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  1. The production, and Brody, work hard to elevate Houdini’s routines to metaphor.
  2. It's more nuanced than the average cop drama, and for that reason, more intriguing.
  3. It's a waste of Cox's comic talents to have her spend the whole show trapped in lines like, "We had sex three times without you needing a nap or a pill or anything."
  4. "Brothers & Sisters" establishes itself as little more than a family gathering you should have no interest in attending. Their dialogue sounds real, but not much of it sounds interesting.
  5. Williams, though, in both Sunday's telemovie and the subsequent Tuesday-night regular episode time-slot at 8, is too reserved and colorless. [15 Sept 1995, p.127]
    • New York Daily News
  6. I'll be patient, out of respect to Milch and Tinker, but I don't expect you to be.
  7. McLaren doesn’t come off as a conspiracy theorist or an agenda-crazed obsessive. He comes off as a detective building a case. But then, so do others. And only one can be right.
  8. Sharknado 2--a slightly better, more watchable movie than its predecessor. But let’s be clear here. As a movie, the original "Sharknado" made some PowerPoint presentations seem exciting.
  9. Odd as it sounds, How Sherlock Changed the World argues persuasively that it was a crime writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who virtually invented the modern science of forensics by having his fictional detective employ it.
  10. By staking turf between "True Blood" and "Twilight," Vampire Diaries hopes it has found the promised land. The danger is it could also be no man's land.
  11. Mystery Girls is silly, tongue-in-cheek fun where we’re all in on the gag. How long it can be sustained is the question. But for now, at the very least, it’s a much better look for Tori Spelling.
  12. The jokes and the moral lessons are equally telegraphed, and instantly forgotten. [20 Sept 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  13. Chicago Fire is positioned to succeed. Assuming it uses Hank to wrestle with deeper issues and not just explore all the ways his team can get dirtbags to spill, it’s got a great chance.
  14. Persons Unknown was originally developed for Syfy, and it shows. It's all eerie music, unanswered questions and disturbing discoveries, leavened only very occasionally by humor.
  15. The Captain [is] a historic hotel now populated by every Hollywood stereotype ever dusted off for a sitcom pilot.
  16. Ironically, Griffiths at times may be a little too much actress for her role. But it takes a village to make a Camp, and watching this crew work to save Little Otter and find summer love is far from the worst thing you could do at 10 o’clock on Wednesday night
  17. Some of Star-Crossed falls into the CW’s well-trod comfort zone: young-adult romantic drama with a sci-fi twist. It shows extra ambition, though, by putting its outsiders so constantly and viscerally close to those who suspect and fear them. Add forbidden love, which can never escape the shadow of potential doom, and Star-Crossed could become both provocative and entertaining.
  18. Watching Best Friends Forever is like going to the sitcom thrift shop and poking through the leftovers. It gets old quickly.
  19. Quantum Kitchen moves along at a good clip and Marcel creates dishes you won't ordinarily see on food shows. That could be the recipe for a novelty act, but it's hard to resist peeking under the lid.
  20. Even though Baio and Ubach handle their roles well, neither the comic setups nor the sentimental reconciliations feel like much more than reruns.
  21. Even though the fate of the world is presumably at stake, as tends to be the case in these fantasies, this one just doesn’t feel very rousing.
  22. West and the rest of the cast perform solidly as well, and once we know the lineup, presumably we’ll dive deeper into the game.
  23. The writing is uneven, so is the tone, and all put together, it's just not very engaging.
  24. Definitive history The Kennedys is not. But most of the flaws explored here mostly make the characters seem human. The series credits wins as well as losses and sends most of its characters home on a positive note.
  25. Evoking the era is one thing "Reunion" does very well. Involving you in the plot and characters, as well as the gimmick, isn't.
  26. The show gets some credit for acting, because the veteran cast members have good comic timing and coax the most out of their lines. Trouble is, that’s like coaxing maximum flavor from a bowl of lawn clippings.
  27. While everyone here executes their roles well, Saving Hope never feels very gripping.
  28. The more it progresses, the more surprises it unwraps, and the more promise it presents.
  29. The visitors return for their second season on ABC Tuesday night and alas, they still aren't quite as fascinating as you want them to be.
  30. We're now three episodes into the second season of "Housewives," and the show still doesn't seem to have any traction. ... What's wrong so far this season, for the most part, has been the tone. [11 Oct 2005]
    • New York Daily News

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