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6,176 movie reviews
  1. Turns out, subtitles don't make soft-core any classier.
  2. What might work as a narrative device in a novel - the spirit guiding readers through Nick's revelations - is just plain ridiculous in a movie.
  3. This dismally strained comedy defies laughs and doesn't contain an ounce of internal logic.
  4. There are a couple of nominal insights here, but honestly, you'll find more intellectual edification (or whatever else you're looking for) flipping through Richards' photo shoot in the current "Playboy."
  5. This stripped-down premise made the first "Transporter" fun: It's all about driving skills and choreographed fights, not logic. Even with so few requirements, Transporter 2 runs on empty.
  6. At heart, "BSM" is no different from the midnight movies of the '60s and '70s that reveled in a head-spinning blend of blatant exploitation, provocative racial commentary and overwrought performances.
  7. It has a distinctive look but a few too many recycled ideas; better luck on the next crash-landing.
  8. Only Emily Mortimer maintains a measure of dignity, playing the slinky assassin named Dakota. Whether her restraint was by her design or the filmmakers', she'll come to appreciate that she all but disappears amid the caterwauling and purging of a story that should have died in Liverpool.
  9. Never gets at what makes Quek tick.
    • New York Daily News
  10. Irritating wish-fulfillment movie.
  11. While there's no fun in mediocrity, ludicrousness is another matter. Boll is the best at what he does, and what he does is make truly terrible films.
  12. Dismal time-travel comedy that makes "Big Momma's House" look like "Citizen Kane."
  13. Since there's no suspense whatsoever, we're simply stuck with awful people doing awful things to each other.
  14. Rates an inquisition of its own. It may not be heresy to fill out an ensemble cast of Peruvian and Spanish characters almost exclusively with non-Hispanic actors, but it certainly destroys any sense of authenticity.
  15. The sex may be real, but the violence and acting are comically phony, resulting in something that, while intended to shock, merely revolts.
  16. On the whole, this is an awfully long slog through very arid terrain, in which generic soldiers track, fight and try to escape from generic villains (you'd be surprised at how uninteresting mutant flesh-eaters can be). I can't speak for the hills, but I spent most of the movie just trying to keep my eyes open.
  17. Pure hackwork.
    • New York Daily News
  18. Most of the incidents are harmlessly derivative, but the movie has a mean streak that undermines our empathy for the characters, particularly Tom.
  19. Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ is the most virulently anti-Semitic movie made since the German propaganda films of World War II. It is sickening.
  20. Director Jake Paltrow’s stark sense of place fades as familiar genre elements are introduced. It winds up like “There Will Be Blood,” but with H2O, not oil. It’s food for thought, nothing more.
  21. Don't blame Haley, though. Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer's screenplay goes in the wrong direction entirely, dropping Freddy's sick sense of humor while turning him into a generic bogeyman.
  22. Half-assed, halfhearted attempt to copy the Farrellys' out-there style is missing both their jackassical riffs and their heart.
  23. During all of the film’s oh-so-long 97 minutes, Year One, barely earns a snicker.
  24. It’s too bad we can’t take a hit out on The Family. This unexciting, unfunny would-be action satire is filled with Italian-American stereotypes, decades-old TV-style Mafia cliches, bits of business that never amount to anything and actors so much better than the hoary, one-joke material.
  25. As it turns out, the only truly interesting element about this clichéd surfer flick is that it was made by celebrated directors Michael Apted and Curtis Hanson.
  26. Adds to the sad realization that this once-vibrant and witty actor (Cage) is completely controlled now by his inner teenager.
  27. Talk about lost in space. The whacked-out outer-space melodrama Jupiter Ascending has embedded in its genes the DNA of “Barbarella” and “Flash Gordon,” some dust from “Dune” and even a bit of Michael Jackson’s Disneyland short “Captain Eo.”
  28. Since Bullock coproduced this masochistic venture, it seems she buys into the idea that fluffer-nut ditziness is what she does best. Except it isn't.
  29. It's nothing special. Which sort of makes it a loser all the way 'round. Expect a sad afterlife for it on cable.
  30. Ridiculous and mannered, Loosies is light-fingered but heavy-handed.

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