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  1. The story does feel a little threadbare, and much of the pacing is far too slow for a suspense thriller. But Perez and Leguizamo make an entirely believable couple.
  2. Perry also spices things up with two of his most reliable fallbacks: music, and Madea. Having packed his cast with singers, he allows them all a moment to shine, with songs that deliver his patented lessons (trust in yourself, trust in others, trust in God).
    • 59 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    For much of its running time, Jurassic World plays like a great theme park ride. In an age of blockbusters that lumber like herbivores, it’s refreshing to see a movie as lean and mean as a velociraptor.
  3. The highlights, of course, are the competitions and duels, choreographed by Sammo Hung.
  4. Schoenaerts capably handles a difficult role that's equal parts pathetic, repulsive and heartbreaking. But you'll need a strong will to spend your time with such a tragically hopeless character.
  5. What the movie lacks in depth it makes up for in surreal humor, and - just as he should - Gainsbourg look-alike Elmosnino seduces us effortlessly.
  6. Scott, Winstead and Howard are charming, while Poehler, O’Hara and Jenkins have a grand time bickering. Since Zicherman doesn’t ask much of us in the first place, they make it easy enough to commit.
  7. There are too many overwritten moments designed solely to make the movie more interesting -- when, in fact, they undercut the low-key relatability that serves as its strongest asset.
  8. So be forewarned: What admirers will consider measured may read, to the unimpressed, as merely slow-moving.
  9. Despite the limitations inherent in the genre, it actually delivers.
  10. It's one thing to sit on your couch watching football in HD. It's another to view one of literature's most enduring fantasies in the same manner. The experience that felt so breathtakingly cinematic in Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" series now seems frustratingly fake.
  11. A taut drama that manages to be thoughtful without forgetting it's a creep-out.
  12. Is it possible to enjoy the company of the world's most irritating woman? Mike Leigh's surprisingly sunny dramedy makes a pretty good case that, in fact, it is.
  13. Chronicle is an energetic hodgepodge that tweaks familiar conventions just enough to seem fresh. Forget the X-Men - these are iHeroes.
  14. Plimpton recorded many of these adventures in books that are well worth seeking out. But if you don’t have enough time to do so, Bean and Poling have assembled a delightful cheat sheet.
  15. To maximize your entertainment budget, look no further.
  16. As filmed by Steven Soderbergh with appropriate visuals for a movie about perceptions, Gray's quest for ocular health leads from an Indian sweat lodge to a Filipino psychic surgeon. [19 March 1997, p.39]
    • New York Daily News
  17. Its appeal comes almost entirely from the cast members, who appear genuinely excited to invite us to their party.
  18. A charming coming-of-age drama.
  19. Weithorn, a sitcom vet whose credits include "Ned and Stacey" and "The King of Queens," makes sure even the quiet moments in the unassuming "A Little Help" move things forward. And that every one of Laura's missteps is in the right direction.
  20. There are plenty of outrageous characters, several surfing celebrities and a few truly compelling stories.
  21. Don't misunderstand: the proceedings are pretty silly, and the scares were a lot fresher back in 1979, when we first saw "The Amityville Horror." But Cornwell and his cast take things just seriously enough to keep us at least intermittently on edge.
  22. Sadly suffers from more than a dollop of boredom. Like the ornate dollhouse that plays a part, "Arrietty" is lovely and well-appointed, but filled with only what you bring to it.
  23. With action this strong, the script just needs to be serviceable - and that's exactly what it is.
  24. As Elle, Tomlin is Tomlin, which is to say great. Garner’s Sage is whiny, wise and winsome, which is to say an excellent 18-year-old.
  25. In terms of scares, this old-fashioned Thing is better than most new things.
  26. The reason this franchise has been so successful - both on film and in Ann Brashares' original novels - is that, just like the jeans, it suits the needs of vastly different girls.
  27. Fascinating and, when you see Afghan versions of Simon Cowell and Co. reacting to tryouts, a reminder of how fame and the thirst for it is the same in any language.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The Warriors is a comic book morality tale, Westside Story crossed with A Clockwork Orange. The movie is so perversely fascinating in a variety of ways that it’s too bad the imagination demonstrated wasn’t used for something better than what turns out to be one more exploitation film in which the audience is encouraged to cheer the sights and sounds of mayhem.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Even if this movie isn’t fresh, it’s often amusing.

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