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6,240 movie reviews
  1. The best part of this proudly absurd experience is the music.
  2. Whether Jawed Wassel could have made more of it with further editing we'll never know, but it's a clunky bit of storytelling.
  3. The movie doesn't even have novelty on its side, since we're basically watching the original "Final Destination" all over again, minus the smarts and humor.
  4. The stars have little opportunity to engage their characters. The gang-written screenplay and Chris Koch's artless direction turn their scenes into a series of broad, overplayed comic sketches.
  5. Having written, co- directed and played the lead in this awkward, ego-driven memoir, Hayata has turned a genuinely compelling life story into an embarrassing vanity production.
  6. It features an insane amount of violence and a number of visual references to the comic, but it lacks the original's humor and spirit.
  7. Director-writer Richard Ledes shows better command of 1950s period atmosphere than he does of either his subject or his cast.
  8. All the magic at the disposal of today's filmmakers cannot bring to life this unappealing animated children's movie.
  9. A teen comedy so stupid that a long nose -- perhaps with a red bulb on it -- actually would have helped.
  10. The title doesn't hint at the unsavory mess the film actually is.
  11. So badly conceived and executed, its good intentions don't help.
  12. The truth about Lies is that it's a case of art-house porn being more porn than art.
  13. After 45 minutes of incomparable boredom, the movie gets slightly better when it stops reaching for cheap yuks and lets the actors do what they do well.
  14. The main theme is the loneliness of the social outcast. That, plus a soundtrack to wake the undead, and the morbidly entombed presence of Aaliyah, will attract an audience despite the movie's intrinsic cheesiness.
    • New York Daily News
  15. There are moments of amusing melodrama, but for the most part, the action is too preposterous to take seriously, and too serious to be very much fun.
  16. The Intended is well-intended, but it is also the dreariest, most uninvolving movie I've seen this year.
  17. "Filthy" may have been a better title for Dirty. The rough language is not just pervasive, as the MPAA's R rating describes it, it's assaultive. The violence is not merely "strong," it's incessant, sadistic and broadly unbelievable.
  18. Like a mango rotting in the sun, Frank Flowers' squishy Caribbean thriller has been sitting on the shelf long enough to attract suspicion. Bite into it at your own risk.
  19. Director Uwe Boll wholeheartedly embraces the film's concept, and with some fancy editing and a pulsing soundtrack, the effect really is like watching a video game.
  20. But where the original was slight but sweet, the remake is depressingly superficial and cynical.
  21. The movie walks a tightrope between playing this misunderstood malady for laughs and sentiment.
  22. The last act, when the movie falls apart like a cheap toy, is both a deus ex machina and an anticlimax.
  23. The movie's really about the impressions of the original performances by newcomers Eric Christian Olsen and Derek Richardson. Olsen does an uncanny Carrey, and Richardson vaguely resembles Daniels.
  24. The only intriguing character is the manager of the diner (and de facto fairy godmother), played by Regina King.
  25. The latest - and really last-minute - documentary hoping to affect the presidential election is a deceptively partisan view of the Iraq War.
  26. A classic case of good intentions and bad filmmaking.
  27. Like a fragile Provence wine left too long in the sun, Ridley Scott's romantic comedy A Good Year spoiled somewhere between the publication of Peter Mayle's novel and this cockamamie adaptation.
  28. If the 10th "Friday" sounds like the first "Alien," it's strictly intentional. Todd Farmer's script rips off that classic sci-fi horror film, replaces the acid-based monster with the hockey-masked Jason, adopts the self-mocking attitude of "Scream" and lets the heads, arms, legs and torsos fall where they may.
    • New York Daily News
  29. These are three characters in search of a moral pulse.
  30. As an allegory of religious conflict, the '73 film is brilliantly constructed and ends with a punctuation mark that was shocking in its day. LaBute's movie attempts to shock, as well, and does: Given the names involved and the casting of Cage, it is shockingly bad.

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