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  1. "Eureka" is the sort of show that makes you want to see more of almost every supporting player - and, of course, of the show itself.
  2. Gunn, a calming and classy fixture on Bravo's "Project Runway," has it--and that's why his new show for the same cable channel works.
  3. Me, I have enough fun just watching the show, thanks. Interactive is too much work. With so much going on in "Push, Nevada," I'm happy with active.
  4. Once you accept the quiet rhythms and deliberate pace of The Bronx Is Burning, though, it begins to pay off.
  5. It's an entertaining TV show that easily could translate to a terrific comic book.
  6. It's not surprising television writers would find television funny. It's gratifying they can make it funny for us, too.
  7. The rest of the drama, though, suspends disbelief much more successfully. The acting, by both men and women, is quite nuanced and well-observed. After a few episodes, you feel their pain, and hope that it is eased.
  8. While the crime itself is only moderately intriguing, its real function is to let viewers see what each of these women does, how they work together and how they talk to each other.
  9. Parker turns in a performance bubbling over with vitality and believability, even when the script itself strains credulity or when individual lines of dialogue slip too much into sitcom punch lines and rhythms.
  10. After one hour, we not only care about the patients - but care quite a bit about the doctors.
  11. As good a cast as you'll find anywhere on TV.... But in the end, the decisive question may be whether inner TV provides as much material as the inner White House.
  12. Everyone in the pilot makes a solid first impression.
  13. ABC's dense, unblinking and occasionally surreal tale of plane-crash survivors on a strange tropical island moves into its fourth season Thursday with its compass still in good working order.
  14. While some of "JAG" is cerebral and character-driven like "Columbo," other portions are jazzed-up enough to feel like a high-tech Navy recruiting film. [22 Sep 1995]
    • New York Daily News
  15. It's got a way to go to become a polished program, but made a very solid and affable first impression.
  16. But far too much of the show - a story about a wealthy hospital patron and her dog, for example - struggles far too obviously to convey a quality of eccentricity that in the end comes across simply as lame...Unless the show finds a way to maintain its quality when Braugher is not on screen, ABC's promos will remain half-true hype.
  17. For some reason the series’ use of recent real-life stories seems more problematic this time around, starting with a subplot on the birth of Occupy Wall Street.... [But] The Newsroom still has a lot to recommend it. McAvoy and McHale remain strong characters.
  18. Even though "Ugly Betty" tends to go for very broad humor when subtlety would serve better, it is easily watchable.
  19. A program that gets stronger as we get to know its characters better, and the quality of the cast helps tremendously.
  20. The format is unusual, and the ending of the premiere nicely surprising - but the element that pushes this show into the potential hit category is Neil Patrick Harris.
    • New York Daily News
  21. Many of its real-life characters display a lot of talent. They also are so transparent about their emotions, whether sincere or calculating, that their social interactions play more like a scripted soap on fast forward.
  22. [Parker] may be the best actress in all of television. Certainly, she's the most natural, and one of the most irresistibly lovable. [4 Aug 2005]
    • New York Daily News
  23. Rewardingly stylish.
  24. This show, and the world it reconstructs, gets much better, and more comfortable, as it goes along.
  25. Some parts work well; others don't.
  26. The acting, led by Rhys Meyers, is solid. The costumes and production are good and the dialogue smooth, though one wonders if clergy in the 16th century really used the word "newfangled."
  27. "Masters of Horror," like any anthology, can be judged only after many installments, but it's off to a tantalizingly creepy start.
  28. It's not as novel or successful a concept as "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the HBO series from "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David. But based on the first two episodes, "Watching Ellie" is exponentially better, and more daring, than the derivative vehicles churned out by [Michael] Richards and [Jason] Alexander. [25 Feb 2002]
    • New York Daily News
  29. Life doesn't squander the talents of its cast. The mysteries are solid, the characters multilayered, and Crews is given a bigger mystery about which to obsess--finding out who framed him.
  30. These attorneys quickly become characters, not just caricatures, and make "Just Legal" very easy to enjoy.

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