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  1. This is clearly the Worst Performance by an Actress in a Death Scene since Sofia Coppola took a bullet for her dad in "The Godfather: Part III."
  2. Something's wrong with the math here -- the inheritance of the story's small-town hero is enlarged from $20 million to $40 billion, yet the new movie isn't worth the price of a Depression-era ticket.
    • New York Daily News
  3. History as filtered through the faux-liberal prism of Hollywood's dream factory, and an insult, I believe, to the people who actually carried the fight and endured the pain for civil rights.
  4. Dreamcatcher has no business being this bad.
  5. Striking naturalism and blatant dishonesty blend awkwardly in this bleak drama.
  6. Commits the cardinal sin of moviemaking: It leaves you bored.
  7. Max
    A serious and thoughtful movie that probably does not mean to trivialize the Holocaust and blame the victim. But it is playing with fire nevertheless.
  8. The writing, directing and acting are all so sketchy, it's a mystery that Kattan didn't just try out this material the way he should have -- in a three-minute sketch.
  9. X
    About as many characters, dragons and force fields as "Pokémon" has pocket monsters, so it may be difficult for the uninitiated to keep track.
  10. A flashy homage to a dozen better movies, this self-conscious Hong Kong action flick is so packed with visual thrills, you may not notice that there's absolutely nothing beneath its impressively slick surface.
  11. The best part of this proudly absurd experience is the music.
  12. Dysfunction seeps from every pore of this family, and the anger and ugliness of the characters overwhelm not just the story but the movie's stunning National Geographic location.
  13. This is the kind of misfire that can take everyone down with it. It's not just bad, it's mean-bad.
  14. If the 10th "Friday" sounds like the first "Alien," it's strictly intentional. Todd Farmer's script rips off that classic sci-fi horror film, replaces the acid-based monster with the hockey-masked Jason, adopts the self-mocking attitude of "Scream" and lets the heads, arms, legs and torsos fall where they may.
    • New York Daily News
  15. An unimaginative schoolyard-bully comedy.
    • New York Daily News
  16. Despite catchy animation and a few intense scenes, there's simply nothing here we haven't seen before.
  17. Why Travolta is slumming in B movies is anybody's guess. (I'll take a wild flier: "Battlefield Earth"?)
  18. The stars have little opportunity to engage their characters. The gang-written screenplay and Chris Koch's artless direction turn their scenes into a series of broad, overplayed comic sketches.
  19. It's too bad the film never makes good on its early promise, but clearly, the rolling fireballs and flying bullets are the priority.
  20. Offers traditional cinematic gab about marital status, sexual orientation, nationality and degree of fulfillment.
  21. I hated it, but I grant that it does tap into a vein of technological horror - the fear of the VCR! - that will have young videophiles chatting it up for weeks
  22. All the magic at the disposal of today's filmmakers cannot bring to life this unappealing animated children's movie.
  23. Their (Murphy/Wilson) exchanges and interplay are so campy and over the top that I kept expecting them to pull out frying pans and start bopping each other over the head with them. I Spy is one just Stooge short of homage.
  24. A warmed-over ripoff, rather than the gritty urban drama it so desperately wants to be.
    • New York Daily News
  25. The movie's really about the impressions of the original performances by newcomers Eric Christian Olsen and Derek Richardson. Olsen does an uncanny Carrey, and Richardson vaguely resembles Daniels.
  26. Typical of road comedies, it's a pastiche of sketches.
  27. Shows that there's a limit to how much mileage one can get from offbeat, creepy and symbiotic.
  28. Brody does have a mesmerizing presence and is the only reason to see a film that likely would have gone straight to video if he hadn't won that Oscar for "The Pianist."
  29. This time around, the cult director dispenses with the feminism, the satire, and even the issues, so he can concentrate on his true passion: the dissecting.
  30. Features amateurish acting and direction, and a going-nowhere script.

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