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    • 86 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    This fact-driven doc is eye-opening and at times thrilling. A sequence following a chopper pilot trying to get his family to an American aircraft carrier is like a short film unto itself.
  1. Intoxicating, and at times maddening, to watch.
  2. The historically essential document they’ve created here pulses with an immediacy that will leave you simultaneously enlightened and stunned.
  3. Cooper and Lawrence could so easily have stumbled over the logistical bumps and clichés strewn across Russell's defiantly dark script. Instead, they glide right over them, creating an edgy romantic dramedy that suits our anxious times.
  4. Musical biopics usually replicate a star's rise and fall in depressingly predictable fashion. Hurray, then, for Mat Whitecross and his vibrantly eclectic take on what should feel like the same old story.
  5. The slick but moving Saving Mr. Banks transcends its corporate pedigree to become a great Disney movie about making a Disney movie.
  6. The movie respects a viewer’s intelligence, which should also serve as a warning; don’t be lulled into a stupor. Keeping sharp will allow all the fun and menace in this terrific thriller to seep into your head.
  7. So clear your calendar. There’s no better time to get to know a character so obnoxiously stubborn that not even his own creator can shake him.
  8. While Lurie could have gone lighter on the symbolism, he ratchets up the tension with deft intelligence. He's not just making a thriller but a horror film, and we feel his own fear in every scene.
  9. More than just a one-name star of pop culture’s alternative history, Divine’s story — terrorized by bullies, embraced by the outré, where he finds a home — stands for “all the outsiders,” as Waters says (between hilarious anecdotes).
  10. Warm memories of one school under a groove and a moving ending that no screenwriter could improve upon.
  11. Filled with striking images and the ghosts of lives lived in hardship and war, Incendies is tough but impactful.
  12. This superb, cerebral film about unchecked belief is a fictionalized and cutting drama hinging on the origins of Scientology. Scratch around a bit, though, and its wider indictments become clear.
  13. W.
    A measured and thoughtful meditation on a leader who, this terrific movie believes, inadvertently made the world as roiling as his soul.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The direct translation of this deliciously devilish film’s Spanish title is “Savage Stories.” That’s a more fitting title.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The serious tone of director Amma Asante’s film goes far in undercutting any gloss. It looks more like a murky Rembrandt than an episode of “Downton Abbey.”
  14. Teller delivers a career-making performance as Andrew Neyman, a 19-year-old jazz drummer who wants to be great. Like Buddy Rich great.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Israeli directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado take a classic ethical debate and turn it into a dark — and darkly funny — thriller, which Quentin Tarantino named the best film of 2013.
  15. Murray is always a delight, but his films with kids (“Meatballs,” “Rushmore,” “The Royal Tenenbaums”) give his unencumbered playfulness even more room to roam.
  16. A film as unique as this is a gift that shouldn't be ignored.
  17. What complicates and deepens Crash Reel, though, is that Walker doesn’t simply wag her finger like Mom telling you not to run with scissors.
  18. Assayas - whose previous work, though noteworthy, never hinted at this kind of ambition - gives the film a journalistic quality, while admitting that only a recombination of facts and fiction could do the story justice. It certainly results in explosive viewing.
  19. Ferguson doesn't aim to entertain; he wants answers, and talks to many of the enabling weasels.
  20. The movie's beating heart is the friendship between the women, who had found some sort of happiness by the show's 2004 finale. Now they're all at a personal crossroads and need one another more than ever.
  21. The Zimbalists have unearthed a trove of footage, which they effectively blend with a full range of surprisingly honest interviews. As a result, the story of two individuals expands into a portrait of an entire country, in almost unthinkable distress.
  22. The man-versus-the-natural world story is in Weir's wheelhouse, and Harris and Farrell get into a scene-stealing duel. Worth the trek.
  23. Kung Fu Panda 2 plunks down squarely in the spot marked for "chop-socky action with heart."
    • 57 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Best of all is Deneuve, who brilliantly justifies her position as French cinema's First Lady.
  24. A well-written, sensitively directed relationship drama. In most circumstances, that's all it would be - and that would be enough. But lead Thure Lindhardt pushes the picture into realms of such exposed intimacy, you almost feel like you're dating him yourself.
  25. What the movie captures overall looks like a scene from a sci-fi, postapocalyptic nightmare.
  26. Director Jillian Schlesinger’s documentary does a terrific job countering everyone’s assumptions. Maidentrip is a clear-eyed chronicle of Dekker’s record-breaking voyage. Think “All Is Lost,” but real, and with a teenage girl instead of Robert Redford (plus a very different ending).
  27. But don't worry if you miss some details; this is the kind of movie that rewards a second viewing.
  28. Fast-moving, exciting and contains more twists than a tunnel under Checkpoint Charlie.
  29. The cast is splendid, the script quick-witted and the action satisfying.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    This resonant film, detailing struggles in a far-flung place, represents world cinema in the classic sense.
  30. Even those who adored Alec Guinness as the small-screen George Smiley will appreciate Gary Oldman's perfectly attuned turn as a Cold War spy drawn back from forced retirement.
  31. The cast is strong, and Damon is a dependable center for all this, a classic American good guy wanting to know what's rotten and why.
  32. The island phase of Hanks' performance is simply amazing.
  33. This romantic comedy is about a love that is destined to be, and it celebrates that warm huddle of caring and craziness called family.
  34. A giddy black comedy about a homicidal housekeeper in rural England, is a hilarious reminder of that 1944 Frank Capra classic about two old maids whose cellar is cluttered with the bodies of would-be suitors.
  35. Lee pushes this joyride into stimulation overdrive, playing with colors and film speeds and surfaces and shadows until it makes perfect sense that a movie should be all about energy, rather than -- well, about anything else at all.
  36. No other mainstream movie has so openly tackled the subject of female sexual experience.
  37. This epic tale of survival, love and adjustment covers a 59-year period - from 1910, when a band of urban émigrés arrives to start a settlement, to 1969, when only one of them remains.
  38. By deftly blending silliness and sophistication, this little movie does its part to stem the technological tide.
  39. No actress of her generation inhabits characters as thoroughly and convincingly as she (Streep) does, and this performance carries the movie
  40. An impressive portrait of the migraine of teenage girlhood, and also works on the more modest level of teen romance.
  41. The results are impressive. Maybe, as the U.S. falls abysmally behind other nations in the sciences, it will get kids interested in that field again.
  42. Some of the simplest shots give you the full picture of the price these guys paid for their dreams.
  43. Has a great deal of empathy for that excruciating limbo that is female adolescence.
  44. It takes a while to get used to the film's campy characters and its broad, "Ace Ventura" stylings. But Ferrell is the anti-Jim Carrey -- his deadpan comic mannerisms are infectiously funny, and his cluelessly narcissistic Burgundy is a joy to follow.
  45. Left-wing flame-thrower Robert Greenwald (Uncovered: The War on Iraq) gets after the global giant anyway, and he may have you thinking twice before entering another Wal-Mart parking lot.
  46. A charmer with an attractive cast and an excellent soundtrack.
  47. Though the Chinese government won't be too happy about it, everyone else ought to be deeply moved by the tragedies Peosay records.
  48. Ultimately, the film is so determinedly evenhanded, it probably won't change anybody's mind. But no matter where you stand, it's likely to leave a lasting impression.
  49. The vitality of the hip-hop scene serves as both backdrop and metaphor in a romantic comedy as sweet as its title.
  50. The film leaves us wondering about all the war stories we haven't heard.
  51. The mildly surreal drama doesn't always make sense, but it sure does look great.
  52. Every action scene is a spectacularly choreographed set piece. At one point, Jaa literally fights with feet of fire. Unfortunately, whenever he comes down to earth, so does the movie.
  53. The movie pulls off the trick of blurring the distinctions between romantic and platonic attractions across the generations.
  54. Writer-director Danis Tanovic, a Bosnian who spent years documenting his homeland's turmoil, makes a bold feature-film debut with this funny, sobering message movie.
  55. A taut and thought-provoking thriller .
  56. Director Gay deals so honestly with the boys' emotions, it's almost a revelation when compared to Hollywood fabrications.
  57. It's often maddening, because of its structure, and some of its visuals are pretentious nonsense. But, as a story of undying love, it's certainly unique.
  58. A welcome departure from typical movies about teens, wherein their problems are external (the prom, status). Mean Creek is an adult movie that just happens to star young actors.
  59. Good, clean fun, and the view is fabulous.
  60. A surprisingly genial and affecting comedy about the trials and tribulations of teenage rebellion during the Reagan '80s.
    • New York Daily News
  61. A delicately upbeat, even humorous celebration of love and sacrifice.
    • New York Daily News
  62. Refreshingly offbeat documentary.
  63. Viard plays one of the most intriguing female characters in recent film from either side of the Atlantic.
  64. Works on several playful levels. Most obviously, it is a horror movie in which life imitates art on a movie set.
  65. The playfulness evident in the hundreds of bondage photos that made a pious young Tennessee model semi-famous in the 1950s and an 82-year-old legend today is also the driving force of Mary Harron's superb The Notorious Bettie Page.
  66. Toward the finish, the movie takes a regrettable curve into melodrama, but the excellent performances never waver.
  67. A slice of life in the most profound sense.
  68. Perfectly modulated in its tone and performances, Lawless Heart is content to be a small, quiet film. We could use a few more like it.
  69. What it offers are dozens of intimate moments that feel so true, they achieve a rare kind of grace. This sensitive indie drama was written and directed by brothers - and first-time feature filmmakers.
  70. Some of this is elemental psychology; blood is thicker than water, etc. But the movie also reveals how the privileged class ignored, condoned or denied the reality of the Holocaust.
  71. The movie that launched a new era in horror films, and which, for one generation, remains one of the scariest experiences of their lives.
  72. A charming trifle, beautifully filmed in a Currier & Ives setting, with buttery-smooth performances from Binoche and Depp, and enough good tidings in its nougat center to get you through the holidays.
  73. A must-see both for girls and the grownups who love them.
  74. This is not for the Merchant-Ivory crowd, but action fans will feel their pulses quicken.
  75. Troche is most interested in exploring the secret lives hidden inside freshly painted Colonials, and what she finds is that everyone's secret is exactly the same: a crushing inability to connect with the people closest to them.
  76. Ray and his writers found plenty of material to fill Cooper's capable hands. They've turned what must have been a tedious investigation into a sharp cat-and-mouse game between Hanssen and Eric O'Neill (Ryan Phillippe).
  77. Until he was shot to death in 2000, Haitian radio journalist Jean Dominique was a lone voice for truth and freedom in his politically riven country.
  78. Both frustrating and instructive.
    • New York Daily News
  79. The screen smokes with sexual heat. But what's really erotic is how much fun the actors seem to be having.
  80. Simple, joyful and downright innocent movie.
  81. A captivating piece of visual wizardry. The house, which eventually frees itself from its moorings and chases after our trio of tweener heroes, is a genuine original.
  82. Not since Cary Grant offered Joan Fontaine a gleaming glass of milk has a bedtime toddy looked as suspicious as it does in Claude Chabrol's wittily enigmatic Merci pour le chocolat.
  83. What Disturbia lacks in complexity, it makes up for in witty jokes, sneaky jolts and a timeless lesson: If you've got windows, someone's always watching.
  84. With echoes of "Dave," in which Kevin Kline takes over for the comatose U.S. President he resembles, Kristoffer begins to feel the power given to him and to make his own decisions, leading to some hilarious situations and an unpredictable ending.
  85. Their ultimate success is a classic victory for the little guy.
  86. This is another brilliant performance by Crowe, who is to body language what Meryl Streep is to accents.
  87. The actresses create wonderfully rich characters, and Luis Callejo, as Caye's unknowing boyfriend Manuel, and Antonio Durán, as the sadistic civil servant, fill out the very strong cast.
  88. A memorable portrait of a true New York character, Rob Fruchtman and Rebecca Cammisa's documentary ably captures the blazing force at its center.
  89. What Andersen does best is capture the sense of growing up and living among the landmarks of Hollywood's authentic back lot.
  90. Whatever substance there is of Ocean's Twelve fades faster than invisible ink. But it's not the kind of movie you watch for plot details. It's really about spending two hours on that Lake Como speedboat, relaxing with pals.
  91. Whether this smart, sexy and unsparing film is a hilarious comedy or a poignant drama is a matter of personal opinion — and experience. But if you've ever felt both baffled and blessed by your own family, this "Marriage" is one event you won't want to miss.
    • New York Daily News
  92. In a sad twist of technological birth and infanticide, General Motors - with assists from the oil industry, the Bush administration, cowardly California energy officials and apathetic consumers - doomed the future car to the literal scrap heap of history.
  93. The successful bits, along with an amiable cast of losers and their prom-night prey, make American Pie a winner.
  94. A deeply felt celebration of the life force, as embodied in Girard's fierce performance as a man who may not have done all he could, but had an enviably great time on the way.

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