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6757 movie reviews
  1. A comedy that successfully plays with stereotypes, both racial and personal.
  2. Once you're past THOSE scenes, and come to know the context and characters involved, you'll find something both deeply humanist and emotionally complex.
  3. Ten
    The already minimalist filmmaker has gone positively threadbare with Ten, a movie that feels as if there was no director on the set. For the most part, there wasn't.
  4. The only good thing about this on-the-fly, low-budget quickie is its Cape Cod setting and the in-focus cinematography of Ernst Kubitza. Very pretty. Otherwise, it is a speechifying bore.
  5. Starts strongly and is bolstered by thoughtful performances.
  6. Stole so many details from the earlier film, "The Hustler," that you have to think of it as either a bad parody or an unfortunate homage.
  7. Overall the tone is dark and nasty, exemplified by the inelegant signature kung-fu move of the good guys -- a backward kick to the groin.
  8. Turns the dangerous monotony of poverty and unemployment into something nearly hypnotic.
  9. Perfectly modulated in its tone and performances, Lawless Heart is content to be a small, quiet film. We could use a few more like it.
  10. Don't let the title fool you. The one thing they have in common is how decidedly unerotic they are.
  11. Creates a hellishly evil portrait of a police department in which every white cop is either a racist thug or an enabler, and every black cop a disgusted observer or crusading hero.
  12. As a meditation on love and loss, the award-winning script is perhaps too blunt.
  13. A deliberately stupid movie whose crazy charm wins you over in the end.
  14. In trying to disguise his themes within the structure of a noir thriller, Parker was simply more successful at fooling himself than us.
  15. Turner's guileless amateurism stands in refreshing contrast to the rest of the performances -- stilted, self-conscious and sleep-inducing -- that fill this tedious 3-1/2-hour marathon, the Civil War in real time.
  16. The film itself is a bit on the talking-head side, evoking none of the passion and anguish that are the music's trademarks.
  17. Novice filmmaker John Henry Davis deserves credit for tackling big issues, but he forgot one of the most important credos of his craft. No matter how vital your message, a good story beats a sermon any day.
  18. The central relationship here is curious but not engaging, except for the pleasure of watching Deschanel, making All the Real Girls just a filmmaker's exercise in impressionistic style and mood.
  19. Dev Anand's unintentionally hilarious Bollywood romance would be considered terrible by any artistic standard, but it serves as proof that sometimes the worst films make for the most fun.
  20. Gerry isn't much of anything, and doesn't claim to be. It's a movie stripped of its movieness.
  21. Once again, the director's eye is faultless as he captures both the essence and beauty of the art of Jang Seung-up, Korea's legendary 19th-century painter. But he doesn't capture the artist's soul.
  22. It's a perfectly acceptable short-term baby-sitter. Just make sure the original gets a fair viewing first.
  23. The film is at its worst, however, when Daredevil takes over. That's partly because Affleck, a handsome fellow with possibly the most inert film presence of any actor since Sonny Tufts, looks ridiculous in Daredevil's red leather pantsuit and horned mask.
  24. Perhaps not since Truffaut's "The Story of Adele H" has thwarted love been rendered so compassionately on the screen, its psychology laid bare.
  25. The result of Moskowitz's sleuthing is Stone Reader, a combination mystery, book celebration and -- sorry to say -- intrusively annoying self-portrait of the filmmaker.
  26. Has the stilted, slightly surreal feel of a stage piece. Sometimes it works, but too often it doesn't.
  27. The unlikely cowboys play off each other's strengths like the best doubles team in tennis. The exquisiteness of this match is that Chan and Wilson are both reactive comedy actors.
  28. Union is a brilliant spitfire, though one wishes the script had been run past an English major. But the movie's flaws are smoothed over by a rousing soundtrack, some excellent comic performances and the star-making moves of LL Cool J.
  29. Smart, spiky comedy upends every traditional notion of love, sex and family.
  30. May
    Novice director Lucky McKee wrote the first draft of this labored horror flick while he was in school, and for a student film, it's not bad. But it's not ready for the big time.

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