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Average Movie review score: 56
Highest review score: 100 Army of Shadows
Lowest review score: 0 The Legend of Hercules
Score distribution:
5,869 movie reviews
  1. The movie's a botch, but at least it'll make you feel good about your own daily drudgery.
  2. It wastes no time getting to the punching, kicking, stomping and zapping that passes for a cinematic event. [22Nov1997 Pg. 35]
  3. A witless, derivative slasher flick.
  4. A weird, unpleasant little movie.
  5. This warmed-over slop feels as if it's been congealing for twice that long.
  6. The fog also does something genuinely eerie: It causes everyone in the cast to deliver dreadful performances and display inappropriate reactions when their friends are drowned, burned, stabbed or thrown into glass display cases.
  7. Even The Rock, who can usually be counted on to enliven any scenario, seems bored by the laughably feeble script.
  8. Shot on digital video, made on the run whenever Watts was available between gigs, the movie is a pointless, tedious eyesore.
  9. While there is a great deal of laughter among the quartet, there's scarcely a giggle in it for the audience.
  10. Even diehard fans will get more out of watching a four-minute music video than they'll find in this mixed-up mess.
  11. A cheerless sequel to an uninspired remake, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is, at best, well timed to serve as a backup baby-sitter during the hectic days of winter break.
  12. There's no drug potent enough to make Grandma's Boy worth 87 minutes of your life.
  13. While there's no fun in mediocrity, ludicrousness is another matter. Boll is the best at what he does, and what he does is make truly terrible films.
  14. The esteemed actor Derek Jacobi goes slumming as someone who pulls that metal badge from the chest of a cadaver. Shakespeare it's not.
  15. At the end of her spontaneous date, she says it's been the best night of her life. It will not be one of yours.
  16. You'd be better off spending an evening with the collected works of Rob Schneider.
  17. This, the 10th and worst-written entry in the series, would have been better if it had followed Dreyfuss instead of Clouseau, or if Kline had been cast as Clouseau instead of Martin.
  18. Ultraviolet, unscreened for critics, is unfit for consumption.
  19. So misguided as to be genuinely mystifying, Jeff Stanzler's queasily blended political psychodrama isn't simply a lousy movie. It's also a lousy movie that boldly exploits the events of 9/11.
  20. This is an execrable movie depicting the improbable events in the life of a young boy being intermittently raised by his crackhead, highway-hookin' mom (actress-director Asia Argento, with a face that makes Courtney Love's mug shot look glamorous), her plumb-nuts evangelical parents and a cartoonishly incompetent West Virginia social system.
  21. A story of miserable people leading miserable lives, Iowa is a sour vanity project: trash posing as a socially relevant "cautionary tale."
  22. The worst kind of horror movie: trash that takes itself seriously.
  23. Less a movie than an 80-minute promo for a self-help program for the seriously desperate.
  24. Hideously ugly to look at and not even worth following.
  25. If you liked "Van Wilder," which starred Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid, be warned: The only person returning from the cast is the boring Indian kid Taj Mahal Badalandabad (Kal Penn).
  26. Still, if it gets little else right, at least Epic Movie is accurately titled: It may be only 86 minutes long, but it feels as if it lasts forever.
  27. It's hard to know who is the intended audience for this misguided mess.
  28. At heart, "BSM" is no different from the midnight movies of the '60s and '70s that reveled in a head-spinning blend of blatant exploitation, provocative racial commentary and overwrought performances.
  29. On the whole, this is an awfully long slog through very arid terrain, in which generic soldiers track, fight and try to escape from generic villains (you'd be surprised at how uninteresting mutant flesh-eaters can be). I can't speak for the hills, but I spent most of the movie just trying to keep my eyes open.
  30. What might work as a narrative device in a novel - the spirit guiding readers through Nick's revelations - is just plain ridiculous in a movie.

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