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  1. Director Scott Teems' film is as quiet as untilled soil -- not always a good thing -- but Holbrook has a handle on where to dig.
  2. The actors hold our attention, and there’s something to be said for the guys’ pathological disconnect. But the movie itself is too disconnected to say it.
  3. The forced coming-of-age parable that filmmaker Joe Wright laces with fairy-tale symbolism is heavy-handed from the get-go.
  4. As slickly entertaining as you’d expect a Disney-produced inspirational sports movie to be. But it’s so lacking in sincerity and creativity that “inspirational” never rounds the corner to “inspiring.”
  5. The nearly unrecognizable Chiklis almost single-handedly saves the day.
  6. Director Steve James ("Hoop Dreams") has a worthy message, but never makes the case that he needs an entire documentary to deliver it.
  7. The big twist to Closed Circuit is stated in the film’s TV ads, so even the element of surprise is lost. There may have been the making of a juicy, episodes-long BBC series here, but as it is, there’s barely any juice at all.
  8. Backtrack eventually moves beyond its shamelessly borrowed set-up to create a few chills of its own.
  9. Scenes of the director as a school-age boy in a Varda film are haunting, but end up simply sparking a desire to see Varda's work.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Unlike that earlier live action/animation hybrid, however, which had a cheery, almost campy New York fashion-industry setting, The Smurfs 2 is mostly loud and unfunny.
  10. As her boss and boyfriend, an impressively good-natured James Van Der Beek adds a professional sheen to what otherwise feels like a vanity affair.
  11. Safe House devolves into unexciting action scenes that feel left over from the "Bourne" flicks and are peopled with cloak-and-dagger stereotypes.
  12. It's laughably, eye-rollingly absurd.
  13. While Cera is charming enough to keep us watching, he's never allowed to cut loose -- even though that's supposed to be the whole point of the movie.
  14. Nathan’s neurotic self-indulgence strains our patience.
  15. Hawke works hard to solidify Pawlikowski's wispy ideas (which are adapted from Douglas Kennedy's novel).
  16. As the world's most chipper recovering coma patient, McAdams is a beautiful blank. There's not a single moment when her character feels real, or as if she genuinely has anything at stake. So it's a good thing Tatum steps up to add a little depth to this unabashedly lightweight venture.
  17. Simplistic plotting, pedestrian visuals and poorly-handled melodrama do lend the project a cheap, made-for-TV feel, which is underscored by the fact that Danes and Marsden don’t seem obliged to turn in their best work.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    The first half of Scenic Route is basically a filmed play, and not an insightful one. The more surreal second half takes on a moodier edge, but the switcheroo ending is cutesy to the point of annoying. Fogler impresses with some brooding edge, but neither he nor the location photography is enough to recommend you join him on this doomed trip.
  18. You will find a few glimmers of humanity in Todd Solondz' latest exercise in acerbic observation. But Solondz continues to mistake judgment for honesty, and empathy for weakness.
  19. Bloom's watchfulness and brittle seriousness anchors The Good Doctor, even as it wanders away from reality and into its own bizarre world.
  20. Well, put a stake in it. It's done.
  21. The result is undoubtedly impassioned. But it's also so blinkered and self-congratulatory that it feels like an undergraduate thesis project. Even if you relate to the cause, you may find yourself frustrated by the effort.
  22. Kosinski’s ultimately underwhelming film leads nowhere. As its palpable sense of dread — well-sustained in a gently cascading first hour — gives way to dead ends, this Omega Movie shoots itself in the foot.
  23. It's a naive example of the transformative powers of a 23-year-old let loose amongst the dullards. Whoa.
  24. Surely Patton Oswalt could have leveraged all those accolades from last year's "Young Adult" into a better project than this instantly forgettable comedy.
  25. The movie's lack of Michael Moore-style dynamism has a dulling effect. What saves it is the human face it puts on the crisis, and its indictment of corporate greed.
  26. Cage and the always-intense Pearce keep this thing going, but even they seem to know the ultimate destination is a bargain bin.
  27. It's nice to see righteous anger in a movie. If only the education drama Detachment knew what to do with it.
  28. Dennis Quaid lends some needed saltiness as Hamilton's supportive dad.

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