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  1. The jokes flow nicely, the music is fun, and the pop culture references will make almost everyone smile.
  2. It puts a fresh lens on events that shaped America, and in the process it spins a good yarn.
  3. Yet as a dramatic series, it moves too swiftly through churning waters to be compelling. The conflicts it introduces are good; the rapid resolutions are not. [16 Sept 2002, p.75]
    • New York Daily News
  4. They might have to lose some of the cartoon-cop humor to get there. Whether they do may determine whether Dan and Jack end up as a short, forgettable joke or a couple of cops we care about.
  5. Parenthood is liberally spiced with humor, and like all Ron Howard productions, it also has regular moments designed to make our hearts feel all toasty. But other parts aren't funny at all for the large Braverman family around which the show revolves.
  6. Now it must find a way to become more than a routine action drama pitting plucky good guys against amoral, robotic bad guys. It's got the characters who can do that, though, and it's also streamlined its story enough so even a new viewer can figure out what's going on from tonight's back-to-back premiere episodes.
  7. If you can get past the setup of Suits, the ride could be fun.
  8. It all feels maybe a little too familiar.
  9. If it all sounds a little contrived, it is. But that's not the show's real problem. The real problem is that instead of having goofy fun with all its eye candy, Royal Pains mostly wants to sit around drinking in the excesses of the uber-wealthy, with an occasional joke as an afterthought.
  10. As a television series, The Casual Vacancy stands on its own, but it has only a goblet’s worth of Potter magic.
  11. So we’ve got our choice of apocalypses--and for fans of good, solid, action-packed summer TV escapism, that’s good.
  12. The songs aren’t all terrific, but like “Rescue Me” at its best, S&D&R&R succeeds both as wild, uncontrolled, absurdist comedy and touching, quiet personal drama.
  13. It would be a stretch to call Mad Love subtle--one running gag is an elevator that stops a few inches short of the floor--but neither does it feel compelled to spell out every nuance, like how Larry and Connie really feel about each other.
  14. Creator Timothy Sexton has woven this story with a master’s touch, making us care about the characters even as we fear for their lives. Or, for that matter, all our lives.
  15. The documentary doesn’t fawn over its subject. War skeptics get plenty of time to explain why they think Cheney was wrong.... Conversely, when the filmmakers make an effort to humanize Cheney, he doesn’t give them much to work with.
  16. In the end, the movie transcends the legal chess match, defining itself instead by the sheer wattage of Spector’s personality and his high-level sparring with a woman whose brains match his own, minus the madness.
  17. The series... is pure formula, but it's a formula that works.
  18. But if Ugly Americans comes with a message, it is at least equally determined to just be funny, and at that task, it frequently succeeds.
  19. The performances here are good, right down to a cynical--and beautiful--bartender to whom Teddy tells the whole tale. But the action often feels like it was created by video-game developers, and what is supposed to be the subtext, about Teddy really trying to save himself, is about as subtle as a kick in the groin from a sneering DEA agent.
  20. It's not that Cohen, especially in his Ali G character, never gets off an amusing ad lib. It's just that his humor and his characters aren't nearly funny enough. And several times they cross the line into all-out meanness. It's an approach that's uncalled for, unimpressive and - as when he picks on a religious woman simply because she's overweight - horribly unfunny. [21 Feb 2003, p.139]
    • New York Daily News
  21. They say insanity is performing the same action repeatedly and hoping for a different outcome. For ABC and "Day Break," insanity may be expecting viewers to watch the same day over and over and be interested in the infinite minor and major variations.
  22. The phrase "all over the place" barely begins to cover it.
  23. Once the viewer adjusts to the notion that marijuana here is as legal as a Snickers bar, the rest becomes a fairly straightforward small-business drama.
  24. Bomb Girls isn't a fancy show. It's just a whole bunch of good stories.
  25. For outlining the way Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford literally shaped the America in which we still live, this special stands as tall as Rockefeller Center.
  26. In a year of variations and ripoffs of established themes and genres, it's a true original. It's also a cartoon, and is truly, outrageously bizarre. [20 Jan 2003, p.85]
    • New York Daily News
  27. It’s still a basically good-hearted guy against a mean old world. But the modernizing makeover has taken away some of what made Sinbad last so many centuries in the first place.
  28. With cheating rock-star husbands, secrets and reporters everywhere, there’s no way we won’t see some soap splashing on this clean-cut, All-American story.
  29. Low Winter Sun is a good show with the potential to grow into a very good show.
  30. The answers aren't especially explicit, and the viewer may suspect de Cadenet is looking more for the tone of the reaction than information. That exchange never becomes the most interesting part of the conversation.

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