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    His C-Note is essentially a one-note character. And that note is flat.
  1. The best that can be said about the big-screen Bratz is that they are not nearly as appalling as their toy-shelf twins.
  2. In fairness, the new movie from the Lorne Michaels machine does have its amusing moments. It's just most of them can also be found in "Napoleon," "Talladega Nights," "Eagle vs. Shark," and any installment of "Jackass."
  3. It's an interesting profile in self-destruction until the script becomes unhinged itself and has Laura doing things that are not so much outrageous as hilariously stupid.
  4. It's a romantic comedy, though neither funny nor romantic. It's a ghost story, though not scary. It's a satire about publishing, but without teeth.
  5. September Dawn, written by an evangelical Christian, may be the worst historical drama ever made.
  6. Obliterating the original structure and intent of "Body Snatchers" is cinema-lit blasphemy.
  7. There is just no tension built prior to the murders.
  8. The upbeat brothers are full of sweetness and love, but the script is made of taffy, and if you can chew and laugh at the same time, you're welcome to it.
  9. Paul Auster's suffocating romance makes you feel as if you're helplessly stuck inside the head of the most pretentious person you know.
  10. By the end of Francois Gerard's plodding, uninvolving melodrama, his boredom will have nothing on yours.
  11. Among cautionary tales of gloom-and-doom, it may out-gore Gore, but it doesn't entertain.
  12. There's still time, but for now, Fogler gets my vote for the worst performance of the year.
  13. If it weren't for retro-gartered Milla Jovovich, I don't know why anyone would want to survive the virus that is turning humans into zombies and destroying the Earth in Resident Evil: Extinction.
  14. Director Andy Fickman seems to have thrown everything into this artificial comedy, in the hopes that something might stick. Almost nothing does.
  15. Lighter on horror than it is on inadvertent humor.
  16. It's described as a black comedy, but you can forget the comedy part. There wasn't so much as a snicker at the screening I attended, though I may have heard a snore or two.
  17. It would be nice to say this predictable fantasy has such a big heart, we can forgive its excesses. But director Kirsten Sheridan overplays nearly every already-corny scene, and there is no chemistry between Russell and Rhys Meyers, who appear to be passing through on their way to better projects.
  18. If you're really hoping for a perfect holiday, steer clear of this stale fruitcake of a comedy.
  19. Possibly the worst idea for a movie this century.
  20. Southland Tales does have enough energy and audacity to suggest significant potential. But was it ready for public consumption? The answer is no. It's as simple as that.
  21. If karma exists, Alvin and the Chipmunks must be Lee's punishment for appearing in the likes of "Jersey Girl."
  22. Whatever it was in Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade's novella Youth Without Youth that drew Francis Coppola out of a 10-year retirement to make a movie, the result is the year's most bizarre novelty item.
  23. A few scenes are stylish enough to amuse, but they all add up to nothing - leaving you ten bucks short and feeling like a sucker.
  24. The movie - with some gamy sexual references, a one-night stand and a long look at a stud muffin's naked buns - targets an older female audience. They may see it as unbearably cute, filled with ridiculous coincidences and laced with performances that - like the obnoxious soundtrack music - overstate the mood.
  25. Why would so many accomplished women waste their time and talents on a movie as counterfeit as Mad Money?
  26. Unless you happen to be one yourself, chances are pretty good that you'll take an immediate dislike to the self-satisfied hipsters who populate this disappointing comedy.
  27. Back to Wisteria Lane, Eva, and stay there until we call you.
  28. Deep into Hollywood's Dumb Season comes one of its dumbest offerings.
  29. For die-hard Ferrell fans, this could be the ultimate test. He has been playing variations of "Elf" for five years, and his antics have grown as stale as Jackie's socks.

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