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  1. So they mirror the plight of way too many Americans today, and while that isn't good news for the unemployed, it does give this Apprentice a bit more edge.
  2. The best new cop drama of a TV season that has more police than a presidential motorcade. Blue Bloods doesn't have the best time slot on TV, but it's got some of the strongest characters and performances.
  3. The game has always been better and more joyous than many of the people who played it. "The Tenth Inning," like its predecessor, makes that point as cleanly as a line-drive single to left-center.
  4. Tuesday night by plunging its characters deeper into a web of crisscrossing dramas that suggest the law and politics ultimately come down to soap operas. Whether it's true or not, The Good Wife makes the theory entertaining to explore.
  5. A viewer who knew nothing of the earlier incarnations could come to this one and find it immediately engaging, like a good modern police buddy-team drama.
  6. The new guest cast is uniformly solid....The whole show is now on its own for the first time, since the previous two seasons were adapted from an Israeli series. That series ran for only two years, so this new In Treatment will have to work from scratch. What it has scratched out so far is impressive.
  7. The show still occasionally talks about this stuff more than real-life guys probably would. But mostly it lets the action speak for itself. Men of a Certain Age is aging well.
  8. Doubtless there always will be some of the Gen. Patton mentality, that a soldier with no physical wounds must be "yellow" if he or she can't just shake it off. Wartorn argues, powerfully, that blaming the victim is not our finest hour.
  9. Whether the people here are fifth-generation circus or they ran away to join it, their lives make for a good tale.
  10. Moguls & Movie Stars has been assembled with obvious care, using a wide range of illustrative material and charming interviews with surviving major characters, descendants and historians.
  11. Very often, reality-show participants stop seeming like real people, as if being on TV makes them abstract characters. [Daughter] Bailey's bad moment here makes Downsized feel painfully real.
  12. Human Target was a good wise-guy action adventure last season. It's already looking like a better one this season. The main reason: Two girls, Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery, have crashed the testosterone party.
  13. This seven-part National Geographic series on the world's great migrations turns out to be riveting--not just beautifully filmed, which you would expect, but bursting with great stories about how diverse creatures have learned to survive in a world where everyone is fighting for the same food, air, turf and water.
  14. As in past seasons, a few moments this year may seem made for TV. But this is a show that's scored way more than it has faltered, and the opening episode suggests that streak will continue.
  15. Don't let all this make the show sound complicated. Based on opening night, it looks like Shameless fun.
  16. Lights Out isn't always comfortable watching, because it forces people we like to do things we don't like. But if it's sometimes hard to watch, it's harder not to.
  17. Okay, it gets silly. But silly can be funny, too, and Archer is, as noted, consistently funny.
  18. This cop series immediately delivers intense, richly interwoven drama that sets it apart both from other recent new shows and from well-established standard police "procedurals."
  19. Olyphant's even a little better this season than last, as he settles further into the Givens skin. He captures the marshal's essential confidence while never giving away one syllable more than he wants to reveal about the hand he's holding. Further enhancing the fun, there's a new crook in town.
  20. Sunset Limited requires considerable engagement, an assignment made easier by the superb performances of Jackson and Jones. Their verbal sparring may not be a reason to live, but it's sure a good reason to watch this production.
  21. It would be a stretch to call Mad Love subtle--one running gag is an elevator that stops a few inches short of the floor--but neither does it feel compelled to spell out every nuance, like how Larry and Connie really feel about each other.
  22. While he can be matter-of-fact, bemused and self-deprecating, he never loses a sense of forcefulness, purpose and pride. As Fishburne obviously understands, the story requires no hand-waving or rhetorical embellishment.
  23. It's a feel-good story, and what makes it more satisfying is that in contrast to so many reality shows, the people here feel genuine, with no sense they're performing for the camera. This one's a contender.
  24. The new Mildred isn't perfect. Sometimes it has too much time on its hands, holding scenes just because it can. But watching it is time well-spent, because it reminds us that not everyone gets over the rainbow to the place where the dreams you dare to dream really do come true.
  25. Nurse Jackie is delivering quite nicely with the personnel on hand. Among other things, it confirms that the best comedy is often rooted in things that are not funny at all, but make people act in funny ways.
  26. Body of Proof would be interesting enough if it were just "Quincy" with better legs. Add the other elements and you have something worth checking out.
  27. What makes for a mixed stewardship of the Roman Catholic Church can also make for lively television.
  28. The Killing marks another bull's-eye for AMC in presenting complex, literate, well-crafted television.
  29. South Riding creates memorable characters, particularly Burton and Carne, and it's beautifully filmed.
  30. Whether you agree or disagree, the film sorts out a complex situation in simple and human terms.

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