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  1. Gettysburg aims for a mix of entertainment and information. It's not a bull's-eye, but it's a decent shot.
  2. Sitcoms have succeeded on less, and while The McCarthys won’t dazzle anyone with spectacular dunks, it’s counting on the fundamentals being enough.
  3. It’s a no-frills production with modest, but pleasant rewards.
  4. The new sitcom Mike & Molly won't change your life, but it will make 30 minutes of it happier and more fun.
  5. The show's only visual, literally, is cartoon animation of Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington talking. That's a bold gamble because if the words aren't grabbing the viewer, there's nothing else to hold the fort until the words get good again....So as with radio, you ignore the lulls and focus on the keepers.
  6. The show's basic appeal is still there. ... But just as the current generation of MTV veejays have adopted the same annoyingly aloof assembly-line attitude, so have the current participants in "The Real World," by watching MTV for years, decided how to present themselves. [9 Jul 1996]
    • New York Daily News
  7. While the writers are still finding specific situations they haven't tapped before, like Vince's trip to rehab, the responses, the dynamic and the jokes all feel like they're slipping into reruns.
  8. It works as legitimate drama, it works as soap trash.
  9. "Without a Trace," however derivative, is a solid program, and ought to please "CSI" audiences.
  10. Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV Tuesday night in a show that could be a lot of soapy fun, but may require more work than some TV viewers will want to put in.
  11. Bower starts out seeming just a bit too young and green to command the throne, though he may grow into it as the weeks go along. The rest of the cast play their positions well, from the conniving Morgan to the inscrutable Merlin. And if once in a while things look like "The Young and the Restless," well, some truths are eternal.
  12. So Weeds still has its highs. It just may not be all that long before we'll be getting the munchies.
  13. We’ve seen so many mob documentaries and dramas that the whole subject sometimes seems cartoonish. Inside the American Mob does not.
  14. The core characters, including Sookie's best friend Tara (Rutina Wesley), Sookie's brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and bartender Sam (Sam Trammell), who has a thing for Sookie, all have interesting features and are well-played. The rest of the locals don't come off so well, mostly having few brains and a big shortage of couth.
  15. ABC's promise, a bold one, is "A New Beginning." That may be overstating what we see tonight, but at least we do get a brand-new guy for Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang to kiss. That's a good start. But as with any veteran show, some of the old mix-and-match gets redundant.
  16. It's more nuanced than the average cop drama, and for that reason, more intriguing.
  17. On the correct assumption that almost no one watching TV today remembers the original "Defenders" series, CBS has created a new one with more swash, more buckle and results that are modestly entertaining.
  18. At many points, though, it feels like a one-man stage production, with Eccleston taking long navel-gazing trips into Lennon's psychic anguish.
  19. Since we like scrappy underdogs, and Bates has the skill to slide from exasperation to amusement to determination, she just might coax this hybrid into the race.
  20. Tim Daly is miscast as Richard Kimble in this new CBS remake of the classic '60s series. It's worth seeing once, though, just to see the effort. [6 Oct 2000, p.150]
    • New York Daily News
  21. Made In Jersey feels curiously half-dressed.
  22. The film isn’t after “why.” It just wants to say that a lot of physical and circumstantial evidence points to a missile. Toward that goal, it’s on target.
  23. A stylish ambience and a familiar cast might not be enough to make 666 Park Avenue into another unlikely Sunday night hit for ABC.
  24. The deadpan goofiness remains fresh enough to keep fans interested.
  25. Although some of the concepts in this premiere episode are clever - a blind white supremacist who doesn't know he's black, a training film at a Kinko's-type copying business that teaches how to alienate customers - the results aren't as sharp or funny as the ideas. [22 Jan 2003, p.74]
    • New York Daily News
  26. Reaper has a clear potential to be simply cartoonish, like a bad adaptation of an action comic. But it surprises you, sprinkling in enough human nuance to keep several decent character dramas percolating.
  27. It's fun in a familiar sort of big-hair soap opera way.
  28. Scoundrels seems less concerned with how it sets up the rest of the series than with the laughs it hopes that setup will engender....Still, Scoundrels isn't all sitcom setups and repartee. At several points, just when we think we have one of the Wests safely caricatured, he or she will do something that surprises us.
  29. The Stones have been better showcased and explained than they are in Crossfire Hurricane. Still, as personalities and musicians, they never fail to provide a good measure of satisfaction.
  30. The dialogue only occasionally gets "Star Trek"-ish, and the special effects are nothing special. But it’s not a bad story, it moves well and you don’t have to wait a hundred years for the conclusion.

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