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  1. As they build the show’s foundation, dozens of other characters float by. Figuring out which ones matter, and why, will be part of the fun and the challenge in this compact series.
  2. It makes for an intense two hours.
  3. Creator/writer/director Neil LaBute uses a theatrical style, heavy on dialogue. That works out well both for developing the characters and putting comedy into the situation.
  4. If you’re willing to suspend enough disbelief to enjoy Zoo, you will definitely think twice before ever again saying, “Here, kitty, kitty.”
  5. The cop is a little too snarky, the nurse is a little too cavalier and the 16-year-old doesn't look a day under 21. That said, A&E's new Florida police drama, The Glades, still has some juice.
  6. This new documentary on the British artist Banksy doesn’t pretend to tell us whether he’s a great conceptual artist or a great scam artist.
  7. The producers provide plenty of action, much of it triggered by the understandable fact that every enemy on Earth would like to get hold of Gabriel’s microchip, or find one of his own. In keeping with CBS’ tradition of action procedurals, Intelligence will solve cases of the week as well as grapple with longer-term dramas.
  8. There’s warmth and some humor here. It’s also been tweaked so that, unlike the movie, it isn’t only for teens. But Bad Teacher has a tough test ahead.
  9. Whether it will sustain as a weekly TV show or whether it would work better as an occasional random 10 minutes of dinner conversation remains to be seen.
  10. It's so intensely focused on these specific girls and their "Sex and the City" dream, though, that at times it may not resonate as much with a larger audience.
  11. It’s a breezy, amusing half hour with a lead character whose insecurities poke through her confident exterior.
  12. Sondheim comes off as distant and a bit cool here, reluctant to make eye contact and often speaking with a professorial air even when he’s talking about himself. But what most people want in Sondheim isn’t a drinking buddy. It’s a musical composer, and in that he qualifies on all counts.
  13. Linney, a terrific actress, anchors this cast nicely. We like them all, which is critical and helps us past the fact that Linney's wild-child moments break little new ground. Neither does the message The Big C ultimately delivers, which doesn't mean it's a bad one.
  14. Low Winter Sun is a good show with the potential to grow into a very good show.
  15. Baldwin and Fey are entertaining without wearing the viewer out, the cast blends together well, and the way the show is structured--often feeling like a series of sketches--has produced some brilliant TV. Thursday night, however, feels like a semi-private joke.
  16. The Smithsonian show generally accepts the standard premise that we either had to drop the bomb or face millions of casualties from a land invasion of Japan.
  17. You either like Beavis and Butt-Head or, if you're like most of the world, you don't. And they don't care. If you do, it will be good news that they are back and better news that they've lost nothing off their fastball.
  18. This gentle 42-minute look at the life of Georgia Holt is pleasant, sentimental and sweet.
  19. The production, and Brody, work hard to elevate Houdini’s routines to metaphor.
  20. After you've suspended about a 10-year supply of disbelief, Fox's new epic drama Terra Nova turns out to be an okay adventure story.
  21. We quickly care what happens to these characters, which gets any show off to a strong start. Just as quickly, though, the time-jumping makes the story feel more complicated than it needs to.
  22. Matt Groening seems to figure that since we’re now entering the final season for Futurama--again--he might as well let all his random absurdist thoughts out of their cages. That’s not a bad thing.
  23. If Continuum doesn't aim to soar, it executes the basics well.
  24. HBO bills Hung as a comedy, but it uses comedy the way it uses sex--to set up darker, more interesting and complex points. It's amazing how many of those are out there.
  25. While it has contemporary music, appliances and vernacular, it has the soul of an old-school sitcom where the issues are basic: boys and girls, grownups and jobs, rogue waves and colorful surfboards.
  26. While they're entertaining together, the show needs other characters to avoid becoming just an endless exchange of the snarky things TV writers love to have exes say about each other.
  27. Rizzoli & Isles features a good dose of humor and a lean style of storytelling that's reflected in the fairly small core group with which we will apparently be working.
  28. Whitney is an odd mix. The love feels real, and you begrudge them none of it. Yet the problems are just as real, and it's hard to see what could have averted them.
  29. It's no mystery why this has become one of the most popular shows on cable. It knows what it is, a summer show for summer fun, and it doesn't complicate matters by trying to be more.
  30. If you enjoy the challenge of doing complex jigsaw puzzles in low light, Penny Dreadful will be your cup of tea. Just make sure it really is tea in the cup.

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