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Average Movie review score: 56
Highest review score: 100 Amadeus
Lowest review score: 0 Ender's Game
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5,756 movie reviews
  1. Linklater's ravishing new movie represents a bold leap into the possibilities of technology.
  2. A sweetly hilarious romantic comedy about a soccer fan whose favorite pro team's unexpected success threatens to push him over the edge.
  3. Funny gem.
  4. The story is compelling, but Metropolis is such a visual masterpiece, it's easy to get lost within its seemingly endless layers of graphic complexity.
  5. Dunst and Williams...turn ditsiness into a frenetic comic duet.
    • 88 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Funny, even thrilling.
  6. The movie is an actors' paradise, and absolutely no one disappoints.
  7. The movie doesn't stoop to cheap psychoanalysis and must be commended for a bravely ambiguous ending. But most of the credit goes to Lane, who is simply extraordinary as a woman whose body is at war with her conscience.
  8. Based on the true story of the first emperor of unified China, could be downsized and told as an American Western.
  9. It's the rare film, Dogma or otherwise, that keeps you smiling long after the lights come up.
  10. The movie is over in a breezy 112 minutes, but it may be another half-hour before your sides quit aching.
  11. Inordinately clever, sprightly romantic comedy.
  12. "Chocolat" was just a warmup for the stunning display of the male form against National Geographic settings in her new Beau Travail.
  13. If there is any justice in the world, Farnsworth will be remembered at Oscar time.
  14. Life-affirming story of love, kinship and sacrifice.
  15. Like watching an American teen-sex comedy through a glass darkly.
  16. As strong on action as it is weak on the interpersonal stuff. If Bond can get a new car for each episode, how about some new pickup lines?
  17. Noir has never been this bright.
  18. No matter which floor you're on, the huge cast is extraordinary, and Altman gives the actors free rein to bring their characters to life despite such close quarters.
  19. The inexplicably terrifying ending is good for a month's worth of nightmares -- no small thing for a movie in such a saturated field.
  20. If the movie doesn't ultimately transport us to places The Wizard of Oz once took us, that may be partly because "The Sorcerer's Stone" is just the first chapter, with more magic waiting to be parceled out in the coming years.
  21. When director Stephen Frears worked with (Jack Black), he must have yelled "Let 'er rip!" instead of "Action!"
  22. First-time filmmaker Edet Belzberg may be the first person to assign any value to the lives of the homeless Romanian youngsters featured in her harrowing documentary.
  23. "Songs" is a delight. It's a visual feast and often hilarious.
  24. This movie is for select tastes. It's not the fusillade of porn that wears you down, but the melancholy of watching an unremarkable man glide down the tubes as if on a water slide.
  25. Surges forward with barely a respite. It's like watching a propane factory burn, waiting for the tanks inside to explode, and when they do, we're right in the middle of it.
  26. Makes hoops look like the sexiest game in town.
  27. A sublimely uplifting movie.
  28. This extraordinary film refracts truth through the prism of memory, until what you get is a tragedy of Shakespearean dimensions, full of sacrifice and betrayal.
  29. A rare blend of comedy and tenderness whose point is not the horrors of war but the lengths a parent will go to protect his child's innocence.

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