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  1. If Olivia can keep her edge, if Rhimes can keep the stories as strong as the soap, and if we start feeling we don't know exactly what to expect, "Scandal" could become a habit worth forming.
  2. That whole dance [season one] was great fun. But now that they have their expensive offices, the writers must figure out what to do with them.
  3. With law, politics, forbidden romance and the sordid doings of awful rich people all on the table, the raw material is certainly available for Betrayal to become a solid guilty pleasure.
  4. Mistresses doesn’t shoot for profound. It aims to be the “beach read” of television, and it does its job.
  5. The story of Prince William and Kate Middleton offers way too much of a Hallmark moment for the channel not to weigh in with a sentimental, heartwarming version of the year's favorite romance.
  6. It's a lawyer show with no aspirations to examine the legal universe. If it has any antecedent, it would be "My Cousin Vinny." So it's wise not to try to parse the nuances too closely here. Better to enjoy a steady stream of pop-culture banter and an attitude reminiscent of sophomore year in college.
  7. USA promises "characters," and Annie Walker is all of that. She just once in a while maybe needs to go with decaf.
  8. The first episode of Angel is exciting and enticing. [5 Oct 1999, p.74]
    • New York Daily News
  9. The characters, all of whom are terribly likable, speak as if they are reading from Hallmark greeting cards.
  10. No one in Chester’s Mill should ever get too confident, however, and in the first episode there’s some character transition.
  11. Monday Mornings doesn’t break major new ground in TV medical dramas. It has a couple of nice twists and does a couple of familiar things well.
  12. It’s a breezy show that’s fun without being just silly.
  13. Ramsay remains an engaging TV character who understands that a significant part of his appeal lies in the fact that we're never sure when he could explode.
  14. Arrow turns out to be a lively show, probably better than hard-core "Green Arrow" fans expected. That's a good start.
  15. It’s easy to point out that the attackers here are the ones with the problem. But they also cause the problem. These aren’t deeply religious people who believe homosexuality is a sin. They come off as bullies and cowards who get their kicks from ganging up on someone who can’t fight back. It’s the worst side of humanity, still right there in the DNA.
  16. Short scenes [are] designed to suggest we just walked in on random real people. It's a raw look that is, nonetheless, a look. It also, inevitably, says scripted TV drama.
  17. [It] isn't quite as revolutionary as it suggests, but it's a lively account of some big guys who, if it weren't for a single stray asteroid, might still be here today.
  18. The two-hour show was a hodgepodge that never built momentum or drama. So this Passion aroused none. It was less than the sum of its parts.
  19. There's a lot of soap, and the dialogue can make you wince. But the characters just might make you care.
  20. If you're looking for subtle, Prime Suspect will not become your appointment television. On the other hand, if you're looking for an intense police drama that suggests women face brutal obstacles in the police world, Maria Bello's Jane Timoney keeps the pedal to that metal.
  21. The Walking Dead may be under new management, but it seems to have kept its rhythm, moving easily between bursts of intense violence and long stretches of psychological sparring.
  22. We've seen all the parts of this story before, and frankly, we've seen them told better.
  23. In a lot of ways, 5th Grader is a daytime quiz show that’s moonlighting. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  24. This latest production of the Dickens classic, solid but not spectacular, adds a few contemporary touches, including some rather modern-sounding background music and expressions like "go bonkers."
  25. The jokes just works best in moderation.
  26. FX has always had a good idea what viewers it's after, and the way TV works these days, a loyal cult can be enough. The League certainly has the goods to get one of those.
  27. The story and the chemistry work, but periodically the action feels rushed, as if we all know the drill and we might as well get it over with. Future episodes may correct that, because they'll need less setup work.
  28. Oddly, though, it almost feels too light.
  29. This likable and predictable new sitcom about three couples in the same family probably wouldn't get a lot of attention all by itself. But slung in the hammock between "The Middle" and "Modern Family," two established sitcoms about endearingly off-center families, it should snuggle right in.
  30. The transplant is unlikely to produce a dramatic rally. But it does give friends and family a reason to keep visiting.

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