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  1. It clearly wants to be more, but it's failed by its lightweight leads.
  2. It's an interesting conceit that quickly becomes a precious annoyance especially since the drama itself is so static.
  3. Michael Corrente's Brooklyn Rules takes him to the mean streets of Gotti country, circa 1985, and it's another gem.
  4. With the tender love story, charming comedy and underlying point of shared humanity all getting equal standing, directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache earn the benefit of the doubt. You won’t be bored.
  5. The thin, whimsical story is really better suited to a short film, but Hall deserves a lot of credit for carrying off such unusual material.
  6. What unfolds is a smart, tense nail-biter that’s bound to leave some clinging to the shoreline this summer.
  7. It's too long, unnecessarily complicated and often silly, but Gore Verbinski's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is still the purest popcorn entertainment of the summer.
  8. Peregrym's performance as fiery, troubled teen Haley Graham is a triumph of charisma over technique.
  9. One of those bright ideas for a TV sketch that convinces someone it's too good to waste on the small screen. It's not.
  10. It has the feel of those romantic movies of the '40s that no one thinks are made anymore.
  11. At its best when its heroes race furiously toward their missions, most of which involve jumping out of a helicopter into surging waves.
  12. After a few movies in which Paltrow was in danger of becoming a caricature of herself, she's back in rare form.
  13. Ought to suit fans just fine.
  14. An update with a jolt of sheer exuberance.
  15. If it weren't based on a true story, you might suspect Sydney McCartney's A Love Divided was created by a panel of militant Irish Protestants.
  16. Like "Lions for Lambs," Redacted is more significant in its sense of purpose than its uneven execution.
  17. While the story's silly, the stunts, choreographed by Jaa and popular Thai filmmaker Panna Rittikrai, are spectacular.
  18. Doesn't so much crackle as pop. It has enough double entendres to fill a D-cup, but it has a premise that would have burned a hole in the screen in 1962, when its story is set.
  19. A harmlessly cheery confection.
  20. He may earn his living as a cab driver, but the blank hero of Martín Rejtman's sardonic Argentinean comedy is perfectly content to hitch his way through life.
  21. See Remember. You won't regret it — or forget it.
  22. While Fay Grim is too uneven to win Hartley many converts, it is laced with enough intelligence and wit to remind longtime fans why they were drawn to his unique vision in the first place.
  23. Dumb fun is the best way to describe The Independent, and I mean that as a compliment.
  24. A charmer with an attractive cast and an excellent soundtrack.
  25. The film's only dialogue is composed of Young's songs lip-synched and acted out by the cast. This makes for a very literal, somewhat stilted experience.
  26. What a treasure - a funny, tart, romantic comedy about tweens suffering the pangs of first love. It makes the cityscape an essential part of the romance, like a junior, vintage Woody Allen.
  27. Most interesting are the founding mothers and fathers of this movement, who first appear amusingly nostalgic and eventually grow exceptionally bitter as they complain about the packaged and ambitious nature of artists today.
  28. The time-warp romantic fantasy The Lake House is a puzzle that is maddeningly obtuse, emotionally overstretched, and virtually absent a sense of interior logic.
  29. Cannibalizes "Saturday Night Fever" for everything from structure to plot, but does it adorably.
  30. Popcorn-buyers, beware: This is no "Shrek," with raucous adult humor sailing over the heads of wee ones. This is "Sesame Street"-level, with white hats, black hats and simple moral messages.
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