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6,047 movie reviews
  1. This sock-it-to-'em souffle falls very quickly, unless watching Travolta trying on another faux-hip look is considered fun.
  2. Frozen is good for five minutes of "What would you do if?" games. Then it's just stiff as a board.
  3. Has warmed-over chills and a muddled, zombie-like execution.
  4. A cringe-inducing, self-consciously kooky indie comedy that's best enjoyed for its taste of Rip Torn.
  5. Only viewers wondering if James Van Der Beek has finally outgrown "Dawson's Creek" will be at all satisfied by this dreadful police procedural that contains good history lessons and bad TV-cop-show drama.
  6. This synthetic comedy is instantly grating.
  7. Would like to think of itself as an extension of its lead character -- gangly, a bit uncouth, but ultimately sweet. Unfortunately, it's more like the best friend in a movie like this -- irritating, unfunny and something that hangs around longer than it should.
  8. A tacky 'Fatal Attraction' for the lesbian set.
  9. Can't overcome mythic stupidity.
  10. The connection they share is clear; the reason we're invited to sit in is foggy at best.
  11. Kick-Ass - based on a graphic novel - thinks it's so brave and bold. But it's more like the title character, a dweeb who just thinks he's tough.
  12. The title of The Misfortunates ­really applies to any audiences unlucky enough to sit through it.
  13. The Losers is simply a lot of low blows, telegraphed each and every time.
  14. Charmless and derivative.
  15. This fawning appreciation wears thin, despite the good-natured clowning of Alabama dentist/would-be actor George Hardy, who's like a poor man's Bruce Campbell (our apologies to Bruce Campbell).
  16. Don't blame Haley, though. Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer's screenplay goes in the wrong direction entirely, dropping Freddy's sick sense of humor while turning him into a generic bogeyman.
  17. An epic example of muddled storytelling, chintzy excitement and scatter-brained execution.
  18. To call MacGruber"a total bomb is a bit much, but this comedy-action flick sure feels like it was put together with gum, shoelaces and a couple of sticky Twizzlers.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Though the story is semi-autobiographical, Davis' judgmental script alternates cheap humor and clichéd characterizations with nuggets of faux wisdom about sex, love and film. At least porn doesn't pretend to be something it's not.
  19. Robert Luketic's bland action comedy focuses on the uninteresting relationship between its two bland main characters, and that's the deadliest thing in sight.
  20. The father is the only one who can leave the house to go to his factory job, and that seems like a paradise for viewers trapped watching this clinically shot claptrap.
  21. Likely to draw a range of responses. Many will be transported by its gorgeous construction and breathless emotion. Others will find it patently ridiculous.
  22. Unfortunately, its positive attributes are thrown out of balance by its abundant negatives - including chintzy effects, lumbering storytelling and an overstylized, earnest incompetence that evokes "Speed Racer."
  23. This Spanish sequel to a 2007 cult hit uses the way-overdone conceit of videotaped terror.
  24. The James Bond parodies and genre riffs feel at least 20 years past their prime, and most will fly right over the heads of audience members 7 and under
  25. Both written and played in broad strokes, each character quickly devolves into the most simplistic of symbols. The results comes across more as an agenda than art.
  26. This dour, hyperactive family film is joyless, overly busy and starchy.
  27. The Last Exorcism trods on previously stomped ground and has almost no good jump-outta-your-seat moments.
  28. While all four leads deserve better, it's especially galling to see Burstyn - still so lovely - wasting her time and talents on a film with so little wisdom to share.
  29. Most of the acting is amateurish at best, and the tone is vintage "Afterschool Special." But it does aim to be family-friendly, and at least it succeeds there.

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