Parker becomes what he lampoons.
  8. When Robert De Niro, Clive Owen and Jason Statham unite for an action thriller, we should be able to expect something special. Or at least memorable. Instead, Killer Elite gives us ordinary.
  9. This often haunting stop-motion Claymation movie ultimately suffers from what bedevils many live-action movies culled from short stories: a herky-jerky plot.
  10. Just like the character of Conrad, the movie coasts on confidence without ever proving it has a soul.
  11. The manic energy of Kevin Hart is, surprisingly, toned down in The Wedding Ringer. Which may account for almost the entire first half of this wannabe-raucous buddy movie being laugh-free.
  12. This two-bit echo of "The Accidental Tourist" is a preachy pill that wastes the genial, funny Jeff Daniels and the criminally underused Lauren Graham.
  13. Overly analytical, cutesy comedy-drama.
  14. The biggest fault is that comparatively little attention is given to the monsters.
  15. There’s atmosphere here, but nothing else.
  16. The 12-year-old boys who go to see ParaNorman - and who are the only ones who might enjoy it - should double up on the sugary treats to stay awake during this gorgeous-looking but zombi-fied stop-motion animated creep show. It's as slow as a corpse, and half as interesting.
  17. Though Cooper deserves credit for pushing beyond his comfort zone, he's clearly miscast in a role better suited to a young unknown.
  18. Refn's version was successful enough to inspire two sequels; at its best, this effort will push Coyle's career a little further along in the U.S.
  19. If characters talking to dogs and dog reaction shots are some of your favorite things, add some stars to this review.
  20. African Cats, while often adorable and at times gripping, is more of a TV-ready experience.
  21. Kurt Cobain, TicketMaster and the tragic concert in Roskilde, Denmark, are addressed through plentiful backstage footage. If only it was about something other than rockers almost irked they got famous.
  22. An oblique, by-design and frustrating drama, Claire Denis’ film about a man’s mysterious suicide and its repercussions is creepy, but finally too vague.
  23. Barrymore is a delicious opportunity to watch the great Christopher Plummer perform the role that won him a second Tony Award. But it's also a lesson in the pitfalls of personality-based minimalism. While Plummer acts his heart out, the script becomes one punchline after another.
  24. It's like torture, though Body of Lies has nothing to spill.
  25. Statham could do these movies in his sleep by now, so he gets credit for offering up so much dry wit. In fact, while Rudakova makes a painful acting debut, Statham appears more engaged than he has in a while.
  26. The result isn't deadly dull, but it does turn what should have been a most dangerous game into a basic scenery-chewing contest.
  27. It’s all too much. Frankie & Alice has multiple problems it can’t get past.
  28. If director Rob Reiner’s AARP-aimed comedy stumbles on several fronts, at least it provides a stage for some seasoned pros to strut their stuff.
  29. Long before your 140 minutes are up, you may wish you went to see "Sparkle" instead.

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