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  1. It’s still a basically good-hearted guy against a mean old world. But the modernizing makeover has taken away some of what made Sinbad last so many centuries in the first place.
  2. Low Winter Sun is a good show with the potential to grow into a very good show.
  3. The answers aren't especially explicit, and the viewer may suspect de Cadenet is looking more for the tone of the reaction than information. That exchange never becomes the most interesting part of the conversation.
  4. Lowe's Midwestern accent comes and goes, but in general it's a performance that will make viewers plow through the darkness and keep watching.
  5. At several points, Resurrection feels like the kind of show that might have been better served by culling subplots and making it into a miniseries or a movie.
  6. With the second season now starting, it needs to add a little more value.
  7. Samantha Who? plays the discovery parts nicely. The question for this show, as it gets a few episodes in, is a trickier one: Once Sam starts recognizing everything and everyone around her, and makes the necessary adjustments, what's left?
  8. It's not as novel or successful a concept as "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the HBO series from "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David. But based on the first two episodes, "Watching Ellie" is exponentially better, and more daring, than the derivative vehicles churned out by [Michael] Richards and [Jason] Alexander. [25 Feb 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  9. Without taking anything away from “Once Upon a Time”--this one is cleaner and seems to require less cataloging of multiple plotlines.
  10. It’s a good premise. But where both old guys are cranky and frustrating, unable to show they really care, Caan’s character is unpleasant in ways Eastwood’s was not [in the film "Trouble With the Curve"].
  11. We've seen that moment many times before, from gays and straights. That doesn't mean we can't see it again. It just means The Real L Word needs to feel like more than a Facebook post.
  12. For a serialized drama to catch on, though, it has to grab you from the start. Despite its impressive roster of actors, "Smith" doesn't.
  13. Mr. Selfridge unfurls a number of subplots, tied to business, politics, class gaps, romance and so on. Some are more engaging than others.
  14. Like casino chips sprinkled over a roulette table, the assets of this NBC show aren't being used very wisely, and are no guarantee of success. [22 Sept 2003, p.77]
    • New York Daily News
  15. The first thing most people wondered last year when they heard a polygamist family was starring in a reality show was why they would want to do that. This opening episode for season two suggests some members of the family will be asking the same question. While this still doesn't make Sister Wives great television, it does shift the central drama to the fundamental question of how Kody Brown, his four wives and their 16 children can coexist with outsiders who frown on or condemn their lifestyle.
  16. Undercover Boss isn't spectacular TV. But its real appeal lies in the exercise itself: watching a CEO meet actual workers and realize they work hard at jobs often made harder by petty rules and policies.
  17. [Martin's] got his own troubles, and at least up front they make for some engaging television.
  18. Lifetime's new Against the Wall turns out to be first-rate drama. In fact, it's one of the best new shows of the year.
  19. Neverland, a new prequel to the beloved story of Peter Pan, weaves a complex, often disturbing tale demanding considerably more of its audience than the breezy musical versions.
  20. The best thing to say about "The Class" is that it improves by quite a few notches as it goes along.... The worst thing to say about "The Class" is that requiring viewers to come back and try, try again is asking a lot.
  21. [The cast are] all quirky, setting up an endless stream of mix-and-match jokes that don’t seem interested in going much of anywhere.
  22. Chasing Life walks a line itself, staying away from sad, but stopping short of sentimental. Ricci makes the balance work, reminding us that a story of a girl with cancer can also be the story of a girl.
  23. There are holes to fill, though, before this show gets up to "Monk" level. What's encouraging is that it starts solidly and has a chance to find itself.
  24. It fields one of the most enjoyable sitcom ensemble casts in some time.
  25. Everyone in "How to Make It" isn't a winner. But the show looks to be just that.
  26. It gets nothing right - not the potential sexiness, not the negligible drama and certainly not any solid shot at explaining, much less popularizing, the alleged sport of roller derby.
  27. Leaden, predictable and, at times, unintentionally funny.
  28. Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV Tuesday night in a show that could be a lot of soapy fun, but may require more work than some TV viewers will want to put in.
  29. If you're fascinated enough by their boorish behavior to return for more, you have a stronger stomach for tacky TV, and people, than I do. [21 Mar 2006]
    • New York Daily News
  30. Bitten seems aimed more at a mainstream audience than the hard-core werewolf/vampire crowd, which is okay. Probably smart, in fact.

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