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  1. It's reinvigorated. The third season of ABC's "Housewives" begins Sunday night at 9 with an assurance and a knowing playfulness that was missing most of last year. [22 Sep 2006]
    • New York Daily News
  2. The action moves at an admirable clip and the cases feel interesting enough so we want to see how they come out.
  3. Working Class doesn't seem to have any lofty ambitions. It's a family drama with characters who are a little goofy, but credible, and it seems to recognize that their interaction needs to be the core of the show's humor.
  4. It could be problematic that we know almost no one here will live happily ever after. But while it could head down several wrong highways, it could also give us a nice creepy ride.
  5. Justice for Natalee Holloway, a title that sadly suggests more optimism than the movie delivers.
  6. The first thing most people wondered last year when they heard a polygamist family was starring in a reality show was why they would want to do that. This opening episode for season two suggests some members of the family will be asking the same question. While this still doesn't make Sister Wives great television, it does shift the central drama to the fundamental question of how Kody Brown, his four wives and their 16 children can coexist with outsiders who frown on or condemn their lifestyle.
  7. It makes for lively drama, with sharply defined conflicts and characters who aren’t always all good or all evil. Naturally, there are also interludes for romance and mean girls and obnoxious hot-body guys.
  8. The show is asking viewers, then, to invest some time and not expect a clean resolution of some black-and-white drama each week. That's a gamble and a risk. Revenge seems confident it can be taken and won.
  9. It's not clear what this factory produces. But the show may be creating exactly the product its audience wants.
  10. The show clearly plans to unveil the science fiction slowly, in some cases letting us come to certain realizations at the same time as the characters. This will rule out some casual viewers, because Extant is a show to which you must pay attention/--a task which, happily, the writing and acting make rather pleasant.
  11. We’re not likely to lose the massage parlor aspect.... But The Client List is also getting confident enough in its characters and their soap-style life dramas that it’s spending less time with Victoria’s Secret. Call it personal growth.
  12. The setup sometimes feels as airy as an Alabama breeze, but most of us will like the characters, and that provides some grits, er, grit, as well as a decent set of legs.
  13. ABC'S latest police drama, The Unusuals, manages to tap into both the dark tension and the zany absurdity of a cop's life in New York. If you're looking for a show that captures the best of both those worlds, however, call Wednesday night's premiere episode a work-in-progress.
  14. It's an entertaining hour that's not reruns.
  15. Because of the short-form length, this Toy Story doesn’t have the barrage of witty asides and pop culture fun that we’ve seen in the movies.
  16. Significant parts of Guide will remind you of past dramas about women in their 40s who are suddenly “out there” again. But it has its own sense of humor and hurt, all of which Edelstein conveys nicely.
  17. If Olivia can keep her edge, if Rhimes can keep the stories as strong as the soap, and if we start feeling we don't know exactly what to expect, "Scandal" could become a habit worth forming.
  18. That whole dance [season one] was great fun. But now that they have their expensive offices, the writers must figure out what to do with them.
  19. With law, politics, forbidden romance and the sordid doings of awful rich people all on the table, the raw material is certainly available for Betrayal to become a solid guilty pleasure.
  20. Mistresses doesn’t shoot for profound. It aims to be the “beach read” of television, and it does its job.
  21. The story of Prince William and Kate Middleton offers way too much of a Hallmark moment for the channel not to weigh in with a sentimental, heartwarming version of the year's favorite romance.
  22. It's a lawyer show with no aspirations to examine the legal universe. If it has any antecedent, it would be "My Cousin Vinny." So it's wise not to try to parse the nuances too closely here. Better to enjoy a steady stream of pop-culture banter and an attitude reminiscent of sophomore year in college.
  23. USA promises "characters," and Annie Walker is all of that. She just once in a while maybe needs to go with decaf.
  24. The first episode of Angel is exciting and enticing. [5 Oct 1999, p.74]
    • New York Daily News
  25. The characters, all of whom are terribly likable, speak as if they are reading from Hallmark greeting cards.
  26. No one in Chester’s Mill should ever get too confident, however, and in the first episode there’s some character transition.
  27. Monday Mornings doesn’t break major new ground in TV medical dramas. It has a couple of nice twists and does a couple of familiar things well.
  28. It’s a breezy show that’s fun without being just silly.
  29. Ramsay remains an engaging TV character who understands that a significant part of his appeal lies in the fact that we're never sure when he could explode.
  30. Arrow turns out to be a lively show, probably better than hard-core "Green Arrow" fans expected. That's a good start.

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