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5,937 movie reviews
  1. A dumb thriller starring Dennis Quaid as a weirdo mortician taunted by high school kids into revealing what he did with his wife and her lover years before - and look at the movies it rips off...
  2. Ridiculous and mannered, Loosies is light-fingered but heavy-handed.
  3. The acting and general schlockiness make "Friday the 13th" look like "Macbeth," but it's clear D'Onofrio just wants to hang out. And actually, a lot of the music is really good. Let's hope next time, he decides to make something like "The Commitments" instead.
  4. Albatross is the kind of movie that looks good, begins with promise, and then nosedives into deep disappointment.
  5. She's (Heigl) disastrously miscast as a character beloved by fans of novelist Janet Evanovich.
  6. It would be easy to say that the final minutes of this mixed-up thriller make everything before it meaningless, but that would indicate the odd conclusion has meaning, too.
  7. Still, in movie terms, Warrior's Heart makes curling look like gladiatorial combat.
  8. "War" is depressingly mean-spirited.
  9. Act of Valor is like watching the wrestlers in dramas produced by the WWE: They're great at what they do, but being in front of the camera isn't part of that.
  10. Appearances from Jeff Goldblum, Zach Galifianakis and John C. Reilly help some, but all the mincing from Heidecker and Wareheim, the wanna-be, gross-out humor and THE CONSTANT SCREAMING get tiring.
  11. Though the central blowout is as epic as advertised, so is the movie's self-congratulatory obnoxiousness.
  12. It's an unfunny Spanish movie that worked best as a two-minute trailer.
  13. The biggest trouble with "Bliss" is the way it wastes a cast that deserves so much more.
  14. "Dopey" is too good a word for it.
  15. Directors James Mather and Stephen St. Leger stage a few good action set pieces, but unlike the 1981 midnight movie classic it imitates, the blandly titled Lockout never busts out of its cheesy concept.
  16. The folksy shenanigans are well-intentioned but frankly interminable, with Kline's wry efficiency the best relief from all the yowling and whining.
  17. Director Mary Harron ("American Psycho") can do little with this bloodless drama.
  18. This wannabe Sherlockian thriller is like a night spent at Madame Tussauds, watching mannequins strangle other mannequins.
  19. Safe arrives filled with bombast and sneers but barely any thrills.
  20. It winds up just being annoying.
  21. Add two more stars here if zoning out to weirdo-dreamy, '80s public-access TV with a synthesizer soundtrack is your idea of midnight fun. Because this ambitious, but not uninteresting, failure has that in its DNA.
  22. The most charitable approach to this unfortunate diversion in Jackson's career would be to pretend it never happened. Now, who wants to go see "The Avengers" again?
  23. What you don't expect is how bad almost all of it is.
  24. The charmless but harmless A Cat in Paris hits theaters yet doesn't enchant.
  25. Madagascar 3 can't upgrade its own shtick, becoming a craven example of a fast-buck, no-fun family film.
  26. It's bluntly written, poorly shot and edited, and cruel without being clever.
  27. As awful as most of That's My Boy is, it's sort of mesmerizing to see how Sandler - in a script credited to David Caspe - keeps his touchstones in place.
  28. This insipid mashup of history lesson and monster flick takes itself semi-seriously, which is truly deadly.
  29. This slovenly, self-indulgent riff on Charles Bukowski-like fringe-livers has all of the naked harshness of Bukowski with none of the poetry. At least Haas gives it a good shot.
  30. A ghost-busting drama set in a world of mystics, mind-benders and various and sundry fake-psychic gobbledygook. But the weirdest thing is how all the fun gets lost in a bottom-drawer "X Files" story.

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