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  1. Battle sequences on horseback are executed perfectly for maximum pulse quickening. It helps to have a few good men — with apologies to Army vets disgusted with the Marine reference — cast in the supporting roles.
  2. As it speeds along, the film delivers its share of popcorn-style entertainment, curves and thrills. But it stalls due to plot holes and murky storytelling, willful inaccuracies (like an invented Upper East side train station), wasted talent and conductor’s cap tips to better railway-based movies like “Strangers on a Train,” “The Fugitive” and “Unstoppable.”
  3. Diane Kruger’s raw, real-as-it-gets performance as a grieving woman bent on vengeance in the German thriller In the Fade grabs from the get-go and never lets loose its grip.
  4. Compared to a really great poker game, sometimes “Molly’s” comes up a little short. It definitely keeps you too long at the table. And there are times — like every Sorkin script — where it won’t stop talking. Really, buddy, shut up and deal...But when the chips are down, its stars come through. And in the end, we all walk away winners.
  5. True, sometimes director Steven Spielberg lays it on so thick you think he has a trowel. Inspiring scenes are flooded with sunshine. John Williams’ score swells and kvells. (Of course, Spielberg didn’t become America's most popular director by being its subtlest.)
  6. Alas, a winning lead performance isn’t enough when it is at the center of a flawed movie. The Greatest Showman can only hoodwink for so long before the tent collapses. This is an enjoyable film, but its rags-to-riches tale in a sanitized 19th century is extremely by-the-numbers.
  7. Scott and Plummer may deserve a standing ovation for taking a powerful stand amid the #metoo movement. If only the rest of All the Money the World was as powerful.
  8. With its video game upgrade, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle manages to match the silly fun of its predecessor — even without Williams — and that’s no small achievement unlocked.
  9. The new movie truly passes the torch by making the next generation of Resistance heroes — Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), Poe (Oscar Isaac) and new addition, Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) — every bit as compelling as the old guard. Even more surprising, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) evolves from the whiny brat in “The Force Awakens” to a three-dimensional menace.
  10. It’s not top Woody, perhaps. What is, anymore? But on a cold day, it’s as welcome as the familiar smell of greasy fries, the feel of gritty sand, the winking of those far-off colored lights.
  11. It still marks Del Toro’s strongest work since “Pan’s Labyrinth” 11 years ago. It is an homage to classic cinema, albeit a slightly quirky one.
    • 93 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The sex scene between the men is super sensual, just like the rest of the film, but still subtle.
  12. In the end, The Man Who Invented Christmas is an enjoyable enough diversion. It’s no humbug. Just pleasantly ho-hum.
  13. This is an extremely watchable and enjoyable film, but its compression of historical events does become a tad silly.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Pixar’s latest animated film may lack the volume of out-loud laughs of the “Toy Story” series, but the fantasy set in Mexico doesn’t skimp on the tears. It’s as if the studio turned the touching first seven minutes of “Up” into a nearly two-hour feature film.
  14. Washington is terrific as Roman. The character may be unclear, but the actor’s commitment is focused, and his anger and indignation are sharp and painful.
  15. There are enough positives that Justice League shouldn't be dismissed as Flash over substance. It’s just that with the rich history of these iconic heroes on the printed page, the film should have felt more… super.
  16. Kids may not notice or care, but the movie, which advocates kindness, comes with an irony. It’s a film about embracing differences and seeing beyond appearances, but it rarely bucks convention or gets more than skin deep.
  17. The new Murder on the Orient Express isn’t a whodunit. It’s a why’d-they-do-it. Why make a new version of a perfectly good old movie if you’re not going to do anything new?
  18. In the end, it's all about McDormand, who’s great at playing ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances.
    • 94 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Greta Gerwig is spreading her wings as a filmmaker — and she soars with Lady Bird.
  19. Thor: Ragnarok, the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is so delightfully funny that it’s almost a shame when the film reverts to its campy, melodramatic roots. Thankfully, that’s not hammered too hard.
  20. Inside the endlessly dull, oh-so-serious All I See Is You there’s a short, fun, trashy movie dying to get out. And dying. And dying.
  21. Roll The Snowman to the top of the ever-rising mountain of lousy movies with good trailers.
  22. The pacing is slow and deliberate. Director Joseph Kosinski (“Oblivion”) knows that it takes time to build real relationships and feelings.
  23. Marshall makes a good case for its hero as one of the brightest, boldest lawyers to ever walk into a courtroom. So why is it sometimes such a trial?
  24. Now that’s a kick in the head: A Western filmmaker is taking Jackie Chan seriously. The Foreigner, however, takes him a little too seriously.
  25. It’s a thriller’s job to make you jump out of your skin and Happy Death Day gets it done — on occasion.
  26. Together, they (Winslet/Elba) share warm chemistry. But that’s not enough to melt eye-rolling exposition or predictable twists you see coming — even in a whiteout — a mile away.
  27. Do androids dream of electric sheep? Maybe. But science fiction-loving cinephiles have definitely been dreaming of a movie like Blade Runner 2049 for years.

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