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  1. Lots of fun. It's the TV equivalent of a good summer read light, unpredictable and highly entertaining.
  2. It's now even easier to get so caught up in the dramas that you can forget this show is really funny.
  3. The film isn’t after “why.” It just wants to say that a lot of physical and circumstantial evidence points to a missile. Toward that goal, it’s on target.
  4. It makes for lively drama, and, given what was at stake for religion and royalty, its historical significance remains legitimate. It just gets hard to watch sometimes, because even though most drama is fueled by its villains, The Tudors needs a few more characters we could actually like.
  5. In contrast to Scorsese's other work, like his Bob Dylan documentary and "The Last Waltz," George Harrison feels like it doesn't get far below the surface.
  6. Some of it is moderately profane. Some pushes traditional boundaries of taste, though in today's comedy world these guys aren't even close to the edge.
  7. If the dramas are exaggerated, Jenna makes the trauma feel legitimate, and her narration gives everything a knowing undertone of humor and self-awareness that keeps the most uncomfortable moments from being painful.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    It's hard to imagine anyone watching Sunday night's plodding and pretentious pilot and coming back for more. [1 June 2001, p.112]
    • New York Daily News
  8. She doesn’t explode off the screen. She does make you laugh.
  9. The best moments in Wednesday night's chat between Elvis Costello and Elton John, which are good enough to recommend the show for fans of both men, serve up small but sparkling musical pleasures.
  10. Chuck starts the second season a little more confident, a little funnier. That's the right direction to be moving in.
  11. [Genealogy] may not seem like a particularly robust thread for an eight-part series, but O’Dowd, Guest and a wonderful cast of deadpan actors and improv experts spin it into a tapestry of cheery laughter.
  12. The only problem here is that once in a while the producers and cast get so enthusiastic about their production numbers, their words become almost unintelligible.
  13. As the plot simmers and thickens, Restless keeps its focus on the core story, avoiding the temptation to become a war epic. This serves viewers well. Call it December's best-bet sleeper.
  14. Kelley does two things better than anyone else writing courtroom dramas on television. He exposes and unveils legal tactics in a detailed and inventive fashion, and he does so while creating and sustaining strong characterizations. [4 Mar 1997]
    • New York Daily News
  15. The pilot, which obviously had a big budget, looks almost as sleek as a movie. Creator Joss Whedon promises the show will work hard to stay on that level. It will live or die, however, on whether we want to keep watching its characters. Right up front, the answer is we do.
  16. The Blacklist won’t be the most cerebral show on television. It’s a fast-paced mystery that’s just plain entertaining.
  17. Without a grounding in vampire lore, many viewers won't get a lot of the nuances, including the humor, in True Blood. So as good as Paquin and company play it, this is another quality pay-cable show that does have a secret handshake.
  18. This new documentary on Vogue magazine makes the road to trendy clothing images sound more like a midnight slog through a gator-infested swamp.
  19. The shocker is that this third variation on the formula, made for American TV, is the best yet. [26 Jan 2004]
    • New York Daily News
  20. When you get a headache just trying to follow a show's setup, that's not a good sign. When a show's twists and turns make it hard to concentrate on what seems to be a terrific performance from the splendid Andre Braugher, that's even worse.
  21. At blending comedy and drama and presenting freshly drawn characters, though, Hotel Babylon has a lot to learn from the likes of "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy." As a hotel, and as a TV series, put it at less than three stars.
  22. Like the Navy, Carrier is perfect for some and probably isn't for everyone.
  23. Baldwin and Fey are entertaining without wearing the viewer out, the cast blends together well, and the way the show is structured--often feeling like a series of sketches--has produced some brilliant TV. Thursday night, however, feels like a semi-private joke.
  24. None of this is really new. It's still presented here in a way that provides a visceral appreciation for what's involved in extracting fuel from mountains.
  25. Even more so than last season, we see an awful lot of Christian's bare backside. But the best scenes are when we see him naked emotionally, whether with his psychiatrist or with best friend Sean...This year, that's the core of Nip/Tuck, and it starts the season dynamically.
  26. The show raises questions, and fans of the paranormal will find they're kept open in reasonably interesting ways. The problem is that time-travel shows require a level of attention casual TV viewers don't always want to invest.
  27. Chuck sounds like a regrettably derivative idea - a remake of "Jake 2.0." But it's not. Chuck is a blast.
  28. True Blood also sometimes seems to have a cast of thousands, despite being set in a small town, so all sorts of subplots have been simmering. The show evolves, as it has before, by starting the new season with a few more. It's a little wearing sometimes, to be honest, though it has enough narrative strength to keep hard-core fans happy.
  29. Happily, viewers have less of a challenge in picking up the somewhat complex story line that continues from the "Terminator" movies. Newcomers won't be any more confused than they are by any time-travel adventure.

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