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  1. Ultimately, though, the stories here are too brief and, frankly, too ordinary to sustain the viewer's interest for very long.
  2. Bag of Bones feels a little skeletal.
  3. Plenty of material here, spoken by people we like. It's what a good cable sitcom can be.
  4. The pieces are in place for a solid drama-with-humor, the kind that cable channels are serving like aspirin these days. The problem is this show hasn't quite figured out yet how to integrate all the components into a uniform tone and direction.
  5. Rescuing people from burning buildings. Feeding people who are starving. Taking a child no one cared about and teaching that child to read. That’s heroic. The Hero is an entertaining reality show. That’s fine. It’s just not the same thing.
  6. Shailene Woodley is terrific as the teen in question. Unfortunately, other parts of the show feel so contrived they border on soap opera parody.
  7. While they're entertaining together, the show needs other characters to avoid becoming just an endless exchange of the snarky things TV writers love to have exes say about each other.
  8. It's as familiar, comfortable and tasty as a Ritz cracker.
  9. Part of what Jordan does, inadvertently, is remind us that the real value of a toy is what it meant to us when we played with it.
  10. Retired at 35 does have the good sense to create a story. If it ever relaxes enough to tell it, the show could become more than "lukewarm in Florida."
  11. While the fixings are here for genuine humor, Glory Daze repeatedly settles for quick-and-dirty. That's frustrating, even though it's understandable to some extent, because the audience for that style of comedy clearly exists.
  12. Happily Divorced, TV Land's third shot at a new old-style sitcom--the George Segal parents-and-son romp "Retired at 35" is the other one--tries harder than "Cleveland" and generates fewer laughs. "Happily Divorced" is not without its pleasures.[...] Okay, Drescher, who most famously starred in "The Nanny," may be an acquired taste. But if you like her combination of attitude and accent, she provides a full dose of both here.
  13. Emily Owens M.D. begins with the mildly interesting if familiar premise that real life is just like high school. Unfortunately, that idea does not become a launching pad for an interesting story.
  14. Working Class doesn't seem to have any lofty ambitions. It's a family drama with characters who are a little goofy, but credible, and it seems to recognize that their interaction needs to be the core of the show's humor.
  15. USA's new The Moment is a feel-good, serious-minded reality show with one drawback: It leaves its stories unfinished.
  16. The Vineyard feels less like a Martha’s Vineyard experience than a generic young-folks reality-show experience.
  17. A wellmeaning, goodnatured show that doesn't have quite the sparkle you'd expect when the main characters include Aphrodite and Hercules.
  18. While Family has predictable moments, it has the potential to provide some pleasant surprises.
  19. Some scenes play like those stiff “re-creations” in crime reality shows and the camera’s constant quick-cuts promote headaches, not intrigue.
  20. Not offensive. Just not particularly fresh or compelling. Long-term, "Outsourced" may want to become an Indian cousin of "Community," with diverse off-center people whose eccentricities fuel jokes. That's fine. The question may be whether, in carefully omitting most things that could offend, the show has enough left to endure.
  21. This show doesn’t have to be super. It does have to be fun.
  22. While the story feels thin and forced, it does let the show dig into Nick and Suzanne's real feelings toward each other, and reminds us that we like them both.
  23. It's all surface and very little substance.
  24. Whether Napoleon will work as a weekly animated series may depend on how well a teenager fits in with the other oddballs who populate Fox's Sunday-night animation bloc.
  25. The young audience for which One Tree Hill is aimed may swallow all this unflinchingly. Yet if they learned anything from "Dawson's Creek," a much better and smarter show, they're more likely to gag. [23 Sept 2003, p.83]
  26. Lovable con artists can work on TV, as they did in “Leverage.” They don’t work here, because at every turn the premise and plot get clunkier.
  27. Somewhere along the way, though, this three-night, six-hour production begins to feel less like a compelling metaphor for totalitarian repression and more like a marathon. No offense, but is it over yet?
  28. This group doesn't need a villain or a backstabber, at least in the early stage. The job is enough of an equalizer.
  29. Giving the characters a few more shades of gray wouldn’t hurt, either, since the whole drama has a kind of cartoon simplicity that makes us feel like we’ve seen all of it before.
  30. The sobering truth is that sometimes when you mix too many colors, you don't get a brighter rainbow. You get dark gray. Or, in this case, a supersize soap opera.