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6,042 movie reviews
  1. Boring is too active a verb to describe this minimalist psychological thriller.
  2. Hell is sitting through a movie in which you have no respect for the protagonist and the "surprise" ending is as clearly lit as the exit sign.
  3. Slackers depends on the pathetic Ethan and the flatulent Sam for most of its laughs, and both characters are more revolting than amusing.
  4. Screenwriters look to many sources for inspiration. In the case of Saving Silverman, they looked behind them, and liked what they saw.
  5. Dev Anand's unintentionally hilarious Bollywood romance would be considered terrible by any artistic standard, but it serves as proof that sometimes the worst films make for the most fun.
  6. It's enough to encourage the aspiring film makers in the audience, no matter how wee in age, to yell "Cut!"
  7. See it only if potty-training is still the most vivid life experience in your book of memories.
  8. You've got to give Norm Macdonald credit. When he cheats his audience, he warns them first.
  9. So lacking in insight and gravity that it makes Dahmer seem like a pesky, pasty-faced loser who just wasn't popular enough.
    • New York Daily News
  10. Shows what can happen when a bunch of good actors get together without adult supervision. They emote all over the place, banging into each other, talking too loud, knocking over furniture, wallowing in clichés and otherwise behaving like rank amateurs.
  11. Certainly a dark spirit is hovering over this inane production. Something has sucked the life out of it.
  12. Evans fumbles through painfully extended homophobic jokes, weak double entendres and agonizingly contorted double-takes.
  13. Macaulay Culkin still can't act, and it's no longer cute. His performance in Party Monster is so embarrassing one doesn't know where to look.
  14. Excuse me, but didn't Bette Midler already play this role?
  15. His (Kaminski) first feature is so thoroughly awful, it isn't even interesting to look at.
  16. Cheesy horror flick that feels like straight-to-video material.
    • New York Daily News
  17. A mediocre movie that will be wiped from its stars' résumés with head-spinning speed.
    • New York Daily News
  18. Isn't a movie as much as it is a feature-length screen test.
  19. Adam Rifkin's dank, relentless drama puts you savagely through the wringer without bothering to enlighten or entertain.
  20. A depressingly hollow vehicle.
  21. I have an idea for a Mars movie. When our first astronauts step onto the Red Planet, they discover that Martians not only exist but that they've hired Johnnie Cochran to represent them in a massive defamation suit against American filmmakers.
  22. The sex may be real, but the violence and acting are comically phony, resulting in something that, while intended to shock, merely revolts.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The family's all here and surely, with all their accumulated years of wisdom, they should have been able to distinguish a cloying script when one fell into their hands.
  23. This badly written, badly directed and badly acted little movie about an ordinary guy from Jersey who discovers passion with a fashion plate in Manhattan looks great.
  24. Dalton, using a Scottish brogue coarse enough to take his tongue with it, is hootably bad, and Kathy Bates, playing Ma James, is pure ham.
  25. It's nonsense. Even when its big secret is revealed in the final moments, it adds up to nothing more than a dizzy, dark, hysterical waste of time.
  26. Only Emily Mortimer maintains a measure of dignity, playing the slinky assassin named Dakota. Whether her restraint was by her design or the filmmakers', she'll come to appreciate that she all but disappears amid the caterwauling and purging of a story that should have died in Liverpool.
  27. Insipid, self-indulgent bit of art-house macabre.
  28. It all makes the head spin -- in the direction of the exit sign.
  29. The story is a mess, some of the images offensive, the acting under par and the dialogue silly.

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