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6,359 movie reviews
  1. A movie that shouldn't be allowed on the same campus as "Animal House."
    • New York Daily News
  2. Its shapelessness and the cultural differences in acting style will keep this version filed under "cult oddity."
  3. Has some good music and hot dancing -- filmed choppily -- but it completely lacks the magic of its predecessor.
  4. A cheerless sequel to an uninspired remake, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is, at best, well timed to serve as a backup baby-sitter during the hectic days of winter break.
  5. This is an execrable movie depicting the improbable events in the life of a young boy being intermittently raised by his crackhead, highway-hookin' mom (actress-director Asia Argento, with a face that makes Courtney Love's mug shot look glamorous), her plumb-nuts evangelical parents and a cartoonishly incompetent West Virginia social system.
  6. This amateurish drama about street-dance contests and busted friendship is about as real as Lil' Kim's chest.
  7. Misguided at best and repellent at worst, the movie has, ironically enough, a single asset: Lohan's performance as a rebellious, uncontrollable teen.
  8. Screenwriters look to many sources for inspiration. In the case of Saving Silverman, they looked behind them, and liked what they saw.
  9. Greenebaum's tedious, film-school level exercise in self-indulgence and exploitation.
  10. Insipid, self-indulgent bit of art-house macabre.
  11. Truly depressing commentary.
  12. You won't hear a better soundtrack on a bad movie this year.
  13. Gigli is a disaster.
  14. Filmmaker Josell Ramos has his heart in the right place, but his camera is usually in the wrong place, complete with bad lighting and all-around lousy tech credits.
  15. It's just as well that John Carpenter makes horror movies, because here's a horrifying thought picture James Woods as an action hero. [30 October 1998, p. 44]
    • New York Daily News
  16. What Short does not deserve - and neither do we - is a feature-length movie about Jiminy.
  17. The bubble-boy niche is thankfully small. John Travolta began his career playing one in a TV movie, but this movie will undoubtedly finish off the genre for good.
  18. If you're looking for a modern-day "Meatballs" - or, for that matter, "Meatballs 4" - you're out of luck.
  19. You might want to sit out this season.
  20. In a fair universe, Sex and Death 101 would end its miserable life after one episode as a TV show. But this unfunny "dark comedy" goes on for two hours.
  21. Gore fans will dig the makeup effects and some of the tongue-in-cheek slice-&-dice.
  22. Evans fumbles through painfully extended homophobic jokes, weak double entendres and agonizingly contorted double-takes.
  23. It's a movie that should have been called on account of boredom.
  24. Silly supernatural Viking epic.
  25. The question is, how did the producers get the amiable, talented Jason Lee to Boogie Board down the toilet with (Green)?
  26. Ben Affleck's goose is cooked with Surviving Christmas, a movie that makes "Gigli" look like one of the crowning moments in his career.
  27. A depressingly hollow vehicle.
  28. You've got to admire Hilton's complete conviction in herself as the center of all that is beautiful and good. And maybe such unwavering self-regard is actually kind of hot. Or not.
  29. Overall the tone is dark and nasty, exemplified by the inelegant signature kung-fu move of the good guys -- a backward kick to the groin.
  30. A shell of a romantic fantasy festooned with characters inspired by and resembling those in the bar scene in "Star Wars," the waiting room in "Beetlejuice" and the circus in "A Bug's Life."

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