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  1. If The Cleveland Show isn't quite as sharp-tongued or focused yet as "Family Guy," it's got the eccentricity to fit into broadcast television's most off-center evening.
  2. Watching someone explain the obvious may not create electrifying television, but once in a while, it's okay for TV to be more valuable than fun. Like when it comes to how you find a job.
  3. Picking up a copy of the Washington Post from any day in his presidency would likely provide more insight into the man who led the Free World when the Berlin Wall fell and later launched the first Gulf War.
  4. Where “Pretty Little Liars” has set the standard for teen mystery/soap-opera TV, Ravenswood comes on more like a horror flick.
  5. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new weekly late-night talk show plays like a Flintstones vitamin. He wraps the real message in the kind of sweet packaging that makes viewers hardly notice they’re getting something that’s good for them.
  6. While several subplots swirl around, Drac’s mission will be driving this story, which means we need a commanding presence at the center. Rhys Meyers plays it more subtly. That’s a valid acting choice. It just doesn’t make the story as bloody good as it might be.
  7. It does, however, wisely retain some of the elements that worked in the original, like characters who are interesting without being deep. We watch them because of what they do, not because we think there's a lot there.
  8. The movie itself apparently isn’t sure the murders themselves are lurid enough. So it adds a few things that didn’t happen, plus some 21st-century music.
  9. None of the stories is particularly memorable and, interestingly, no one suggests that weight gain was a by-product of depression from losing the spotlight.
  10. NBC’s annual live musical event had spirit and lively dancing Thursday night. It also felt long and flat, even when it briefly morphed into a superhero showdown.
  11. The quality of the mystery in the pilot, no better than mediocre, is what keeps this series from starting off with a wider lead at the opening gun.
  12. It isn't invested deeply enough in magic to create an alternative world, and while Giuntoli is perfectly fine as a cop, the police procedural part feels routine.
  13. It feels painted by the numbers.
  14. If you’re willing to suspend enough disbelief to enjoy Zoo, you will definitely think twice before ever again saying, “Here, kitty, kitty.”
  15. If each hour of The Guardian represents one hour of its central character's 1,500-hour community-service sentence, Fallin should be Fallin short by about 1,487 hours. [25 Sept 2001, p.101]
    • New York Daily News
  16. It's solid, urban-flavored comedy. Morgan isn't likely to make anybody gasp, as Kinison or Richard Pryor did, but there's nothing wrong with telling a joke well and, most of the time, he does precisely that.
  17. Duck Dynasty still turns out to be a formulaic show, with a lot of low-level verbal crossfire among family members who at the end of the day assure us they all love each other.
  18. Like any good graphic novel, The Cape doesn't forget to sometimes be funny. It also at times asks us to suspend disbelief.
  19. Drunk History is a good-natured show with no inflated aspirations. But like a drunk in a game of darts, it doesn’t hit the target very often.
  20. While Hemingway & Gellhorn makes it clear she had world-class writing skills of her own, Gellhorn's story often does feel subsumed here, as if all of Hemingway's swagger and bravado really did make him a more prominent figure, or at least a more interesting one.
  21. Shirley MacLaine will get most of the attention for playing fashion legend Coco Chanel in this smart-looking and solidly crafted new Lifetime biopic premiering Saturday night.
  22. Brothers starts with a noble idea: Bring two estranged adult brothers together by forcing them to live in their parents' house again. It just doesn't quite achieve either poignance or real comedy.
  23. Well, the plot doesn't offer a lot of possibilities. The jokes are predictable even when the delivery is hip, and none of the characters is especially likable, nor do we care that much which of them mix-and-match with which others.
  24. Some parts work well; others don't.
  25. Writing is woefully inconsistent. [4 Apr 2000]
    • New York Daily News
  26. It just doesn't feel like it's setting up a story we're really going to care about.
  27. The fragility of these women sucks the fun out of the meeting-and-culling process that should be the entertainment heart of any dating reality show.
  28. It's not surprising television writers would find television funny. It's gratifying they can make it funny for us, too.
  29. If you can gulp hard and swallow the premise of Tyrant, you’ll find another hard, dark, intense FX drama about a world in which a lot of the normal rules don't seem to apply.
  30. Sewell radiates the kind of fascination you can't buy off the rack at the TV drama store, and that alone gives Eleventh Hour a strong start.

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