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  1. While it’s too early to tell for sure, Harmon does seem to have brought back some of the show’s earlier spirit. What he’s not doing is making an overt bid for any new, broader audience.
  2. While they aren’t Amish or Mennonite any more, they aren’t “English,” either. If the show can probe that uneasy turf without getting caught up in reality-show fussing and fighting, it could be onto something legitimately interesting.
  3. From the early evidence, though, there’s every indication a Hallmark series will be the same sort of television comfort food as a Hallmark movie.
  4. Washington Heights keeps viewers more off-balance than your average program, scripted or unscripted, about 10 young people at the point when they have to start figuring out the rest of their lives.
  5. The drama thickens fast, and if the creators keep stirring rapidly, Jane by Design could become the same good soapy fun as its best ABC Family sisters.
  6. West and the rest of the cast perform solidly as well, and once we know the lineup, presumably we’ll dive deeper into the game.
  7. The biggest yet most easily adjusted problem is that of tone. In many scenes, Arli$$ hits everything just right; a scene in next week's episode, with Arliss conducting a high-pressure negotiation with the owner of a pro basketball team, is Wuhl and Arli$$ at their best...In other scenes, though, the laughs are hit too broadly, and even the soundtrack and editing punch the punch lines much too aggressively. "The Larry Sanders Show" knows to let the laughter find its own level; in time, I hope, Arli$$ will also. [9 Aug 1996, p.115]
    • New York Daily News
  8. Kell isn't Miranda, through no fault of her own. At day's end, Kell on Earth feels a little like a knockoff.
  9. Plenty of material here, spoken by people we like. It's what a good cable sitcom can be.
  10. Truthfully, it doesn’t add much value to have Grimes’ husband Gary (Julian Ovendon) deliver a melodramatic speech, accompanied by appropriate mood music, about how he married her because he knew she wanted to save the world. Fortunately, the hunt itself has been crisply framed.
  11. Between old fans who will enjoy a revisit and young folks who never even heard of Miss Ellie, TNT is placing a sound bet.
  12. The documentary doesn’t fawn over its subject. War skeptics get plenty of time to explain why they think Cheney was wrong.... Conversely, when the filmmakers make an effort to humanize Cheney, he doesn’t give them much to work with.
  13. It's so heartwarming it would make a penguin take off his tuxedo in the middle of an Antarctic winter.
  14. While the execution isn't perfect and the first episode feels a little cluttered, it has at least two ideas that create interesting drama and could even stimulate a little thought.
  15. We watch a relationship develop between Johnson and Masters, played particularly well by Caplan. Yet much of Masters still feels clinical, as if it isn’t sure how to remain faithful to the real-life story and still give the TV drama the sex appeal viewers expect.
  16. As drama it has a few holes and clearly a lot of backstory that will unspool at its own pace....But the narrative is crisp, fast and easy to follow.
  17. In weeks ahead, the show will likely work out a balance between the jerk and the laughs. Then it can also start exploring the other characters, all of whom have the potential to fuel amusing ongoing subplots.
  18. Bitten seems aimed more at a mainstream audience than the hard-core werewolf/vampire crowd, which is okay. Probably smart, in fact.
  19. White People feels like it jumps around a lot. Much like America on the subject of race.
  20. Even by the soap-opera standards of telenovelas, it feels a little much. The pieces at first don’t always mesh smoothly. Rodriguez is terrific, though, and this could be that rare telenovela that assimilates.
  21. Jimmy Fallon took NBC's late-night slot for his first test drive early this morning, and it needs a little tuning up. It also showed some promise.
  22. Fans will find much to enjoy here. At too many points, however, these first three episodes suggest that rekindling Upstairs Downstairs is not quite like riding a bicycle.
  23. Once the viewer adjusts to the notion that marijuana here is as legal as a Snickers bar, the rest becomes a fairly straightforward small-business drama.
  24. Chase is as close as TV gets to a Western these days, and that's a good thing. It spins a good yarn. In the end, though, it also feels like TV's version of a "tweener." It's probably too big for USA, but it may not pack quite enough flair to stand out on NBC.
  25. It takes a while for Hank and his assistants Rachel (Addison Timlin) and Arron (Scott Michael Foster) to grasp all this, even with the unwanted help of FBI agent Beck Riley (Carmen Ejogo). Once they have, and we have, the setup is solid.
  26. The Whole Truth gets a split verdict. Solid idea, inconsistent execution.
  27. The journey of mankind on the History channel, while ambitious and informative, at times comes off a little too much like a history lesson.
  28. While Hemingway & Gellhorn makes it clear she had world-class writing skills of her own, Gellhorn's story often does feel subsumed here, as if all of Hemingway's swagger and bravado really did make him a more prominent figure, or at least a more interesting one.
  29. Despite a good veteran cast led by Michael Imperioli, Detroit 1-8-7 doesn't immediately set itself apart from a whole pack of competing cop shows.
  30. Some of it is moderately profane. Some pushes traditional boundaries of taste, though in today's comedy world these guys aren't even close to the edge.

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